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General Business, updates and great guest speakers.

Our Club Motto:

Serving Humanity 
Strengthening Youth 
Enhancing Lives


October 26th – Julie Fish
November 2nd – Brandon Hanson
November 9th –  Curt Hinkle - Barry Hohlen will be the program on November 9, giving a Great River Young Life update.
November 16th – Bill Haring 
November 23 – Happy Thanksgiving
November 30th – Neil Gagnon
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Inspiring leaders with passion to serve humanity; strengthening youth for tomorrow's leadership and enhancing lives in our world.

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October 19, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Attendance:    - active status:  18 present, 16 absent
                        - honorary status: 5 present, 3 absent
                        total  membership at 42

Guests: Max Koste, son of Bonnie Koste
                Sara Henningsen, Inbound Youth Exchange from Denmark


Image result for announcements- Lynn Caswell announced that he and Tricia Downey delivered 105 dictionaries to Lincoln Elementary.  They will be delivering on Monday, October 23rd to St. John’s school and to Twin Lakes Elementary.  If you are interested in joining them, please let one of them know and they will fill you in on further details.
- Social Hour is tonight, starting at 5 pm at Pour in Otsego.
- Taste of Elk River - Tricia Downey informed us that she is working on confirming the date for the 2018 event.  She also asked us to put our thinking caps on for suggestions for our signature recipient for the 2018 Taste of Elk River.  She is thinking maybe something to do with sex trafficking.
- John Osterman announced that the ERHS Elks football won 71 to 21!  He also informed us that today, our inbound student, Sara, received a bit of an education at lunch while sitting at the table with John, Patty Carbajal, Robin Skinner, Glen Ertel and Dan Dixon!

Image result for playing cards- The card game had a winner with the 7 of spaces and Patty Carbajal won half the pot at $13.

Happy Bucks:

- Tricia Downey announced for Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba, who had to leave a bit early, that her Bee Hive Homes is now open!
- Cal Portner had a happy buck for his 6 year anniversary with the City of ER!
- Dirk Barrett was happy and thankful to Guardian Angels, on behalf of his in-laws.  They lived at GA, one in assisted living and one in transitional care and they are now moving to Bee Hive Homes so that they live together again!
- Molly Hanson was happy that her mom, who was in a car accident a few weeks ago, was doing well at GA transitional care and was discharged this morning after being there for two weeks!
- Lori Severson was happy to be happy!
- Al Sakry was happy to have traveled to Carolina for five days for a good time with his daughter, Jordan.  He was also happy that the baby raccoons were finally out of the wall of his home.  There were 5 babies in the wall and the daddy on the roof!
- Julie Fish was happy to announce her mom’s 85th birthday today and happy that her mom got hearing aids on Tuesday!
- Brandon Hanson was happy to be going to North Dakota for a hunting trip.  He has the hair grown out on his face and has been listening to country music in preparation of the pheasant hunt!
- Bruce Tyler was happy to announce that his grandson is now 7 months old.  Next week Bruce gets his new bottom teeth.  After he gets them, he will have more teeth than his grandson!
- Patty Carbajal was $5 happy and thanked Dirk Barrett for stepping up to be a STRIVE mentor!
- Molly Hanson had a happy buck for the Viking win over the Wisconsin team and happy for the injury sustained by quarterback Aaron Rodgers!

Happy Birthday song was sung to Nicole Rasmussen who is celebration her 29th birthday . . . again!

President Molly Hanson led us in a club assembly.   First was a reminder of our meeting time - 12:05 to 1:05 pm.  Work is being done for an on boarding process for new members.  The next subject was to talk about the honorary status members.  They currently pay no dues and in hind site, it may be necessary for them to pay a small fee for dues to help pay for local things.  This would not begin until July of 2018 but she wanted to be transparent and make everyone aware of the situation at hand.  Bruce Tyler, honorary status, said that he is ok to pay a fee and be an honorary member.  He would also like to know if there is a way that he can receive the magazine still. Honorary members with financial hardships can be discussed to accommodate.  Lynn Caswell, also with honorary status, has no objection to a fee in the future.  The amount for the fee still needs to be calculated.   Cal Portner would like to see how our dues are split up - local/district/international.  Molly spoke about members on leave and the costs involved in that.  As a club, we are billed and pay for, members on leave of absence.  The District suggests that the member cancel their membership for a leave, and resume membership when their leave time is up.  They can pick up where they left off as far as time in Rotary.    Next on Molly’s list was to talk about our Board Meetings.  Our current by-laws state that our board meetings should be held on the last Thursday of the month.  She would like to change them to the second Thursday of the month.  She listed some pros of moving the date.  Special board meetings can be had.  Dan Dixon suggested that the by-laws should not state a specific date of the month so it can be flexible for change without having to change the by-laws.  As a club, the vote was unanymous to change the date.   Next on the agenda was the Taste of Elk River.  We are in serious need of a co-chair for the 2018 Taste.  Tricia Downey chaired it in 2017 and will continue chairing for 2018, but needs a co-chair to train in for 2019 Taste chair.  If you are interested, please contact Tricia.   Our club is also in need of a new youth exchange officer.  It is currently being done by Dan Dixon who has done it for many, many years and is wanting a break from the duty.  If you are interested in this, please contact Molly or Dan.

