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General Business, updates and great guest speakers.

Our Club Motto:

Serving Humanity 
Strengthening Youth 
Enhancing Lives


May 25th - Joel Brott - Ellen Schreder  - "Helping Haiti Work" - A Rotarian who works with an organization which provides microcredit loans for women in Haiti.
June 1st- TASTE of Elk River Wrap Up and Review
June 8th - Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba
June 22nd - Becky Wiefhoff
June 29th - Club Assemblly and Passing the Gavel from Cal Portner to Molly Hanson. Also welcome Sidney Hanson, 2016-17 Outbound Youth Exchange student. 
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May 18, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Attendance: 24 present, 17 absent = 41 members

John Osterman started us off with a prayer for a great Taste of Elk River and a song of Celebration by Cool and the Gang!

President Cal Portner shared his weekly quote at the beginning of the meeting, rather than the end.  It was a quote from Dolly Parton “without rain, you can’t have rainbows”!

We had a Student of the Month with us from ERHSRotarian Terry Bizal introduced us to Sydney Redepenning. Sydney introduced us to her parents, Ross and Tracy.  Terry led the interview with Sydney.  She has participated in cross country running, nordic skiing, track, National Honor Society a
nd has played the piano for 12 years!  Her proudest accomplishments are receiving all conference honorable mention in skiing, her freshman year and winning the MMTA (Minnesota Music Teachers Association) State Piano contest for the last three years!  Her favorite class is AP English, but she loves math.  She enjoys the AP English class because the teacher encourages them to think freely.  She is not sure of her future plans, but does plan on attending college after she graduates from high school.  When asked about her hero, she replied that her hero is her ski coach, Kirsten Anderson because she works very had at both teaching and coaching.  She is always there for her athletes and students and is always showing that she cares about them.  She has made a big impact in her life!  She shared a memorable experience about a Nordic ski trip to Grand Marias over a Christmas vacation.   She feels she is good with asking questions and asking for help because she gets good feed back.  She finds it is easier to ask ahead of time than to re-do work.   She has also helped raise money for juvenile diabetes.  This weekend, they are having a huge garage sale at their home and the proceeds go to juvenile diabetes.  She has a part time job at Varty’s Greenhouse in Elk River.  When asked who inspires her - Ed Sheeran was the answer!  She hopes to one day teach piano lessons and inspire her students!  President Cal presented Sydney with her Student of the Month certificate and a photo moment was had!

We sang a couple of awesome Happy Birthday songs to Debbi Rydberg and to Lynn Caswell!
President Cal announced that the strategic planning meeting was held Wednesday morning, May 17th and there was a great turnout to chat about the future of Elk River Rotary.  Thanks everyone who participated!

Image result for playing cardsThe card pulled to win was an ace of spades . . . no winner so the stash pile grows!


Tricia Downey, Taste of Elk River Chair, announced that we have electricity!  Things are coming together out at the fair grounds.  Fencing is up and bodies are needed to move around and cover tables.  The table skirts from previous years are M.I.A. so Tricia rigged up something for4 this year.   She sent around the volunteer sheet once more so everyone could look at their places and times.  Debbi Rydberg suggested that if you are in a work area and their are extra folks, please go find somewhere else that is in need of assistance.  It is muddy out there so wear yucky shoes!  Tricia let us know that Facebook shows that we have reached 6,000 people!   Leon Barthel reviewed the I.D. checking process with the group and stressed that everyone must be I.D. checked - even if they are 85!

