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Our Motto:

Serving Humanity 
Strengthening Youth 
Enhancing Lives


November 7 - Greg Heinecke/Mark LeLand - Spectrum Update

November 14 - Barry Hohlen - TBD

November 21 - Stewart Wilson - Gina Hugo,  County Parks Coordinator


December 5 - Cal Portner - TBD

December 12 - John Osterman - Sherburne Soil & Water Conservation District

December 19 - Club Assembly



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Inspiring leaders with passion to serve humanity; strengthening youth for tomorrow's leadership and enhancing lives in our world.

Regular Meeting - October 31, 2019
Our meeting was ran by President Bonnie Koste!  
We had one guest/visiting Rotarian/co-worker and friend to Robin Skinner, Alan Pavek.  Alan is a member of the Maple Grove Rotary and he shared with us some information about an international project that they are a part of.  It is a project in India.  They have two Rotary clubs in India that they are helping with a water project.  They want to build a reserve catch dam with a pump in hopes that they would not have to carry water in large containers.  It is a $28,000 project.  $10,000 will come from the clubs in India and they have some funds for a district match.  The Maple Grove Rotarians are asking other rotary clubs to help with donations.  They have to have their application in by December 1st.
Attendance: active status - 22 present, 15 absent
honorary status - 4 present, 5 absent
total membership @ 46
- Julie Fish, representing STRIVE, sent around the sign up sheet for STRIVE sponsorships at $100.  We are currently at 9 sponsors and have a goal of 10 to 12.   I am pleased to say that after sending around the sign up sheet, we now have 13 sponsors!  Thank you everyone!
- Julie Fish, representing the Donations Committee, sent around a sheet asking for suggestions for groups that our Rotary club should donate funds too.  We are awaiting the budget and then will begin making plans!
- Barry Hohlen has the program in a couple of weeks and is bringing in Operation Christmas Child Shoebox program.  Last year, 401 boxes were sent from Elk River and 450 boxes is the goal for 2019!  This is a project that the 9th graders at ERHS are doing.
- Robin Skinner announced that there will be a brief meeting after our regular meeting for the Socials Fun Committee to get a date and begin to plan our rotary holiday celebration.
- Bonnie Koste reminded us that CAER is having a coat/scarf/mittens/boots drive.  She brought some items and Rotarian Heather Kliewer will take them to CAER.  Please bring items for the next few weeks and someone will get them to CAER. They are always looking for grocery bags, plastic, paper and recycle bags.
- Brandon Hanson gave a STRIVE update.  A session was held on Tuesday morning and we had a full room of students and mentors.  The talk was about finances and Brandon Hanson led the meeting.
- Tove Lichty had a Rotary Moment for us and shared that she recently located a New Member Folder at and was able to order one to check it out.  It is fulled with all kinds of great information.  She shared that the Rotary Foundation, in 2017/18 raised $414 million dollars and gave it out in 1306 grants.  483 of those grants were used to help with disease prevention and treatment.
- Happy Birthday to Nicole Rasmussen!  She chose the $10 version . . . the Rotary Foundation thanks you!
-Image result for playing cards A fresh new card game was begun!  A king of spades was pulled and there was not a winner!
Happy Bucks:
- Nicole Rasmussen was happy that her mom’s auction was successful last week.  She attended a MCEA Conference and was able to experience Top Golf for the first time!
- Tove Lichty was happy to have had two busy days in Boston for work this week and spent two hours learning at MIT!
- Cal Portner was happy because last week he traveled to Tennessee for an annual conference.  His daughter who was on fall break, came to Tennessee to meet him. A fellow military pal got concert tickets for them.  They toured the Smokey Mountains and saw black bear while driving.  He had a happy buck was for the walls going up on the new multi-purpose building.  His last happy buck was for his daughter starting her college hockey season!
- Julie Fish had a happy buck for Barry Hohlen’s costume of Mr. Clean!
- Amanda Larson was happy about her 4 year old tiny t-ball and soccer player, now learning how to play hockey!
- John Osterman was happy buck for the Elks football team who beat Rogers to move forward in the playoffs.  Tomorrow the Elks will play Robinsdale at STMA field.
- Bob Maxwell was happy for a recent road trip to the southeast in the new vehicle with his wife, Diana!
- Heather Kliewer had her first ever happy bucks of $5!  She was happy that she gets to babysit two grandsons this afternoon and she will be going to GA to visit two more soon.  She was also happy for an upcoming work trip to Duluth that her hubby is able to attend with her!
Our program today was arranged by Amanda Larson.  Amanda started rotary 16 years ago while working at the Bruce Messelt for webYMCA in the metro area.  When she came to the Elk River YMCA to work, she transferred her membership to Elk River.  She has been an Elk River Rotarian for 10 years and she is proud to be one!   She introduced us to Bruce Messelt who is our new Sherburne County Administrator.  Bruce is currently a Rotarian in Chicago Lakes and is a past rotarian of Lake Elmo and got his rotary start in Moorhead.  (Editor Note: he was given a membership application and brochure.) Bruce was raised in Duluth, has three daughters.  Two are in college and his youngest is an 8th grader.  His wife is a retail store manager in Woodbury.  Bruce was here to give us a Sherburne County activity update.  In brief, the government center is complete and the court house is renovated.  Gina Hugo is the new parks director and she will be here to speak on November 21st.  They have approved the preliminary levy of 4.94% and the budget and have decreased tax rate -6.5%. Sherburne County growth is #6 in the state at 8.15%.  There is plenty of new home activity.  They have a new revolving loan fund program to fill gap financing. They have been working on broadband infrastructure and have received $533,000 in grants and have brought service to 62 businesses and 3 community institutes.  He briefly discussed transportation planning, airport authority update, county wide housing study, regional marketing strategy and Central Minnesota Mississippi River Regional Planning Partnership.  He shared a list of recent developments and spoke a bit about the Sher Co coal plant in Becker.  There is talk about a Google data center in the future, going in at Becker.   He asked that we please come and visit him at the county . . . the coffee is always on!   He said that he felt very welcome here in Elk River and he is happy to be working in Sherburne County!   President Bonnie thanked him for coming and led us in reciting the 4 Way Test of the things we think, say and do!
Regular Meeting - October 24, 2019
Today is World Polio Day and our meeting was ran by President Bonnie Koste.  John Osterman led us in song and Tove Lichty impressed all of us with a super solid and outstanding prayer!   We had no guests or visiting Rotarians today.   