We recited the 4 Way Test and the dismissal bell was rung!
October 12, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Attendance:     active status - 15 present and 19 absent
                        honorary status - 5 present and 3 absent
                        total membership - 42 members

President-Elect, Robin Skinner ran our meeting for us today. John Osterman led us in song and Dan Dixon had a solid prayer!

Guest:  Andrea Swayne, host mom of inbound youth exchange student, Sara Henningsen

Image result for announcements- Patty Carbajal spoke on behalf of STRIVE and gave a great update!  STRIVE met for the first time on Tuesday and it went really, really well.  Patty thanked Curt Hinkle for the ice breaking game and Cal Portner for starting the PACE testing.  On the 24th of October the PACE tests will be completed.  Patty also thanked rotarian/ERHS Principal, Terry Bizal and Michelle the school counselor for all of their help with this program.  There were 26 students in attendance.  We are excited!   November 7th, there will be a field trip to Anoka Tech.   This year, the scheduling and the seating have been changed up.  There is opportunity for more mentors!  STRIVE is held approximately every other Tuesday morning from 8:27 to 9:20 at ERHS.  Contact Patty or Brandon Hanson is you are interested or no of someone outside of rotary that may be interested.

- Lynn Caswell gave a dictionary update.  All of the dictionaries have been labeled and are ready for distribution.  If you can help with distribution, please let Lynn know.

Image result for playing cards- The king of clubs was pulled and there was not a winner.

Happy Bucks:

Dirk Barrett was happy that his insurance was not going to go up after his wife hit a deer!
- Dan Dixon was happy that our inbound youth exchange student, Sara Henningsen, was speaking today.  He was also looking forward to the evening - the Elk River Chamber of Commerce Gala is tonight and he is the new sheriff in town and he assessed everyone $1 if they were not going to the chamber’s event!
- Terry Bizal was happy to be wearing a pink hockey jersey in support of October being breast cancer awareness month.  He apologized for his smell!  He wasn’t sure if it is the AXE cologne or the hockey bag smell!
- Nicole Rasmussen was happy to have completed the Twin Cities Marathon for the third time!  She beat her previous time by 7 minutes and did it in 4 hoursand 49 minutes!  Way to go, Nicole!  Her second happy buck was for a successful Cow Pie Festival, sponsored by Three Rivers Community Foundation.  She got to meet Jesse Larson, Minnesota runner up on The Voice.  Her third buck was because she is not attending the chamber event tonight.
- Bruce Tyler had a happy buck because no one took a knee while we sang our song!
- Bonnie Koste had a sad buck for the Elks football team loss.

Fine from the Floor:
- Leon Barthel had a fine from the floor.  He explained that Terry Bizal keeps everyone in line for the Taste of Elk River, garbage
control, but he can’t control things at the high school football game as there was apparently a streaker on a scooter that buzzed across the field!  Terry informed us that it was not a streaker, as the person was wearing flesh colored clothing and that kept him from a felony!  It was also shared that some folks from Rogers came to the high school and changed the elk statue into a blue/black zebra!

Our program today was arranged by Dan Dixon.   Dan is our club Youth Exchange Officer.  He told us that we are looking for and wanting to fill a spot for an outbound student to travel.  This is usually after graduation, but each student has their own situation.  They have to fly out before the age of 19.  There are 66 inbound youth exchange students this year.  The cost with airfare is approximately $6,000.  This includes orientation, their time there and the host club normally gives an allowance.  Host families treat student guests like their children.  He introduced us again, to Sara Henningsen from Denmark!  She is our 2017-18 inbound youth exchange student.  She will be here until around July 7th and will leave then for her a rotary east coast trip.  Sara is 16 years old and is a great student!  She played soccer this fall at ERHS.    She is currently with Andrea Swayne and her family and around thanksgiving time, will switch homes to the Merklings.  The Merklings hosted our student last year also.  We are still in need for a third host family, to round out Sara’s experience in the U.S.  If you are interested, or know of someone, please let Dan Dixon know.  Sara shared some information with us about her home country - Denmark.  She had a presentation for us and introduced us to the king and queen of her country and explained that they have no real power, but tend to make the magazine headlines!  She was proudly wearing her Rotary jacket that is getting filled up with pins.  She pointed out a couple of the Denmark pins that she crafted using legos, as Lego Land is in Denmark.  Denmark is a country of 400 islands with Greenland being the largest part.  Denmark is five times smaller than Minnesota and there are 5.7 million people in the country.  It is a flat land, coast land and very windy!  There are a lot of large farm fields.  In Denmark, they speak Danish and she feels the language is tough to learn, but is similar to Swedish language.  She has made a friend at ERHS who is from Sweden and she laughed and said they have their own secret language!  She began learning English in first grade and started German in with grade.  She noted some differences between Denmark and the U.S. In Denmark, all education is free and after age 18, they are paid to go to school.  Health insurance is quite different here and taxes in Denmark are expensive and complicated.  Driving in Denmark is not allowed until age 18.  Football and other sports are not a big thing in Denmark.  Denmark has soccer and handball.  Sara highlighted a few things about Denmark and shared photos of the largest container ships in the world; the little mermaid statue; Danish brand Lego Land; Hans Christian Anderson, famous fairy tale author is from Denmark; Morten Andersen, NFL football player from Denmark who has broken many records.  She spoke about her host rotary club.  There are 32-35 members in the club and they meet weekly for dinner.  Her hometown is very small and has only 2,735 citizens and she is only about one hour from Germany.  She showed a photo of her school that she attended from preschool to 9th grade, with basically the same kids.  Her parents are divorced and she and her younger brother spend one week with mom then one week with dad.  She shared photos of the two homes and her brother, parents, step mom and step brothers!  Her father has a building company and they live about a mile and a half outside of town, while mom lives in town.  She played soccer in Denmark but said that she likes American soccer better because it is connected to the school.  It is more serious and fun here and in Denmark, sports are not that important.  She also plays guitar and has worked at a clothing store and has done cleaning and lawn mowing to earn money for this trip.  When she goes back to Denmark, she will go to a business college and then is unsure, but has time to figure that out.  When asked what most surprised her about the US is that it is not that different, just bigger!  She enjoys traveling.  Her family has gone on many vacations and her father at 19 years old, travels the world for a year and is very supportive of her decision to do youth exchange.    She misses her family at times, but keeps busy and enjoys the times of texting and FaceTime to keep her in touch!   Dan presented her with a key tag of the 4 Way Test and together recited it.   Sara rang the bell for us and we were dismissed!    Please invite Sara to join you in your fun adventures so she can have the best experience possible while in Elk River!   She may be contacted through her host mom, Andrea at 612-201-8453.
October 5, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Attendance:     active status - 22 present and 12 absent
                        honorary status - 1 present and 7 absent
                        total membership at 42