Go - Fight - Win!
May 11, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Attendance:  26 present, 15 absent = 41 members
Visiting Rotarians: Bill Herring, recent past Rotarian in Forest Lake, recently moved to Otsego
(Bill is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow and will be back in a few weeks to visit with us again and maybe join our group!)
Tim Buck, Rogers Rotary President & Golf Tournament Chair
Tim Buck from the Rogers Rotary let us know about their upcoming golf tournament.  It will be held on June 13th at Fox Hollow Golf Course,  It is a Big Cup Tournament and begins at 12:30 p.m.  For further information, contact
Guest: Chris Pomerenke from Rivers of Hope  
Chris thanked us for our long time support as Rivers of Hope was started in 1989 by Elk River residents.
Happy Birthday to Jim Babcock and to Leon Barthel!  Leon had us play a guessing game to earn $10 additional to his song money.  We were 50/50 on the answers so he rewarded us with an additional $5!
Image result for announcements- Patty Carbajal gave a STRIVE update.  Last Tuesday was the last STRIVE meeting.  They did a STRIVE evaluation and received good feedback for some positive changes next year.  On Thursday, June 8th, the students and their parents will come and join us for a lunch graduation celebration!   Patty reported that there are about 15 students with perfect attendance who will be rewarded with $100 bills!
- Robin Skinner attended scholarship night and suggested that we invite the 3 students from Elk River and the 1 student from Spectrum to join us for a luncheon in June.  Bonnie Koste, program coordinator is going to get that scheduled.
- Brandon Hanson reported that he is selling raffle tickets for a trip to Disney World and other prizes.  It is a fund raiser for CAER and he would appreciate it if you would buy your tickets from him!
Image result for playing cards- The card game had a successful winner this week!  Patty Carbajal won half the pot and received $13!  The other $13 goes towards our Paul Harris Fellow awards.
Happy Bucks:
- Lynn Caswell was happy that his mother’s 95th birthday party went well and worked out well despite the stress from his wife, who was planning and worrying about the food!  He had an unhappy buck because his mother’s driver’s license doesn’t expire for another year!
- Curt Hinkle shared $5 bucks because next week, he will be official retired and his dissertation will be turned in, the following week, he will be defending the dissertation and the following week, it should be over and he will be retired, but a doctor!
- Terry Bizal was happy that Robin Skinner and Brandon Hanson were able to attend the awards night at ERHS and represent Elk River Rotary.  147 students received $101,000 in scholarships.
- Debbi Rydberg was happy to get an education last week - it was awesome!  She travelled from Sioux Falls to St. Paul!
Taste Team Updates:
Image result for rotary caps- Bruce Tyler led us in another round of team manager rivalry!  Silent Cal, well, he was silent!  Next was John Osterman, who was a bit worried about Silent Cal being silent!  John was leary to share, but told that three of his team players have over 30 ticket sales each!  Corey Wemple reported in next and he said that he was going to visit Bonnie for more tickets after Rotary today.  Dan Dixon was absent so no report!  Drug Czar Brandon Hanson thought that things were a bit unusually clean this season.  Things are a little subdued and he would like to see more activity this week!   Presale tickets are of most importance so get out there and sell, sell, sell!
Tricia Downey, Taste of Elk River Chair, led our meeting today.  She sent around the volunteer sign up sheet again.  If you don’t sign up, you will be assigned.  Things are going nicely.  We will be selling lanyards, raffles for the wall of wine and karaoke entries will all be $5. Be sure to bring some cash so you an participate in all of the fun events!   Plan to turn in your money to your team manger the following week after the Taste. Tricia thanked Chris from Rivers of Hope for coming to visit us today.  She called out to each of the committee chairs to share some information. Tove Lichty spoke about the Silent Auction. She and Corey Wemple are still accepting items.  They are currently at 25 items and last year were at 35 so hoping to gather a few more.  John Osterman let them know that he has a few items from the beverage vendors.  Amanda Othoudt reported in that the Sponsorships filled in nicely, despite the fact that we did not have Fairview this year at $5,000 level.  Food Vendor Chair, Bruce Tyler reported in 21 food vendors this year and Julie Fish had a list and read off their names. Debbi Rydberg is managing the entrance area and reported that the glasses are coming soon and will be washed and ready!  The fine folks from RE/MAX will be assisting us this year and will be handing out the glasses and the booklets.    Bonnie Koste stressed the importance of turning in your money to your mangers asap so she can get her work done to get us totals.  When handing in your money, please be sure to designate regular tickets vs. the Private Tasting Tent tickets.  Managers - if you can’t be at Rotary the week after the Taste, May 25, please assign someone from your team to take your place as manager to collect money from your players.  John Osterman has sponsored karaoke this year.  It will cost $5 to sing and your name will be entered into a drawing for prizes at the end of karaoke.  Marcus Elk River Theatre will be handing out popcorn in this area.  Tricia confirmed with Chris from Rivers of Hope, that they can be there at 6:45 for a check presentation and that works for her!  Dave Anderson and John Osterman have purchased the wall for the Wall of Wine!  This year, we will have bags donated by the Liquor Store to pack up the Wall of Wine winnings.  Winners must collect their prizes by 9 p.m.
Garbage duty is handled by Terry Bizal and he said “garbage is good” and asked that we all stay through the end to help with clean up!  Facilities master, Lynn Caswell told us that we have a couple of 40x80 tents this year.  Don Horvath, electricity master, conversed about where the electrical boxes are stored.  Finally, Tricia discussed dress code!  Black pants, white dress shirt under your black Taste of Elk River vest.  She has a box of them if you should need a size adjustment.
President Cal closed the meeting with “May all your consequences be happy ones!”  Debbi Rydberg figured it out - Truth or Consequences TV show.
May 4, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Attendance:     25 present and 16 absent = 41 members