Attendance:     active status - 19 present, 18 absent
                        honorary status - 6 absent, 3 present
                        total membership at 46

Our two newest members were with us today and President Bonnie presented Heather Kliewer and Casey Mahon with their name badges and lapel pins!

- Robin Skinner reminded us that there is a Rotary Social today starting at 4:30 at Rockwoods in Otsego. 

- STRIVE sponsorship was sent around the room for those who would like to sign up to be a $100 sponsor.  Treasurer Debbi Rydberg will invoice those who sign up.
- Julie Fish sent around the sheet for Donation Suggestions once again.  The Donations Committee will be meeting as soon as the budget is finished up.
- Heather Kliewer and Bonnie Koste informed us that the CAER Food Shelf is having a coat drive from now until next spring!  They are in need of coats, snow pants, hats, boots, scarves and all things winter! If you have things, please bring them to Rotary next week and we will pool our pile and bring them over to CAER.  They also are in need of grocery bags, both plastic and paper. 
- Bonnie Koste had shirt samples and order forms again today.  Be sure to get yours ordered.  Payment is due at time of order and please make checks payable to Elk River Rotary and turn things into Bonnie.
- Heather Kliewer thanked everyone who participated in the Pub Crawl last weekend to raise money for CAER.  $2,300 was raised!

- Happy Birthday song was sung to Adam Stumne.  He picked the $10 version!

Image result for playing cards- Card game was a draw till we have a winner event and Robin Skinner was the winner!  She won $47.50 which was half of the $95 pot.   The other $47.50 goes to the Rotary Foundation.  Thank you everyone, for playing the game!

Happy Bucks:

- Marilyn VanPatten Chuba was happy about her new dog who is a plot.  The dog has hunted down 14 chipmunks, 2 mice and 1 red squirrel!   She also wanted to pay a buck for the free cornish game hens she was able to collect after dinner at the recent chamber event so she could feed them to this doggie!
- Dave Vinje was happy to tell us that he recently achieved his brown belt in jujitsu!  Way to go Dave!
- Troy Adams was happy to attend a college fair with his son who wants to be a film maker!
- Bill Haring was happy because his beloved Bison team is 7 and 0 and are on a 28 game winning streak!  He was also happy to tell us that he and his wife are heading to Australia and New Zealand for a couple of weeks!
- Robin Skinner was happy for the Gophers 7 and 0 and for a player, Casey O’Brian who is a 4 time cancer survivor and was voted the Special Teams Player of the Week!
- Linda Christian was happy that her adult kids took her to Nashville!
- Adam Stumne had a happy buck for a Wild win and Gopher win!
- John Osterman had a happy buck for the Elk River Elks victory last Tuesday.  On Saturday, they play Rogers, in Rogers!
- Bonnie Koste had a happy $20!  15 years ago, she was blessed with her son, Max, her daughter Abby and a couple of friends are going to attend Rotary’s Camp Enterprise and for a few photos of her brother Tommy on Facebook!

Tove Lichty
led our program today, which was a bit about World Polio Day and a bit about new member orientation for both old and new members!    She was asked to attend a Rotary meeting in Pierre, SC and to this day, she said she still doesn’t know what Rotary is all about!  It is huge!  She stays in rotary to be involved at local, district and one day international levels!    She began orientation by telling us to each to to as there is a load of information there.    Today is World Polio Day.  Rotary’s polio eradication program began about 40 years ago in 1988 when 125 countries had polio victims.  Today, only 3 countries still have polio so we are very close to eradicating the disease.  The Bill and Malinda Gate Foundation partnered with Rotary on this project.  Funds from our raffle, happy bucks and book sales today will go to Polio Plus.  Tove brought a Candy Land game to raffle off.   Candy Land was invented by Elenor Abbott who was a polio victim in 1948.  She sold the game to Milton Bradley and the rest is history!
What is Rotary?  She called on numerous members in the room for their responses.  Bill Haring told about his involvement in international projects and grant writing.  He also reminded us that we can make up a meeting at any rotary club thought the world!  We have a club flag and he took a couple of them to bring on his upcoming trip!   Elk River Rotary was founded in 1960 and we will celebrate our diamond anniversary/60 years, in 2020!  The Taste of Elk River is our current big fundraiser and we make a big impact in our community with this event.  We are unique!  Each Rotary club is unique.  Some sing, some do not.  In the beginning, singing was done to help break from work to lunch.  Tove has a book - ABS’s of Rotary and in the book, it tells that singing was a common social event in the early 1900’s.  Happy bucks, birthday money, and card game money all goes to the foundation and we use those credits for Paul Harris Fellow awards.  A Paul Harris Fellow award is the highest honorary award one can receive in Rotary.   Tove reviewed our Happy Birthday song plan.  It is $5 for a very sad happy birthday song; $10 for a fun and peppy happy birthday song and for $20, we will sing it however you want!     Her next tid bit of info was about our 4 Way Test that we recite every week at the end of our meeting.  She pointed out that we are not saying it correctly!   It should begin with “Of the things we think, say or do” then the 4 Way test.    Rotary is about friendships and friendships connect the world!  Again, she suggested we go to and check out all of the info located there.   We held the drawing for the Candy Land game and Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba was the lucky winner!    Tove led us in a proper reciting of the 4 Way Test and the dismissal bell rang!