Molly Hanson led our meeting today.  Brandon handled the prayer and we sang very poorly!  Lol!
Image result for announcementsAnnouncements:
- Molly introduced us to our newest board approved member - Greg Heinecke with Spectrum High School.
- Molly told us that Neil Gagnon has had knee surgery and is home recovering. We will see him in a few weeks.
- The first STRIVE will be held next week on Tuesday, October 10th (Dan Dixon’s 60th birthday that day too!).  Please meet at the high school at 8 a.m.and students will join us at 8:27.  We are in need of more mentors.  If you know someone or are interested, please contact Brandon Hanson or Patty Carbajal.
- Terry Bizal had with him today, a Year Book from 1919 for show and tell!
- Brandon Hanson told us about Camp Enterprise and that we have registered for two students to attend.  He is working on finding the two students.  Rotarian Bonnie Koste has a daughter that may be interested.
- Taste of Elk River Chair, Tricia Downey told us of the tentative date for the 2018 Taste of Elk River - May 17th.  The date needs approval from the Sherburne County Fair Board yet, that is why it is tentative.  Molly asked us to all stick this date in our melon!
Image result for playing cards The card game had a winner!!  Molly Hanson won half the pot!  Half was $56.  $56 will go towards our Paul Harris account.
The Happy Birthday song was a great fund raiser today!  We started off with Amanda Othoudt, who gave us a challenge!  She offered $20 if we could sing to her in “pirate style” and so we did!  Troy Adams was next and also put up a challenge.  If we could sing to him, led by Brandon Hanson,  the Beatles version, he would pay $20 - and so we did!  Next was Patty Carbajal who was willing to pay $20 for no song!  We couldn’t let that happen, so we sang poorly and partly in Spanish, and she gave us $20.  Last, but not least, was Dan Dixon, who announced that he is changing to a special number 6-0!  We sang to him in a very nice fashion and earned another $20!  Happy birthday celebrations everyone!

Happy Bucks:
- Bill Haring had a couple of bucks for missing the past few weeks.  Saturdayhe is going to New York city to get on a cruise ship and travel north to
see the fall colors!
- Bonnie Koste was $10 happy because Brandon Hanson said the prayer for her today!
- Lori Severson was $2 happy today.  Her daughter, who always wanted to travel and hasn’t been able to, is going to travel to China with students, all expenses paid.  This motivates her.  Lori was also happy to announce that she has been matched up to mentor another student from Ivan Sand School!
- Debbi Rydberg is happy that next week is the Chamber Gala.  It has a 20’s/30’s theme.  Fun, raffles, games and silent auction!
- Alan Sakry was happy to tell us he is going to Carolina again to watch his daughter Jordan play volleyball!
- Debbi Rydberg had another happy buck to announce an event sponsored by her church. It is a Pumpkin Fest and will be held on October 14th from 11 to 3 at Big Lake Lions Park.  $10 admission. Food truck, games and fun!
- Bob Maxwell was happy for the Minnesota Lynx!
- Julie Fish had $5 some happy some not so happy bucks.  She was happy and very thankful for Bob Maxwell who stepped up at the last minute last week to take meeting notes and attendance!  She was also happy about the construction progress at her home, paid for a bulletin type-o and was a little sad for the loss of two family friends on the same day.  One lost his life to cancer and the other took his life.  She was happy to be at Rotary with all Rotarian friends!
- Molly Hanson had a happy $5 and told of her parents who are retired and were traveling to Arizona with friends and her mom and her friend were in a car accident in Wyoming.  They rolled the car five times.  Her mom has many broken bones to heal and has had a couple of surgeries.  Molly is thankful the ladies are ok.  She challenged us to do a random act of kindness today and every Thursday moving forward.  Do something intentional and kind for someone else.  Rotarians pay it forward on Thursdays!