Guest:  Mark Johnson, business partner of Brandon Hanson

Image result for announcements- Dan Dixon attended the District Conference with our inbound youth exchange student, Cassandra.  He attended Friday and enjoyed the parade of flags.  He reported in that they have really stepped the conference up and had great speakers.  He challenged each of us to get involved to change the world!
- The cards went around the room again and this week we had a winner!  Cal Portner won half the pot at $35.

Taste of Elk River:

- Bruce Tyler, Food Chair announced that we are currently at 18 food vendors and that two more are coming.  He thanked those who have assisted him!
- Tricia Downey, Taste of Elk River Chair sent around the volunteer sign up sheet.  Please sign up!  She stressed how important it is that we go on Facebook and “like” and “share” things.   She also asked that all committee chairs check their lists for supplies they may need and let her know.  Her biggest fear is that she may have forgotten something that she doesn’t know about.
- Corey Wemple spoke on behalf of the silent auction.  Please turn in your items to him at The Bank of Elk River.
- Bruce Tyler led our ticket sales and called on managers to report in.  Corey, Dan, John and Cal all reported in great sales!  Bruce reminded us that advanced ticket sales are key!
- Dave Anderson and John Osterman announced that they will be shopping for wine for the Wall of Wine this weekend.

Happy Bucks:

- Tricia Downey had $2 - her daughter was in a volleyball tournament and they took it all!  First out of 16 teams!  Her other happy buck was because she is going to the Oliver Kelley Farm Grand Opening this weekend!
- Lori Severson had a $20 happy buck!  She announced that her mentee from Ivan Sand School has graduated!  Congrats!  She also announced that she has switched real estate companies and is now employed by RE/MAX Results!
- Lynn Caswell was happy to be having many relatives come to town to help celebrate his mother’s 95th birthday!

Fines from the Floor:
- John Osterman was fined because his phone rang during our meeting.
- Cal Portner fined Robin Skinner for delivering the invite to the Boy Scout breakfast late.
- Brandon Hanson was fined for bringing the Culinary Team to Pizza Ranch instead of having them cook for us.
- Cal Portner fined anyone who was sitting in the same spot that they sat last week!  Wowza!  The dollars were flying!

Our program was arranged by Brandon Hanson.  He introduced us to the ERHS Culinary team.  He is very proud of their accomplishments. His daughter Kaylie is a member of this team and she has found her passion for cooking through this high school class.  Elk River High School Culinary Team is 7th in the Nation!  They recently won this by attending National in South Carolina.  Brandon introduced us to the teacher/coach Monique.  She thanked us for the invite.  Six students attended our meeting and each took a turn to introduce themselves and tell about the team.  Over the years, they have greatly improved their skills.  They participated at the State Competition at the Sysco Plant in St. Paul.  They have to create a detailed book including all ingredients and costs, recipes, final menus and more!  They made an entree, appetizer and dessert.   They won 4th in State which advanced them to Nationals.  The Culinary program started in 2009 and they have been to Nationals five times!  They had great success at Nationals this year, coming in 7th out of 50!  They have traveled to top notch restaurants in Minneapolis and worked with mentor chefs from all around.  In February they travel to Brainerd for a friendly competition.  This helps them meet restaurant owners and chefs and creates team bonding.  Most importantly to connect with others and form friendships, not just to win.  They practice after school and on Sunday mornings at 7 a.m.for a few hours.  They have to work hard and keep up on their school work because they miss school for events, such as Rotary!   We recently sent them a donation of $700 to help with expenses of going to Nationals.  Monique thanked us for that.  They have success for four years in a row!  Every year is different.  Monique said “These kids here are the best of the best!”  This group also runs the Hallway Cafe at ERHS.  All six students with us today, are seniors and they shared their future plans with us.  They are a crew of leaders!

Cal Portner ended with this sign off:  May the 4th, be with you!
April 27, 2017 - Regular Meeting

Attendance:  20 present, 21 absent = 41 members

Guests: Joni Astrup, Elk River Star News
                Brett Weber, Weber Interiors

John Osterman led us in song and Troy Adams led us in prayer . . . a fine from the floor prayer!

Lynn Caswell had some research to share with us.  It was information found on the internet about Ole and church, so you know it must be true info!