Regular Meeting - October 17, 2019
Today at Rotary, our meeting was ran by President Bonnie Koste.  John Osterman was present to lead us in song and Bonnie Koste had a very solid prayer!  
Guests: Sophie and Nick, grandkids of Glen Ertel
Marissa and McKenzie, granddaughters of Bob Maxwell
Aaron Othoudt, husband of Amanda Othoudt
At the beginning of the meeting, Bob Maxwell played a video of Marissa singing "A Million Dreams" from The Greatest Showman and despite her embarrassment, it was excellent!
- Robin Skinner announced we will have a Social Event, next Thursday, October 24th at Rockwoods in Otsego beginning at 4:30 pm.   
- Pete Reiner announced (and had a buck) that his business name has changed and he has a new billboard up!  It is a brand change for the investment company at the Bank of Elk River where he is employed.
- Tove Lichty reminded us that next week our program will be Orientation for the Club - old and new members.  It is also World Polio Day so we will be celebrating that as well. 
- Molly Hanson gave a STRIVE update.  STRIVE started this week on Tuesday and we had about 10 mentors and about 25 students in attendance.  In the past, we have had a sign up sheet for sponsorships at $100 each.  A sign up sheet was sent around for those wanting to be a sponsor at $100.00.  It will go towards the STRIVE budget, which is around $4,000.
- Dave Anderson informed us of upcoming seminars re: Sex and Human trafficking at the Elk River Senior Living location. They will be held at noon on Thursday, October 24, November 14 and November 21st at noon.
Image result for playing cards- Card Game card pulled was a 8 of spades and there was not a winner!
Happy Bucks:
- Brandon Hanson started us off with a happy buck for his eldest daughter who is working at Merchology in Minneapolis and invited Brandon and his wife to attend an event with wine, dinner a fashion show and his daughter was a speaker at the event!
- Molly Hanson was happy that the Vikings won last weekend, happy for the sunshine and happy to be closing on their new home next Friday!
- Dirk Barrett was happy that is youngest son is in a movie premier for the Twin City Film Fest.  The movie was made in New Ulm and is called Max Bishop!
- Julie Fish was happy to have attended a Sara Bareilles at the Excel Center, happy for her mom’s 87th upcoming birthday and happy to have gotten to hear Bob Maxwell’s granddaughter, Marissa perform in the video Bob shared!
- Amanda Othoudt was happy that her second oldest son is working on his Eagle Scout project and recently got it funded.  It is a $9,000 project to replace a dock at the Foley learning center!
- Tove Lichty was glad that her cat baby, Delores was doing well after surgery for kidney stones!
- Robin Skinner was happy to be attending the Pub Crawl for CAER this Saturday starting at 1 pm at the Elk River American Legion.  Rotarian Debbi and her husband, Rob Rydberg will be joining in on the fun!
- Bob Maxwell had a happy $5 for all of us indulging in his wonderful video of Marissa!
- Pete Reiner was happy to have traveled to Dallas, drove a rental car with CA license plates and made it without issue!
- John Osterman had an Elk update happy buck and told us of the sad loss on Wednesday and that they play at home next Tuesday against Rotarian Dan Weber’s town of Sauk Rapids.  They will then play Rogers at 1 pm on Saturday, October 27th!
- Sandy Morgan was happy to have had a safe return from a vacation over seas and happy for her dad’s 83rd birthday today!
Our program today was handled by President Bonnie Koste and she led us in a Club Assembly! 
Rotary Shirt Opportunity - Bonnie started by telling us of an opportunity for us to each purchase a shirt with a Rotary emblem.  There are long sleeve t-shirts @ $15, short sleeve t-shirts @ $12 or a polo shirt @ $19.  She passed out an order form and asked for payment when you turn in your form to her. Make checks payable to Elk River Rotary.  She had sample shirts and will have them for a couple of weeks before placing the order.   They are being ordered by a Rotarian in Waconia.  This is also the same person we order our Taste of Elk River glasses from.  
Membership.  Bruce Tyler suggested that we should have a Rotarian from Guardian Angels and suggested that we contact past Rotarian Dan Dixon to see who he would suggest for membership.  Tove Lichty told us that next week we will have our first general orientation.   We will learn how we can be involved besides our weekly meetings and the Taste of Elk River.  We will be implementing a mentorship program, as other clubs have.  Mentoring will help everyone - both new members and mentors.  Our two newest members, Casey Mahon and Heather Kliewer will be our first two members through this new program.  Interested in being a mentor?  Contact Tove.   Want to be part of the Membership Committee?  Contact Tove!    
Taste of Elk River was the next subject. Dirk Barrett and Jeff LaBarre are our leads for the 2020 Taste of Elk River. Dirk brought up the date and established that the date next year will be Thursday, May 14th.  He will contact the Fair Board to secure the date.  Amanda Othoudt has agreed to be the Sponsorship lead this year again.  When asked if she could use a few folks for her committee, she declined as she has a good system devised and can handle it on her own. Dave Anderson (honorary) will handle the liquor license for us again this year and will begin the process after the first of the year.  Dirk asked if anyone has any promotional ideas other than social media and the black outdoor signs that both seem to work fabulously!  Bob Maxwell shared that he sends out a Constant Contact blast each year about 3 to 5 times and it includes a link that they can go to purchase tickets online.  That is how he racks up so many ticket sales!  Go Bob!  There was talk about how we can have sponsors and vendors help to promote our event.  Amanda Othoudt asked for marketing funds to promote the event through Facebook.  Bonnie Koste shared that she would like to see the different committees meet together for meetings.  This has been lost over the last couple of years and feels it would improve all communications.