Our program today was arranged by Bonnie Koste.  She introduced us to Joan Parsakalleh from ABBA.   ABBA was started in 1993 in Elk River.  It is a pregnancy resource center.  They are located off Highway 10, near the Dairy Queen, in a home.  They are there to offer support for unwanted pregnancy. They make a lasting impact on youth.  They support from the start of pregnancy through the child’s 2nd birthday.  Some times they see a client for a second child.  They serve 37 cities, including Elk River, Ramsey, St. Michael, Albertville, Zimmerman.  They have a 24/7 hotline and are an official non-profit.  They are a non medical resource center. They are in need of a new site as they have outgrown the space they have been in since 2005.  Joan has been with them since 2012.  She shared a packet of information with each of us. It contained a “who we are” letter, brochures about ABBA and the Women’s Right To Know Act.  There are a lot of situations they encounter.  They serve ages 13 through college (20’s) and some older clients as well.  They may have a one time client who needs help with food and supplies.  They also help provide information about the morning after pill, abortion pill and STD’s.  They encourage clients to make healthy choices.  We have a cultural risk with so many experiencing fatherless homes.  It is a national crisis that parents are absent in kids lives and there are parents who don’t parent.  48% of babies born, are born to single moms. In our area, we are at 25%.  In October 2015, Joan reports that there was an epidemic of STD’s.  ABBA provides education and teaches traditional values to help.  ABBA provides free services.  They are funded through donations and grants. They offer free pregnancy tests that can be self administered.  Referrals are giving for medical issues and STD’s.  It is a learning program for those they assist.  They talk to clients about adoption and abortion.  Staff is trained and they bring in social workers to meet with clients when needed.  They offer free clothes, baby food, diaper bags full of items.  They have a large resource library and referral resources.  They also offer post abortion counseling.  The greatest need for their clients is the need to talk to some one.  They operate on a $170,000 budget and most things are donated. They are in need of a new building and new board members.   Joan shared some stats with us from 2016.  25 pregnancy tests performed; 46 new clients counseled (40 female/6 male); 204 repeat clients; 185 boutique purchases; 200 individual classes; 136 contraception assists; 171 in for education resources; 75 tours; 4000 plus volunteer hours.