Taste of Elk River Update:

- Julie Fish announced that she has the sign up sheet for the name tags if you should need one.  She will be ordering soon.
- Bruce Tyler led the teams in manager updates.  Corey Wemple went first, telling that his teammates are asking for more tickets.  John Osterman went next and it was reported that he picked up 60 regular and 20 more private tasting room tickets from our ticket queen - Bonnie Koste.  Cal Portner was next and his team is line a horse race.  Additional tickets are going out to a couple of star players.  Dan Dixon was not present to give an update.  Bruce reminded us that advance sales are key!
- Tricia Downey, Taste Chair reported that she attended the recent chamber of commerce seminar about Facebook.  She asked us to please go to the Taste of Elk River Facebook site, find the event and like it and share it.  Last week she asked us to like all things and share them on Facebook.  She passed out a few treats to those who listened to her request!  She sent around the volunteer sign up sheet today and pointed out a couple of changes to the sign up.  She shared something exciting and new!  Lynn Caswell and Julie Fish are designing an Instagram sign to be used at the Taste!   Karaoke is also coming back, compliments of John Osterman, who is the sponsor of the event and also the event coordinator!  Way to go John!
- Brandon Hanson, our Drug Czar announced that he should have, but didn’t!
- Corey Wemple is working on the Silent Auction with Tove Lichty.  There were handouts on the tables listing many unique and awesome ideas for silent auction gifts.
- Bob Maxwell announced that he is about ready to send out his email blast!  Watch the ticket sales soar!

Happy Hour Update:
Last week, Bonnie Koste arranged for our happy hour to be held at Boondox!  There were 8-10 in attendance and a very fun time was held!

Card Game:

Image result for playing cards
The card game was a hold out again this week with no one winning the treasure pot! The pot thickens . . .
Bruce Tyler suggested that if a person doesn’t buy their card before the meeting starts, as they should, that when the bucket is passed around for them to purchase, they should have to pay $2 for their card.   Stay tuned . . .

Happy Bucks:
- Le
on Barthel was happy that his daughter and granddaughter from Canada are coming today for a visit.
- Leon Barthel also had a Fine from the Floor for $5 to Troy Adams for mixing advertising with prayer!
- Brandon Hanson had a happy buck for the Elk River Culinary team who are on a flight to nationals!
- Tricia Downey was happy to have made it to the gas station while taking her daughter to school and driving on empty!
- Troy Adams was $5 happy to say “good luck in the draft Packers”!
- Nicole Rasmussen was happy to announce that she ran the Earth Day Half Marathon and improved her time by 2.5 minutes!  She was also happy to have had time to spend the weekend at her camper.
- Molly Hanson was happy to be going to Palm Springs to visit a friend.  She also announced that Sportech/ERX is sponsoring a Feed My Starving Children event on May 8/9.  Stay tuned for further information.
- Cal Portner was happy to be going to Winona where his son is in the honors program.  He graduates May 13th!

 Our program today was arranged by Troy Adams.  He introduced us to his wife, Sara Sara grew up in Fletcher, attended Rogers Elementary and Elk River High School. She came today, to tell us about her journey to having her first book published.  Her book is a young adult based novel.  That doesn’t mean it is written necessarily for young adults, but it is about young adults and is a great read for young to old!  It is a contemporary romance.  It also addresses the grief of the young people and their relationship.  She started writing it in July 2011.  Writing about grief, is not easy.  Her book is dedicate to a high school friend who passed away.  Her raw emotion comes from her experiences.  It took a year and a half to get the first draft.  Prior to this book, she tried for an agent and was unsuccessful.  It took her about six months to find an agent.  They got going and the agent quit the business!  It then took her about 3 more months to find a new agent and that has worked out to be the best thing!  He is funny and they get along great.  For 15 months, they submitted to publishing houses and finally found one that was interested.  The contract was signed in May 2015 and the book “The Last Thing You Said” came out April 4, 2017.  It’s been great and the reception to
her book has been better than she expected.  She is happy with the turn out.  The next book (or 3) are written!  Troy stated that he was very proud of Sara and how she handled and has overcome many obstacles and still sticks to her dream!  Her book takes place in Minnesota in the Brainerd lakes area.  She shared her cover design and told us how the author normally has no say on the cover design, but that she was able to adjust a few things.   Sara is a past STMA rotarian.  Her book, “The Last Thing You Said” can be purchase at Target online, Amazon and Barns and Noble stores.