Social Events - Robin Skinner announced we will have a Social Event, next Thursday, October 24th at Rockwoods in Otsego beginning at 4:30 pm.    There will also be a meeting to begin plans for our 60th Club Anniversary, next Thursday, October 24th at 11:30 am.   Please join the fun!
Donations Committee - Julie Fish is the lead.  As soon as the budget is complete and we receive our total of funds to give, we will begin meeting.   Julie sent around a sheet asking for suggestions of groups we should donate to.
Service Projets - Pete Reiner reviewed that we have done the River Clean Up, assisted CAER Food Shelf with fall clean up, Dictionary project is a bit behind, but on the horizon.  If you have ideas for service projects, please let Pete know your thoughts!
It went so fast and we quickly went over time a bit!  Together we recited the 4 Way Test and Bonnie dismissed us.
Regular Meeting - October 10, 2019
(as reported by your backup scribe - Bob M)
Our meeting was led by President Bonnie Koste. With the absence of John Osterman and Julie Fish we were lost for a song leader for a brief second but we finally got it together.  Jeff LaBarre delivered a solid prayer.  
Active members 16 present, 19 absent                          Honorary Members – 4 present, 5 absent        
Total Membership at 44 members
Guests: Rotarian Duane Gates – Monticello, Mackenzie Weber – Student of the Month and her mother Melissa Weber
Prospective MembersCasey Mahon and Heather Kliewer
Student of the MonthTerry Bizal introduced us to Mackenzie Weber and she introduced her mother Melissa Weber. Mackenzie is active in Dance Team, , Girls Lacrosse, Girl Scouts, NJHS and she was recently accepted in the National Honor Society. She was awarded Rookie of the Year and Most Improved in DECA. She acknowledges DECA is her favorite class and gave a shout out to her teachers Mrs. Weiler and Mrs. Murray. She plans to go to a 4 year college and also seek her masters. Not exactly sure but it will be in business management and eventually starting a business of her own. She likes to make desserts (anything with chocolate) and scuba dive with her family for fun. She went on to acknowledge her hero – her Grandpa (Pop-Pop). He passed away last February of pancreatic cancer. He was successful in life and a tremendous supporter of hers. Needless to say they were very close and she misses him dearly. One of her most memorable experiences was her trip to New York to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. She demonstrates leadership by being a team leader to her peers. Works well and listens to others, thinks positively and proactively. An exception student and a great role model for others.
Molly Hanson reminded the club of the STRIVE meeting on Tuesday AM next week. Samantha a former STRIVE student will be one of the speakers.
Tova Lichty – Reported on upcoming Rotary Summits on October 16 - Global Ethics Day, October 24 – World Polio Day and October 26 Family means – in Stillwater, MN
Happy Birthday – Amanda Othoudt – She requested the best we got. We did our best despite the absence of of the previously mentioned song leaders John Osterman and taking a break between her three Rotary meetings of the day to briefly return to work Julie Fish.
Happy Bucks
Robin Skinner – Happy husband Ben’s surgery went well. Sad she had to miss three meetings in a row but very happy to be back. She had an extra dollar so contributed it to Rotary.
Bruce Tyler – Acknowledged Casey Mahon’s tireless commitment to the Three Rivers Foundation. Robin Skinner informed us she will become an administrative assistant with the group soon.
Molly Hanson - Happy with the Vikings win and our sunshine from Wednesday
Neil Gagnon – Happy that the Packers won… OK Whatever.
Amanda Othoudt – Had a fun time on her trip to Nashville.
Nicole Rasmussen – Happy of her performance in recent races in achieving her personal bests. Also, happy to have refinanced her home and looking forward to the upcoming Chamber of Commerce celebration.
Tove Lichty – Happy she survived an exceptionally difficult workout.
Jeff LaBarre – Shared his Rotary moment – Wanted to get more involved in the community and found what he was looking for in Rotary. Jeff introduced us to Daniel Kimberly from Feed My Starving Children. Feed My Starving Children is a Christian Non-Profit organization distributing food throughout the world. Dan made it clear that participation is not just for Christians – all are welcome to help. FMSC started in Coon Rapids in 1987 and depend on individual, church and corporate donations to operate. They are able to buy in bulk and the packages generally contain – Vitamins, Dehydrated Vegetables, Soy and Rice. Volunteers – groups and individuals donate time to fill the bags and package for distribution. Almost all packages are distributed to over 70 countries around the world. Only in a few circumstances have they been distributed within the US and territories – hurricane relief. The good news is almost each shipment reaches its destination, even to difficult countries throughout the world. They also have some special potato mixtures that they produce for distribution as well. In addition FMSC pay local artists to make items which are subsequently sold in their locations to generate funds to continue their mission. There is a connection to Rotary with FMSC. Rotary helps with producing clean water and FMSC distributes the food to these needed countries. Dan would like to get our club to participate in packing bags and or helping generate funds for the organization in some way. Over 90% of all contributions go to food with a very low overhead. Recently there was the Minnesota Twins organization and 5000 volunteers combining to produce 1,035,000 meals.
A group of Monticello organizations also produced 50,000 meals. Again Dan welcomed groups to help – suggesting many birthday party groups start there celebration by filling bags and boxes.
Bonnie Koste – thanked Dan and concluded with the 4 way test.