Molly and Bonnie thanked Joan and presented her with the key tag.  We recited the 4 Way Test and the bell of dismissal was rung.
September 28, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Attendance: active status – 16 present,  18 absent
honorary status -6  present, 2 absent
Total membership – 42
President Molly Hanson ran our meeting for us today and welcomed Rotarians and Guests
Prayer Terry Bizal – “Nicely Done”
Guests: Yazdan Bakhsh – Solution Specialist
Dr. Daniel Bittman – Superintendent ISD 728
- BirthdaysTroy Adams and Patty Carbajal – Not here today. Donations to the Rotary Foundation will have to wait.  
Image result for announcements- Lynn Caswell – Dictionaries are in and there will be a sticker applying “party” at his office on Wednesday October 4th at 4:00 PM. There are over 400 that need stickers so all the help that we can get would be appreciated.
- Brandon Hanson gave us a STRIVE update. Plans are coming together but still need Rotarians/ mentors  to help. There have been a few community leaders that have stepped up to help but we still need Rotarians.
- Brandon also reminded us he has Young Life Banquet tickets for Sunday October 8th if you are interested talk to Brandon ASAP.
- Dan Dixon gave us an update on Sara our exchange student – She is in soccer and settled into her first host family the Swains. Merklings are next but we still need a third family to complete the year. Let Dan know if you or someone you know can be the next host family.
- Bonnie KosteNext Club Social will be at POUR on October 19th at 5:00PM. Reminder: The socials will be the third Thursday every month.
Happy Bucks:
- Robin Skinner – Spent 5 day “girls weekend” with friends she has known since kindergarden and reminded us of the October 5th Cowpie Festival on October 7th for Three Rivers Foundation. See her if you would like tickets. It was also reported that her husband Ben was having beers with several friends, many of them Rotarians, at several local establishments while she was away. This was confirmed by Pete Riener, Bonnie Koste, Brandon Hanson and John Osterman. All Rotarians paying a buck just to show their support for Ben. They are all looking forward to next years “girls weekend”.
- Terry Bizal – Reminder of Elk River High School Homecoming Football Game this Friday.
- Marilyn Van Patten Chuba – Final inspection of her new building, something about losing glasses and other things that lacked coherency…..
- Cal Portner – For “Battle of the Billboards” – Pete Reiner and Bonnie Koste
- Lynn Caswell – Spending quality time with his MOM up in the north woods. Yes….he did bring her back.
- Molly Hanson – Vikings 2 and 1 – Great game on Sunday
Image result for playing cardsWeekly Card Game  - NO WINNER THIS WEEK. Draw until we have a winner next week.
Cal Portner – Brought back a “Goodie Bag” from Vermont for a Rotary auction….. “Do I Hear” ….. and the final bid was $35….sold to Robin Skinner.  Lover of all things “In the Bag”…I mean. She loves the excitement and anticipation of winning.  Bag discovery was Coffee, Peanut Brittle, Soap and of course Vermont Maple Syrup.
-Terry Bizal – Rotary Moment – Terry told us how he essentially took over for John Barth. He worked at the Taste of Elk River and was hooked. He was impressed with our work with and for the children – STRIVE,  scholarships and the business community connection.
Terry introduced his guest Dr. Daniel Bittman the new ISD  #728 superintendent. Has spent much of his early time here listening to school personnel and …… also said he had a beer with Ben. He was a member of the Great River Rotary and believes in our Rotary mission. He is married and has two daughters and one son. He came from the Sauk Rapids school district where he served for seven years and spent eleven years in the Las Vegas school district - a district of 315,000 students and 186 schools. He said he only applied for the Elk River job when looking to make a change.
Dan spoke about the new Prairie View School in Otsego. It was built for future growth but it received 100 students that were previously “open enrolled” in another district.  With this and many new young families moving into the area they are already planning on adding on. They are also trying to design programs for the needs of business in manufacturing, health care and other growing industries. 
He is also working with the Board of Education to compliment and support the policies of the district which is going through a complete review and looking at significant updates. This includes hiring and firing of …..the superintendent. Policies include those from State of Minnesota, Mandatory Rules, Legal Requirements and other recommended polices and practices of the local district. Dan has been meeting with numerous individuals in the community identifying things they are proud of, obstacles and what needs more support. This helping to drive the Strategic Planning for the next five to seven years. He addressed the fact that with technology there is a need for more of an individualized learning focus. There was a question regarding lack of focus on history and government? He agreed but there is a continued focus on reading and math but said there should be further discussion on those which may be discovered after the boards continued analysis. 
Dan Dixon brought up the 18 students, juniors and seniors, that attended the Guardian Angels 90 day  career course for a CNA which is one of the many employment needs that need to be filled now.
President Molly closed with the 4 way test and a reminder of the board meeting following our regular meeting. 
September 14, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Attendance: Active Status - 19 present and 15 absent
Honorary Status - 6 present and 2 absent
Total membership at 42
Today president elect, Robin Skinner ran our meeting and did a fabulous job!
She welcomed some guests!
- Jeanette Ertel, wife of Rotarian Glen Ertel, was with us today as they celebrate 60 years of marriage!  Congratulations!
- Dan Collins, Principal at Twin Lakes Elementary
- Sandy Campbell - Anoka Rotary
- Tracy Pierce - Anoka Rotary
Image result for announcementsSandy shared a story about how she used a silent auction prize from our Taste of Elk River with a 4x8 sign donated
by Franklin Advertising at our silent auction.  She and Tracy were here today to sell some raffle tickets for their fund raiser
$10 per ticket for a chance to win a $5,000 travel voucher.  Drawing held October 12th
- Sara Henningsen, youth exchange from Denmark was with us today.  She has been here for about three weeks and said that she has started school and it is very different from school in Denmark.  She has mastered her locker combination and is participating on the girls soccer team.  She attended district rotary youth exchange orientation and met many other exchange students.  The biggest difference in school is switching classes.  The school is big and she used a map to get around the first day. She is staying with the Andrea Swayne family and her second host family will be the Merklings, who hosted last year.  We are still in need for a third family. Sara is also in need of a halloween costume for an over night youth exchange orientation halloween party.  Contact Dan if you have a costume she can wear.