President Cal stumped us this week with his close.  “Glad we could get together” - nightly sign off of newscaster, John Cameron Swayze for NBC network in the 1950s.
April 20, 2017 - Regular Meeting 
Attendance:  21 present, 21 absent

Guest:  Kevin Bargstrom, manager/broker at Edine Realty of Elk River, guest of Alan Sakry

President Cal Portner ran our meeting.  He announced that he only has 10 weeks left to lead us!

He told of the card game that was started last week and sent the box around for those who wanted to purchase a card.
At the end of the meeting, Cal had speaker, Connor Armstrong pick a card and there was not a winning match so the pot grows!

Image result for announcementsAnnouncements:
- The Strategic Planning meeting has been sent for May 17th from 7:30 - 9 a.m. at Elk River City Hall.  Please RSVP to Cal.
- Bonnie Koste announced that we will have a Rotary Happy Hour today, starting at 4:30 p.m. at Boondox in Otsego.

Taste of Elk River:
- Julie Fish sent around a sign up sheet for those who may need a name tag that holds the Rotary pin for their Taste of Elk River vests.
- Tricia Downey told of a couple bumps int he road, but things are smoothing over.  Sign permits have been expedited at the City of Elk River and Tricia wanted to point out how helpful and kind the City employees were.
- Facebook:  Tricia would like to see more likes and shares on our Taste of Elk River Facebook page.  If you haven’t “liked” the page yet, please go do so.
- We should be each be prepared to wear our vests, name tags, white shirt under the vests and black pants for the big event!
- Bruce led us in team updates.  John Osterman talked about the fact that if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying and announced that amazingly, Terry Bizal has sold 18 tickets so far!  Cal Portner announced that his team, The Black Sox, are off to a good start and had I.O.U. tickets sold before they were in hand.  He his hoping his team goes from worst to first this season!
- John Osterman, beverage chair announced that beverage vendors are coming along nicely with 22 committed.  He told of some of the vendors coming and that there will be four tables of non-alcoholic beverages this year!  Awesome!
- Brandon Hanson, Drug Czar, has his ear to the air and his nose to the ground, which is sometimes a gift!  He picked on Lynn Caswell who earlier, spoke about having a personal trainer and “beefing up” for his gorilla plan.  The Drug Czar found this suspicious!

Happy Bucks:

- Bonnie Koste was $6 happy!  She survived a trip to Orlando with three teenagers!
- Lynn Caswell was happy because he met with his personal trainer last night for the first time and he could still walk when he was done. However, not so good today!
- Troy Adams was happy because he successfully got his two kids on the bus this morning!
- Bruce Tyler said getting Food Vendors was youth!  They are working hard and gave thanks to Debbi Rydberg for doing it all these years and making it look so easy.  It is not easy!
- Debbi Rydberg will be happy when the rain stops!
- Bob Maxwell was happy to have been in communications with past Rotarian, Paul Motin re: hockey!


In the absence of Corey Wemple, Troy Adams introduced us to our guests.  Dennis Alexander and Connor Armstrong from Troop 111.  They came to talk to us about the upcoming adventure to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.  Dennis is an adult scout leader.  He has a 19 year old eagle scout and a 13 year old who is working towards his eagle scout.  Connor Armstrong is an eagle scout and his project was to work on the Handke Stadium.  Their trip to Philmont Scout Camp in New Mexico is a high adventure outing.  Connor is the crew leader.  There are four youth crew members and two adult crew members.  By vehicle, they will travel 1,104 miles to Philmont.  Philmont and boy scouts have worked together for decades.  Wade Phillips from the oil company, owned and donated the acreage for this camp.  Scouts maintain it and it came with a horse and a camel that were there to live out their lives.  It is ran as an active ranch and 25,000 scouts go through camp each year.  It is 223 square miles in the mountains, up about 6500 feet.  There are 35 different trails to encounter.  By day 4, they are at 12,500 feet and work their way down.  They travel 69 miles in 12 days!  There are a lot of fun activities along the way.  This adventure includes a 3 day drive, 12 days at camp and a 2 day return.  They have been training and do practices at Woodland Trails, the Sand Dunes and also have a couple of “shake downs” over a couple of weekends.  They use the equipment that they will use at Philmont so they will be familiar with things.  Connor will attend as a crew member, due to the fact that he is 18 years old and has his eagle scout.  They handed out a brochure with pricing information and notes about their equipment.

Cal’s closing statement:  “Go Home!”   No one figured it out!  It was closing words of the multi-talented British actress Tracey Ullman on the comedy variety show The Tracey Ullman Show on Fox from 1987-90.