active members - 16 present, 19 absent
  honorary members - 4 present, 5 absent
                        total membership at 44 members

Guest:  Don Horvath, former Rotarian and all around great guy!  For the past many years, Don has offered his electrical services to us during our Taste of Elk River.  Thank you Don!

Prospective Member: Casey Mahon was with us today!

- There will be a Board of Directors meeting next week, following our regular meeting.

- Clean up at CAER is this afternoon after our regular meeting. They need some help removing an ac unit and putting a window back in and also with some fall yard clean up.
- Molly Hanson told us that the STRIVE members have passed their background tests.  STRIVE will start on Tuesday, October 15th at ERHS.  If you would like to be a mentor, please let Molly know.  Curt Hinkle is not able to assist us with Ice Breakers this year, so we need someone new to handle that and Molly also needs someone to assist her with getting the food lined up for each STRIVE.
- Tove Lichty told us about her experience recently at a Rotary Summit meeting in Northfield.  The message was interesting.  How, as a club/district/organization do we think?  She has a notebook of ideas to share.  Another summit will be held October 26, in Stillwater. The subject is the same and she encourages us to see beyond our Elk River club.
- Membership Committee Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 10 at 11:15 am at Pizza Ranch.  Please come to help plan for the Club Orientation meeting that will take place during our program on Thursday, October 24th.
- Baseball fan, Bruce Tyler, let us know that Cub Foods is selling new Homer Hankies!

Happy Bucks:
- Debbi Rydberg is happy to announce that next week the Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce is holding a
Midevil Mischief theme event starting at 5:30 pm at the Crown Room in Rogers.
- Julie Fish had a happy buck because she saw the actual sun, shining!
- Tove Lichty was happy about the upcoming chamber event and is on the planning committee.  She was also happy to be going to Top Golf this afternoon!
- John Osterman was happy that the Elk River Elks won their homecoming football game last week 36 to 8.  Tomorrow they play Cambridge!
- Don Horvath had a happy buck because he is on the CAER board of directors and they are hosting their 40th Anniversary next week on Tuesday, October 8th from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.  Please come!
- Bonnie Koste had a happy, sad, emotional buck and shared with us that her special needs brother, who is 56, is going to move to a group home tomorrow.  She is happy for his new start in Elk River!

Bob Maxwell shared a Rotary moment.  In 1984 his Rotary life began.  There were a couple of years he was out, then in because of work, but Rotary and his friendships have helped him a lot with different things in his life.  He was our 50th president and served his term for a year and a half!  He has a commitment to energy conservation and has recently purchased a hybrid electric vehicle.   This winter, Bob and his wife, Diana, went to a car show and checked out and test drove a hybrid electric vehicle.  They are now the proud leasers of a Mitsubishi PHEV. They worked with Connexus to get things hooked up for the car to charge during off peak hours and enjoys the telephone apps that he uses for it and the car!  You can have 120 volt, 240 volt or 480 volt power.  Bob introduced us to Tom Sagsetter with Elk River Municipal Utilities. Bob shared a video presentation about how his new wheels work.  His lease is a 4 year with 60,000 miles or 15,000 miles per year.  You can use the electric battery, engine or both.   It also renews energy through regenerative braking, saves energy through coasting and of course regeneration of the battery by the engine. Which makes it somewhat unique.  ER Utilities has a Chevy Volt that is 100% electric and gets 238 miles/charge in the summer and around 190 miles/charge in the winter.  Tom said it is fun to drive in electric mode.  They received a $40 grant to partner with the City to study fleets.  It is great for in town driving and if you cut your idle time you have further savings.  All EV charging energy is 100% renewable.  The City/Utilities see a lot of savings and have chosen the lease plan.  Part of the challenge in the midwest is that they are not high in the market.  The East Coast has emission standards to comply with.   Troy Adams shared that downtown Elk River, Coborn’s (Fast Charge) and City Hall all have charging stations.   ER Utilities offers $500 rebates and encourage charging at off peak times to save money.  There are two electric Ford Explorers on order for the Elk River Police Department and they are hopeful that they will arrive this year.
Bonnie Koste thanked Tom for speaking and we recited the 4 Way Test.
Regular Meeting - September 26, 2019
Our meeting today was led by our President Bonnie Koste.   John Osterman led us in song and Terry Bizal had a solid prayer for us.
Guests: Tim Dolan, Sherburne County Commissioner, guest of Dan Weber
Bruce Messelt, Sherburne County’s new Administrator, guest of Dan Weber
**Bruce is a visiting Rotarian and is currently a member at Chicago Lakes Rotary and was previously a Rotarian in Moorhead, MN.
Prospective Member: Heather Kliewer with CAER Food Shelf
Attendance: active status - 15 present, 20 absent
honorary status - 3 present, 6 absent
total membership at 44 members
Next week - Thursday, October 3 - following our regular meeting, we have a SERVICE PROJECT.
A sign up sheet went around looking for volunteers to go to CAER and assist them with some outdoor fall clean up projects to help beautify the property in preparation of their upcoming 40th Anniversary Open House.  If you can attend the clean up, please come prepared with yard gloves, pruning sheers, common yard tools, etc.   They also need some assistance removing an a/c unit and putting the window back in.
- Jeff LaBarre announced that he is involved with the new Elk River BNI Chapter and they are having a visitor day on Wednesday, October 2nd from 11:30 to 1 pm and will meet at Rockwoods in Otsego.  Please RSVP to Jeff at 763-843-6012.
- Dave Anderson gave us an update on the Sex and Human Trafficking program at the District level.  The new website is up and running and suggests that we go try it out!  http:/    He had handouts up front with an up front for us to take with the website address on it.  He also had info sheets from the Sherburne County Area United Way about their ACT United program (Anti Child Trafficking - ACT).  They have teamed up with ACT United to bring a three part FREE speaker series to our community.  Part 1: Sextortion, held Thursday, October 24 from 12 pm to 1 pm at Elk River Senior Living; Part 2: Sex Trafficking of Boys, held Thursday, November 14 from 12 pm to 1 pm at Elk River Senior Living; Part 3: Ending Sex Trafficking and Prevention, held Thursday, November 21 from 12 pm to 1 pm, Elk River Senior Living.
- Service Project Chair, Pete Reiner is firing up the dictionary project and is receiving the duty from honorary Rotarian Lynn Caswell.  Pete will report back in a week or so with his need for volunteers.
- STRIVE has its first date set - Tuesday, October 15th.  Chair, Molly Hanson, has emailed all mentors with information and a link - President Bonnie pointed out that the District Governor left us a stack of postcards with important upcoming dates on it.  He also left a handful of lapel pins with the 2019-20 theme printed on them.  Please help yourself.
- Happy Birthday was sung a little past due, to Mark Leland and a day or two early, with a $15 version of the Beatles version of the birthday song.  However, Brandon Hanson was not there to lead us so it was pretty bad and President Bonnie announced that we will do a do-over when Brandon is there to lead us.  Special thanks to Greg Schultz for his efforts of pulling it up on his phone to assist us!
Image result for playing cards- Card game . . . a 9 of spades was pulled and there was not a winner.
Happy Bucks:
- Dirk Barrett had a happy buck for the MN Twins!
- John Osterman had a happy buck to announce it is Elk River High School’s homecoming this Friday!  Go Elks!
- Greg Schultz had a happy buck for the MN Twins also!
- Bonnie Koste had a happy buck for homecoming and the fact that her house has only been tp’s once so far!
Terry Bizal arranged for our program today.  He became a Rotarian when past Rotarian, John Barth, past activity director at ERHS retired and Terry had the opportunity to be a Rotarian. He has been a Rotarian now for 10 years.  He feels the Rotary mission fits with ERHS and is proud to be a member.  John Osterman pointed out that he is a fabulous lead for the Taste of Elk River duty as our Sanitation Engineer!   Terry introduced us to Dr. Dan Bittman, Superintendent for ISD 728.  Dan has been with ISD 728 for three years now.  He was here to share factual information with us, his 60th presentation!  He shared the top 10 things we need to know for the upcoming levy referendum.  Currently levys expire about every 2 years.  This upcoming levy is for a 7-10 year plan.  ISD 728 is the 8th largest district in Minnesota and the lowest funded, in every category of funding. A successful referendum could bump us up from the bottom, to ninth place. They have done budget cuts every year for 7 years and keep gaining more students.  The funds from the federal and state don’t cover the costs.  They don’t keep up with inflation.  Dr. Bittman wanted us to know that any voter can vote early in person at the Sherburne County Government Center.  The District will continue to grow at about 200 students/year. Adding on to schools is more expensive than new builds.  This referendum is a win-win for Elk River and would include more funds per student, new building, updated on things such as parking lots, roofs, HVAC, etc.  He noted that the football field bleachers have been there since 1984. In Elk River, the three most significant building needs are at Lincoln Elementary, Vandenberge Middle School and the second half of Handke School.  He shared a brief but well done video with us and reminded us to vote on November 5th.  Strong schools = strong communities.  Q and A time.
President Bonnie thanked Dr. Bittman and together we recited the 4 Way Test and were dismissed.
Regular Meeting - September 12, 2019
Our meeting was ran by President Bonnie Koste.   Brandon Hanson led us in an outstanding prayer!