- Bob Maxwell remind us of the 5th Annual “Bag PTSD” Bean Bag Tournament -Saturday September 16, 2017, 2:00 - Closing at McPete’s Sports Bar & Lanes - 590 Humbolt Drive, Big Lake,  Bean Bag Tournament - $10 per person  Register at - First Prize $100; 2nd $50   Tournament starts at 2:00 PM  Silent Auction Items welcome. - Auction 2-7 PM Raffles held throughout the day.   All proceeds to   Robin Skinner will be creating a basket for the silent auction, using some of the leftover wine from the wall of wine.  
- Brandon Hanson announced that he and Patty are meeting after rotary to work on STRIVE.  We are in need of more volunteers and sponsors.  Please contact one of them if you would like to volunteer or sponsor.
- On behalf of Keith Hemple, Brandon Hanson asked us to bow our heads as he led us in prayer for Keith’s son, who will be traveling to California for a treatment to help him with some health issues.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.
- Card game did not have a winner - the pot thickens!
- Happy Bucks:
- Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba was happy to have returned from Plymouth, MA for the decedents of the Mayflower gathering.  She was happy to have eaten lobster four times and it was so good!  She was also happy her ex husbands house in Punta Gorda was not damaged by the hurricane.
- Lynn Caswell was also happy that his relatives did not suffer from the hurricane in Florida!
- Troy Adams was happy for the launch of the EV charger in downtown Elk River.  There were around 90 to 100 people and about a million dollars worth of Tesla automobiles!  That was followed by a Pink Floyd live concert and a final happy buck for his daughter who is playing an orphan in the upcoming production of Annie in St. Michael!
- Dan Dixon was happy to tell us that Guardian Angels paid escrow fees to the City of Otsego for their new building and they will be selling bonds for the next two weeks.
- Alan Sakry was happy to be going to Carolina to see his daughter Jordan who is at college there.
- Bob Maxwell said “Row the Boat”! GOPHER  FOOTBALL VICTORY 
- Nicole Rasmussen had a handful of bucks!  She’s been gone for a while, and her daughter Haley is having a successful 6th grade and it took her a day to figure out her locker combination too!  Haley has her first volleyball tournament this weekend and has taken on the position of “setter”.  Nicole is glad to be here and her final buck was for finally being able to celebrate her wedding anniversary about five months late!
- Tove Lichty was happy about her recent trip of a lifetime to Peru.  She especially loved a 4 day/night overnight hiking event!
- John Osterman was happy that the Elks play Buffalo for football this week and it is family night!
- Glen Ertel was $10 happy for 60 years of marriage to the same woman!  Lol!   He was also happy to tell us that his grandson “little Zach” is now a senior in high school at Southwest Christian School and he is the captain of the soccer team!
- Guest Sandy Campbell had a happy buck for meeting our youth exchange student, Sara!
Robin Skinner had $3 happy bucks - one for each bank location, two in Florida-Naples and Fort Myers.  Power is down and coming up slowly and staff received only minor damages.  Robin also paid a buck to say “row the boat”!
Program:  Our program today was arranged by Lynn Caswell.  He introduced us to Nicole Croteau, who is a third grade teacher at Twin Lakes Elementary. She has been a teacher for 10 years, 8 with ISD 728 and 3 of those years at Twin Lakes.  She has started studying for her administration license to be an elementary principal.  She is married with one daughter and lives on the Otsego/Dayton border.  She was her to speak to us about the dictionaries that we have donated to third graders for many years.   She finds great joy in watching the kids receive their dictionaries!  She, herself, is an avid reader and feels that real books matter and are used as tools for life.  2nd graders make their own dictionaries and the dictionaries they receive in 3rd grade are a great resource to help the teacher, who is only one person, in the room!  They use the dictionaries to teach independence and they are used all day long.  They use them for words they don’t know.  They use them in math class also, due to the information in the back of the book.  Using the dictionaries creates a sense of accomplishment.  Advanced students, help other students to use their dictionaries so it also builds teamwork!   They also learn necessary skills such as alphabetizing.  She knows of student that loved and read his dictionary and when he took the MCA test, he received 100% and she believes the dictionary helped!  The dictionaries help the students be curious and strive to learn.  Students know they are getting them in third grade, and they have already asked for them.  When Nicole told them yes, they would get one, the young lady jumped for joy to the yes answer!  Dictionaries are not a thing of the past.  She shared a Dr. Seuss - “The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  She also believes that it takes a village to raise a child and thanked us for the dictionaries!   We then had a question and answer time.    Lynn presented her with the key tag and we recited the 4 way test together.
President elect Robin Skinner rang the bell and we were off!
August 31, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Attendance: active status - 15 present and 18 absent
honorary status - 4 present and 3 absent
total membership of 40
Note:  After the regular meeting, the board met and approved the active membership application for Barry Hohlen and an honorary membership for Tony Mikols!  Welcome Barry and Tony!  This will put our active membership at 34 and honorary at 8, total of 42 members!
President Molly Hanson led our meeting today.
Guests: Jody Mowry, Rivers of Hope representative, guest of Robin Skinner
Jody had tickets with her for the Rivers of Hope Gala.  Tickets are $50 and the Gala will be held
on October 14th at 5:30 p.m. at the Carousell Works in Big Lake.
Mckenzie Cremeans and Rennick Hanson, the older grandkids of Bob Maxwell
Tony Mikols, past and future Elk River Rotarian
Image result for announcements- Rotarian Amanda Larson and her husband Brian are proud to announce the birth of their daughter Cecelia Grace Larson.  Cece was born Thursday, August 24th.  8 lb. 9 oz. and 22 inches long!   Congratulations to Amanda and her family!
- Rob and Denise, Pizza Ranch owners, became grand parents for the first time, to a baby girl!