Visiting Rotarian:  Jake Morris, guest of Tove Lichty and Maple Grove Rotarian     
Jake came to tell us about the upcoming Gala for the Maple Grove Rotary.  It is a black tie affair and will be held on November 23rd. Jake passed around info sheets and had a couple of raffle tickets to sell us.

Guest:  Casey Mahon, guest of Debbi Rydberg and prospective member

- STRIVE - Molly Hanson announced that we are in need of a few more mentors.  Please sign up on the board up
front, or contact Molly to let her know.  The first STRIVE will be held October 1st from 8:27 to 9:18 am at ERHS.  Molly reported that Michelle from ERHS is very grateful for us and our efforts for the program.
- Tove Lichty met with Bonnie Koste to discuss the membership committee that Tove is leading.  They want to do an on-boarding program for new members, quarterly. 
- Tove Lichty is going to attend the Rotary Summit on Saturday, September 21st in Northfield.  She is looking forward to connecting with other Rotarians.  Interested in attending, let her know.
-Bonnie Koste talked about doing a service project to the community and Heather at CAER shared that they have some outside fall clean up that they would like done before their open house on October 8th.
- Next Wednesday evening from 6 to 7, is the Sherburne Area United Way “Gathering” program to talk in the community about sex trafficking.  Be sure to RSVP and spread the word.
- The card game had a winner with Neil Gagnon who chose to “roll it’ forward.   Last week, the funds donated to Rotary from our speaker PT with #livin Foundation, totaled to $58!  Thanks PT and Neil!

Happy Birthday was sung, better late than never, to Greg Schultz.   
Anniversary reminders went to Robin Skinner and her husband Ben at 35 years and to Bob Maxwell and his wife Diane at 43 years!

Happy Bucks:

- Tove Lichty had happy bucks, one for each tornado touchdown in her home town of Sioux Falls.  All of her family is ok.
- John Osterman was happy for homecoming vs. St. Francis.  They’ve won the last two weeks, beating Buffalo 47/36 and beating Brainerd  57/9!  Coach Hamilton was voted coach of the week and there was a player that was player of the week!
- Molly Hanson was happy to have had a great time playing Bingo with Nicole Rasmussen.  The Vikings beat the Falcons and this weekend play the Packers!
- Cal Portner was happy to haves daughter to college and is an empty nester once again.  His daughter made the list for the American Coaches Association All American Scholarship list. There were 5 young ladies from MN who made the last.  Cal was also happy that today is the MN Wild started training camp.
- Debbi Rydberg was happy to have Casey for her guest, she was happy that her niece in Army boot camp, is one of 7 remaining there and they started with 30!
- Nicole Rasmussen had a good luck buck for her daughter’s volleyball team!
- Greg Schultz was happy to be back and was MIA due to working out of town.
- Stewart Wilson was happy to have purchased some new hunting equipment . . . a new truck!
-Troy Adams was happy for a date night at the Fine Line in Mpls. with his wife, on a school night!  He also paid a few bucks to say “Go Packers”!
- Bonnie Koste was happy to have had a business conference in Atlanta and she hung out in their stadium.

Brandon Hanson
arranged our program today.  He joined rotary by invite from past Rotarian Cathy McManus.  He could tell we were caring and he shared that “Rotarian” is his favorite thing to be called!   Brandon’s speakers today were a group from the Great River Young Life, which is our local chapter of Young Life.  Our very own
Rotarian, Barry Hohlen, is our area director.  They are starting a special needs ministry called Capernaum.  Barry introduced us to Lane who is the high school outreach person.  We were also introduced to AJ, Ashton and Deanna Salfrank.  Deanna is the newest team member and will be the one working with the Capernaum program.   The ministry is designed to go into the world of kids and train leaders to go where kids are, to fill kids with experiences of Jesus.  To celebrate, sing, do skits and laugh!  They are to feel safe and find a place where they belong and feel included.  Lane helps reach the kids and hope to reach over 160 kids.  At their first meeting this year, there were 47 youth and 13 adults!  Young Life also leads the Walk With Me program that is held at Ivan Sand High School in Elk River.  An adult spends one hour a week with a struggling child to form life changing relationships with that student. Deanna told us about Capernaum and that it is to help those with developmental disabilities.  To give them the chance to experience the fun and to develop and fulfill friendships.  Deanna went to camp recently with disabled students and she really enjoyed seeing them do things that they never thought they would be able to do.  AJ and Ashton, her sons, read letters to us about their experience.  Barry shared that God opens doors and we walk through them.  Young Life gives students inclusion and makes them feel like they belong.  Barry hosted the first meeting with 60 in attendance and realizes that they need a space to host as this group is a bit too large for ongoing basement meetings.  He is praying for new space to also include Caparnum.    Bonnie Koste thanked our speakers.