- Troy Adams gave a membership update after a meeting on Wednesday morning.  The committee is working on updating the brochure and talked about creating an on boarding process for new members and discussed a “member hit list” and committee members assigned themselves to contact prospective members.  If you know of someone that you would like to invite, please do.  
- River clean up took place on Wednesday evening.  Thank you Pete Reiner, Dirk Barrett and Lynn Caswell for cleaning up around the dam, then to Bailey Point Park Preserve to clean up around the Tom McNair memorial bench, where they found no trash so had a seat and relaxed for a bit.  That was followed by a refreshing beer.
- Brandon Hanson spoke on behalf of the STRIVE program.  The schedule is being worked out.  STRIVE will be held on Tuesdays, two times a month, starting at 8:28 a.m.  We are in need of mentor volunteers and program sponsors.  The sponsorships are $100. If you could help out, contact Brandon Hanson or Patty Carbajal.
- Bob Maxwell reminded us of the 5th Annual "Bag PTSD" Bean Bag Tournament - Saturday September 16, 2017, 2:00 - Closing at McPete's Sports Bar & Lanes - 590 Humbolt Drive, Big Lake,  Bean Bag Tournament - $10 per person  Register at - First Prize $100; 2nd $50   Tournament starts at 2:00 PM   Silent Auction Items welcome. - Auction 2-7 PMRaffles held throughout the day.   All proceeds to
- Card game - no winner!
Happy Bucks:
- John Osterman was happy that tonight is the ERHS football season kick off game and it is a home game.  He told us to be sure to attend because something cool is going to happen at half time.  He was not able to tell the surprise!
- Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba - who now has a $3.00  I.O.U for a happy buck without any bucks!  She was happy for the following:  a convertible ride into Wisconsin to see a mustard museum, visit a winery and a whisky distillery; they are putting the kitchen in Bee Hive Homes of Elk River; she received her certificate of occupancy!
- Bob Maxwell is picking up the Gopher fan craze since Cathy McManus has retired!  He is excited for the game tonight with the new coach - PJ Fleck!
- Leon Barthel was happy because his daughter-in-law won a tour for 4 of Target Field and she wasn’t able to attend, but Leon, his son and grandsons were!  The kids got a lot of photos and autographs and it was a great tour!
- Lynn Caswell was happy that a house problem got fixed that has been in the works for a year.  He was also happy that he stopped for a yellow light when a police officer pulled up next to him at the light!
- Robin Skinner was happy for all Minnesota events taking place tonight - Gophers, Twins, Vikings, Saints and ERHS football!
- Julie Fish was happy because her cousin, Miss Minnesota Brianna Drevlow, has left for Atlantic City to participate in the Miss America Pageant, which airs on Sunday, September 10th!  Be sure to cheer for Miss Minnesota!
- Troy Adams had a couple of haps!  Happy that school starts and happy that his wife has a submission deadline for a new book!
- Alan Sakry was happy to have sold his home and closing today!  Quick and easy and done with the maintenance nightmare!
Our program today was arranged by Leon Barthel.  Leon said he stays in Rotary because he enjoys the process of fund raising and enjoys rubbing shoulders with others in the community.  He thanked all of us for letting him be in the club!   While deciding his program, he was thinking about social media and law enforcement.  Leon grew up in an era, where if you got in trouble at school, you got in bigger trouble at home and he feels that doesn’t happen in the world today.  He is thankful for the authorities.  Elk River has 24,000 residents and in 2016, the Elk River Police Department received around 25,000 service calls, both low and high risk.
Leon introduced us to our Chief of Police, Ron Nierenhausen.   Ron stated that we are extremely lucky to have the great police department we have and that we have great local support.  There is not much to complain about!  This year, they are predicting 26,484 service calls and he shared some of the more unbelievable, crazy calls they receive.  Requests for snake removal, the seven year old won’t go to bed, come light my furnace and more!   He loves his job and what they do and it is apparent that the other officers in the department feel the same way as they is very little turnover.  Most turnover is because of retirement of an officer.   The ERPD does not have a social media director - he is it!  (with the help of his 25 year old daughter).  Ron responds quickly as he sees things on social media.  They are tasked with a lot more than they were 5 years ago.  He shared a story about a recent traffic accident in town and how social media exploded the story.  The ERPD does a team approach with social media.  It is difficult for everyone.  Ron was asked “How do you stomach false stories and bad media?”  He replied with an actual stat from the FBI.  Nation wide, officers killed on duty by accident:   2012 @ 92; 2013 @ 76; 2014 @ 95; 2015 @ 86; 2016 @ 118 (66 were intentional and 52 were accidental).   He broke it down regionally.  Of the 66 in 2016, the southern region had 30; the midwest had 13; the northeast had 4; the west 17.  The southern region is poorly paid and require nil; the midwest is the strictest region in the country; the northeast is paid very well, have adequate staff for back up; the west have similar training as the midwest, but not as many officers.
Ron warned us to always take all information from the media with a grain of salt.  The media doesn’t care that the information is correct, they care that they have information.  Ron is thankful for the relationship he has with Jim Boyle and the Elk River Star News. They are gracious and they share information and have a good working relationship.  Ron was asked about the city of Chicago being  as bad as what people say.  He said it is safer in downtown Chicago than it is in downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul because Chicago has laws that doesn’t allow panhandlers and loitering.  Elk River has all ethnicities and it is not discriminative.   To earn respect from younger people, the ERPD is trained to treat people like people with hopes of respect.  The PD sometimes has to be everything to people - mother, father, doctor, etc.  They start with the younger people and have “home alone” classes with the youth.  They also have liaisons at the schools to interact with them and to make relationships.  Uniformed officers are assigned to go to elementary schools to ear mark students who may be off to the side and to engage with that child to help understand that the child is ok and to encourage the other kids to converse and be friend the child off to the side.  They will do this program again this year, although the school lunches are well, not so good!   Troy Adams thanked Ron and the ERPD staff for all they do.  It is important to have a city run police department and Elk River is blessed to have the support that we have!   Molly Hanson thanked Ron and Leon Barthel presented him with the key tag with the 4 Way Test printed on it.   We recited the 4 Way Test together and Molly sent us on our way!