We recited the 4 way test and the bell of dismissal was rung.
Regular Meeting - September 5, 2019
President Bonnie Koste led our meeting today.  Brandon Hanson led our song and Julie Fish had the prayer and program.
Guests: Heather Kliewer, Executive Director at CAER food shelf - prospective member and guest of Bonnie Koste
Attendance: active status - 21 present, 14 absent
honorary status - 5 present, 4 absent
total membership at 44 members
- Molly Hanson spoke to us about STRIVE and asked us to consider signing up on the large sign up sheet on the board up front, to be a mentor for STRIVE.  STRIVE meets about every other Tuesday at ERHS at 8:30 am for about an hour and will start around October 1st.
- Bonnie Koste met with Tove Lichty, new membership chair, and they are looking forward to quarterly membership meetings!
- Rotarian Deb Bland had flyers to pass out for the upcoming event that Elk River Rotary is sponsoring for the Sherburne Area United Way - “A Gathering”  to talk about Sex and Human Trafficking, on September 18, starting at 6 pm and held at Elk River Senior Living.  Dinner provided so please register at  This is a free event.
- Bonnie Koste reminded us that our District Governor Paul Perez is going to be at our meeting on September 19th.  Please plan to attend rotary that day so we have a good member representation.
- Board of Directors - we have a meeting next Thursday after our regular meeting.
- We sang Happy Birthday to Amanda Larson ($5 horrible version) and to Bonnie Koste ($10 snappy version).
Image result for playing cards- Card Game - we had a winner!!  Julie Fish bought a card for our speaker, PT and he had the 5 of clubs to match the card pulled.  With his gracious heart - he donated his winnings back to Rotary.
Happy Bucks:
- Molly Hanson was happy for the start of the NFL season and was wishing the Packers a loss tonight!
- Terry Bizal and his wife have returned to empty nester status.  He brought his son out to Boston last week and stopped in Ohio to see his daughter briefly.  He was also happy that school started.
- Leah Studaker was happy to be back. Happy to give an update on the school.  They received the $600,000 grant and will be opening their charter school next year!
- Nicole Rasmussen shared that Sunday, she and her mom laid the rest of her dad to rest by scattering his ashes in the lake that their old cabin was on.  It was his wishes.  Her parents home is on the market this week and her mom is happy to sell and down size.  She was also happy for a good start to the school year!
- Troy Adams was happy about the NFL and stated that the Packers vs. Bears game will set the tone!  He was $10 happy about that!
Julie Fish arranged our program and shared her Rotary Moment.  Her program was PT with the #livin Foundation.  PT is a dj on 102.9 and is a part of The Wolf Wake Up Crew.  He was grateful for the opportunity to speak to us.  He shared how the foundation was born and it was by the loss of his father to suicide on January 21, 2013.   PT shared information with us about his upcoming event at the ERX track on Saturday, September 21st.  It begins at noon with free daytime activities including a BBQ rib competition, kids activities, fencer fair - mental health resources.  At 5 pm it requires a ticket for entrance and there will be a ton of country music.  Kat Perkins, Minnesota gal who was a finalist on The Voice will be performing and will be the keynote speaker.   Tickets are on sale now.  Visit to buy your tickets!
Regular Meeting - August 29, 2019
Today our meeting was ran by our current President, Bonnie Koste.   John Osterman led us in song and Julie Fish was our prayer giver today.
Guests: Gary and Mary, parents of Molly Hanson
Jamie Hanson, husband of Molly Hanson
Curt and Barb Hinkle
Attendance: active status 13 present, 22 absent
honorary status - 5 present, 4 absent
total membership at 44
- Molly Hanson announced that we are in need of more mentors for STRIVE.  If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so.  The sign up sheet is on the front board.  Please consider adding your name and making a difference in a young person’s life!  STRIVE will be held during the school year on Tuesday from approximately 8:20 to 9:30 am at ERHS.  It will start the end of September/beginning of October.
- Intersted in giving to in memory or in honor of a loved one?  Check out and find out how simple it is!
- Happy Anniversary, today, Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba.  Good thing you came to the meeting today so we could remind you!
-Image result for playing cards Card game - a 7 of clubs was pulled and there was not a winner!
Happy Bucks:
- John Osterman started us off with a happy buck for the Elk River Elks football team.  He is the voice of the Elks and the fun begins to night with their first football game of the season!
- Molly Hanson was happy to have a firm closing date of October 25th on their new home in Otsego!
- Robin Skinner was a couple happy bucks happy!  Her husband, Ben, convinced her to spend this coming weekend in a sail boat on Lake Superior!  He told her to bring a stocking cap and mittens!
- Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba was happy to be back at rotary after missing a few weeks.  She’s been super busy traveling around visiting very old relatives, 96 years old to 104 years old!
- Cal Portner was happy for 20 more years of Marilyn!
- Troy Adams was happy to announce that a crew from ERMU is going to Florida to assist with hurricane damage.  He was also happy to tell us that the Ringo Starr concert was awesome and he has now see all living Beatles!
- Stewart Wilson was happy to tell us that he went fishing with a friend he has been fishing with for 50 years and the caught their walleye limit!  Yum!
- Curt Hinkle had a brag buck and told us about a recent trip to England where he was able to buy a piece of the stage that the Beatles performed on!  Troy was jealous!
- Debbi Rydberg was happy that her daughter who is a teacher in Mexico is teaching 12th grade and will have some students that she taught in younger grades!  She was also happy to be attending the State Fair for Rotary Day on Friday!
- Bonnie Koste was happy that her office manager endured an accident with an umbrella at an event and was smacked very hard in the head.  She is going to be ok, but this was a reminder that life is precious and it can change at any time!
- Dirk Barrett had the last happy buck and he was happy to be traveling to Wisconsin to attend the Viking/Packer football game!
Our program today was to honor two new Paul Harris Fellows.  These were achieved on past president, Robin Skinner’s time, so she was a participant and called up Stewart Wilson to lead our celebration!  Stewart began by telling us that the Paul Harris Fellow award is the highest award given to a Rotarian.  Most Rotarians focus on doing and not receiving so this is quite an honor to receive this award!   Today, we honor two very deserving people who embrace the motto “Service Above Self”.  A $1,000 donation has been given by our club to the Rotary Foundation, in the honor of these two new PHF winners!  Today we honor an outstanding past Rotarian and member of our community, Curt Hinkle and we honor one of our Rotarians, Molly Hanson.   Stewart enlightened us with “who is Paul Harris”?  Paul Harris was born in 1868 and died in 1947.  He was quite a prankster in his younger days and was expelled from high school and was kicked out of the University of Vermont!  He moved to Des Moines, Iowa in 1881 where he received his law degree.  After receiving his degree, he didn’t do lawyer work, but dabbled in odd jobs - newspaper worker, cattle worker, etc.  In 1905 he had the idea of starting a social organization for business professionals and recruited three people.  They rotated meeting locations by moving from office to office.  A couple of years later, they completed their first project of building toilets in Chicago.   The first Rotary club was in Chicago and the second was in San Francisco, CA.  By 1910, there were 15 clubs and one was in Winnipeg Canada, sponsored by St. Paul Rotary.  This club made Rotary an international organization.  There are not 1.2 million Rotarians, 35,000 clubs across the world.  Rotary improves lives locally and nationally!  The greatest achievement was to eradicate polio.  This campaign was launched in 1988 and as of today, we are 99.9% eradicated. The Rotary Foundation is the most trusted and fiscally responsible non profit with 90% going straight to the Rotary Foundation.  Stewart hopes that each of us see fit to give donations.   With our donations, we move closer to world peace and understanding.   Stewart called up Brandon Hanson to introduce us to Curt Hinkle.  Brandon’s known Curt for quite some time and Curt is Brandon’s mentor.  Curt supports our community youth and is Service Above Self with the kids he has mentored for over 40 years.  He is a face of God to many.  Young Life has made a difference in many lives, because of Curt.  Brandon talked about Curt’s impact on him and on many others.  Curt formed relationships with ERHS and started the Walk With Me program at Ivan Sand School.  Adults volunteer to spend time with students as mentors. Curt was also active in STRIVE, both as a Rotarian and a non-Rotarian!  He has provided the best ice breakers at STRIVE!  Curt retired from Young Life, but he really didn’t retire as he consults and teaches still, about God.  He mentors others to do the same.  Brandon was proud to call up Curt Hinkle as a Paul Harris Fellow award recipient!   Next up was Cal Portner to present
to Rotarian Molly Hanson.   He was proud to present to Molly!  They got to know one another at the first ever Rotary happy hour!  They were the last two there and he believes, they got rides home!  Molly served as Cal’s president elect.  She is a very active Rotarian and even sent her daughter on an exchange student year!  Molly is a strong community member, leader of the local YMCA, active in Youth in Government program and has chaired STRIVE and will chair it again this coming year.  She works and lives in our community and works with people of all ages.  She has a lot of energy and a gift to connect with others and a quick responder!  At STRIVE recently, she had the courage to share “her story” with the group and she really impacted all of us, not just the students!  Cal is proud to call her “friend” and more proud to announce her as our newest Paul Harris Fellow!  Stewart Wilson thanked all of us for attending!  CONGRATULATIONS CURT HINKLE AND MOLLY HANSON!
President Bonnie Koste had us recite the 4 Way Test and we were dismissed.