August 24, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Attendance: active status - 19 present, 14 absent
honorary status - 5 present, 2 absent
total membership at 40
Note:  The board of directors accepted with regret, the resignation of Don Horvath, at the August 17th board meeting.
Membership Meeting:  Wednesday, August 30th at 7:30 a.m. at Olde Main Eatery.  All are welcome!
Guests: Don Anderson, father of Dave Anderson
Sara Henningsen, inbound youth exchange student from Snitkjer, Denmark
Andrea Swayne, first host mother to Sara
Hailey Rasmussen and friend Breanna Hanson, guest of Nicole Rasmussen
Barry Hohlen, prospective member with a filled out membership application, also a teacher at ERHS and the director at Young Life, guest of Brandon Hanson
President Molly Hanson called on Dan Dixon to introduce us to our new inbound youth exchange student - Sara Henningsen from Denmark.  Molly reminded us to be sure to include/invite Sara to our family events so she can gather a ton of experiences!
We sang happy birthday to Terry Bizal who told us he is now 55 years young.
Image result for announcementsMolly told us that a couple of weeks ago, she emailed each of us with ideas how to get involved.  She has heard back from a few folks, but will resend the email again in hopes of more feedback.  She is looking to start a membership on boarding committee and reminded us of the upcoming membership committee meeting next week.  (see above)  She is also looking for folks to be on the donations committee and to help with programs and socials.  Please let her know how you can help out!
Pete Reiner told about the upcoming river clean up and had a sign up sheet.  It will be held on Wednesday, August 30th at 5 p.m.  Meet at the dam.  Also, please let him know if you have a canoe or john boat that can be used.   This program was started by Rotarian Tom McNair many years ago and it is always fun to keep up the tradition!
STRIVE program has gotten it’s start!  Patty Carbajal and Brandon Hanson are the leads this year and met with ERHS Principal Terry Bizal and counselor Michelle and went through programming.  Patty sent around a sign up sheet for Rotarians to sign up to be mentors and/or to be a $100 sponsor to the program.  This program costs us around $4000.  STRIVE will meet two times/month this year and at different times.  Be sure to check the list before committing.  They are gathering program information.  The goal this year, is that most of the students end up enrolling in post secondary education.  Any questions or concerns, please contact Patty.  Sponsorships are very helpful, so please consider being part of the team!  This program was started by Alan Sakry, many years ago.
Brandon Hanson announced that he is sponsoring a table for the Young Life Banquet on Sunday, October 8th at 6 p.m. at Rockwoods and invited any one to be his guest.  Let him know if you would like to attend.
Happy Bucks:
- Molly Hanson was happy for a lot of guests at Rotary!
- Dirk Barrett was happy for his wife’s birthday!
- Bonnie Koste love her kids, but was happy that school is starting!
- Dave Anderson was happy that his dad could join us for Rotary today!
- Terry Bizal was happy that his daughter was chosen to play on a Youth 18 hockey team at Lake Placid!  She is very humble and private.  They made a family trip out of it and managed to beat Canada 2 out of 3 games!
- Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba was happy to not be in jail after opening her new business doors without the official certificate of occupancy from Bob at the city.  She had a good turn out and has a lot of folks signed up!
- Patty Carbajal was happy for a great summer with a lot of time off. She’s not sorry one bit, and really happy!!
- Nicole Rasmussen was happy to have her daughter Hailey and her friend Breanna with us today for lunch and she was happy that last Tuesday, Hailey had try outs for volleyball and made the middle school 7th/8th grade traveling team!
- Brandon Hanson was happy to have cleaned out his basement with lots of loads to “goodwill” and then moved his oldest daughter back home, to the clean basement!
Surprise Auction!  Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba brought in a surprise for an auction.  Robin Skinner was the high bidder at $5 and took home a couple of zucchini!
Image result for playing cardsCard game had a winner . . . Patty Carbajal won $10! 
Our program today was arranged by Dirk Barrett.  He introduced us to Bobbie Schaeffer, Sherburne County Probation Supervisor with the community corrections probation program.  Rotarian Dan Weber assisted in contacting Bobbie.  Bobbie shared with us that she is more familiar with one on one visits, rather than crowd speaking, but she did fabulous!  She has been at Sherburne County for 21 years.    There are 16 probation officers, 2 assistant probation officers, 4 officer assistance a director and 2 other supervisors in the corrections department at Sherburne County.  Sherburne County is part of the 10th judicial district.   In 2015, Sherburne County probation, switched to a different corrections program and the office now handles adult felons.  They work with low level juvenile offenders up to adult issues and handle all problems.  Probation has four units from juvenile to adult.  When asked to explain a typical day, Bobbie said that there is not a typical day and this is what keeps her at her job.  They do a lot of risk assessments and this PO’s go out to visits at kids homes or school.  A lot of kids don’t live with their parents, but with grandparents or aunts and uncles.  The PO’s spent a lot of time waiting for court hearings and they now only attend the tougher cases.  They do a lot of reports to prepare for court.  Not a lot of time is spent in courts.  The goal is to enhance public safety and motivate offenders to get on the right track.  It is about helping people.  Try to keep folks accountable, productive and successful.  Sherburne County has crew vans for both juvenile and adult and the Sheriff’s office handles these programs.  If a youth is younger than 10 years old, their case is handled by Health & Human Services.  An average case load is:  juvenile - 35 cases each; adult - 65 cases each and sex offenders - 40 cases each.  The PO’s get connected with youth and sometimes get invited to their graduation parties, birthday parties, etc.  Sometimes they call in just to touch base with their PO, to let them know they are doing well.  These are the cases that keep you going, Bobbie said.
Molly thanked her and presented her with the key tag with our 4 way test.  We recited the 4 way test as a group and Molly rang the bell to dismiss us.