April 13, 2017 - Regular Meeting 
Attendance was Excellent again this week with 25 present, 17 absent = 42 members

Cal Portner, Club President, led our meeting today.

Guests: PJ Fanberg with Fanberg Auctions, guest of Tove Lichty (prospective member)
                Hailey Rasmussen, beautiful daughter of Rotarian Nicole Rasmussen

Birthday Boy, Curt “Tinkle” Hinkle was with us today so we sang a wonderful Happy Birthday song to him!

Image result for announcements- Membership Committee Chair, Troy Adams took a couple of minutes to explain to the club, the details of a new card game that we will be playing.  The funds raised, will go towards Paul Harris Fellow Awards.   Today, the winner was Corey Wemple who won $15!

- Cal Portner reminded us to get our registrations in for the District Conference.

- Taste of Elk River

- Team updates were led by the one and amazing, Bruce “Buck” Tyler!  The team managers, Dan Dixon, John Osterman, Cal Portner and Corey Wemple each took their turn at giving mostly B.S. updates!
- Bruce emphasized that we get our pre-sale tickets sold!  When you are sold out, ask your team manager for more!
- Drug Czar, Brandon “Hunk” Hanson picked on Corey Wemple because of his tan and gave Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba, the “eye”!
- Julie Fish took a moment to thank Amanda Othoudt for the fabulous job she and her team did in getting Sponsorships. She then read off the list of Sponsors and asked each of us to be sure to thank and patronize each of them.
- Tricia Downey, Taste Chair 2017, asked if anyone would like a button to help sell their tickets.  Julie Fish will get a dozen made for next week.
- Tove Lichty reminded us to gather our Silent Auction items and get them to her.  She told us that she went to a business recently and asked them if they would give a donation for the Silent Auction and she received an immediate “yes”!  She suggested that we each give a couple of personal asks.

Happy Bucks:

- Julie Fish was $5 happy!  She was happy for Bruce “Buck” Tyler’s baseball enthusiasm, happy to see PJ Fanberg here as he is her much younger cousin and happy to have had the pleasure to have bumped into Elk River Rotary’s first female Rotarian - Rin Rich Rin says hello to those who are still here and knew her!
- Nicole Rasmussen was happy to have her daughter Hailey with us for lunch today.  She was also happy to have celebrated her 14th wedding anniversary yesterday with dinner last night!
- Troy Adams was happy because on 4/4/17, his wife’s book came out and for the opening party in Minneapolis, Troy’s band got to play!
- Lynn Caswell was happy that his computer server came back to life!
- John Osterman was happy to share that his neighbors celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary and John and his wife Lynn helped them celebrate with a bottle of champagne!
- Debbi Rydberg was happy that last Friday night her husband celebrated a round birthday number  . . . 60!
- Corey Wemple was $5 happy - one dollar for each day spent in Jamaica!
- Brandon Hanson was happy to have his business signs up at the new office location!
- Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba was happy because Dan Dixon sent three ladies down to spy at the Bee Hive in Excelsior!  The three liked it so much that they are now going to work for Marilyn!  Lol!
- Dan Dixon had to pay a happy buck and paid a compliment to Bee Hive Homes in Excelsior!
- Alan Sakry had a happy buck for Diane and Jordan going to Dallas next week!
- Robin Skinner was $8 happy because she took third place in the NCAA tournament bracket at work!  Leon Barthel asked if she had to report it on her income!?

Our program today was facilitated by one of our past presidents, Amanda Larson.  In 2011, our Rotary Club hired someone from District to come and lead us in a planning session.   In 2013, when Amanda was president, she led us on a revisit of that planning session, that was held at Guardian Angels.  We had a fabulous turnout with about 25 Rotarians participating.  This year, about a month ago, a session was held and only 5 or 6 Rotarians attended.  Those that met, came up with four main objectives.  Youth/International/Community Enhancement/Membership/Increase & Sustain Club Fundraising.  Amanda went through each category briefly and told us that from her experience at the District level, we are a very solid, mid-sized club.  Amanda asked us to step up to the large white sheets at the front of the room, and add our ideas either via post it note, or to write on the sheets.   She will gather and compile the information and we will have a follow up meeting.  She hopes that we can have 25 Rotarians in attendance at this meeting.   Today was a brainstorming session, not a decision making time.  Please stay tuned for the future date and plan to attend.

President Cal’s closing comment was:  “Remember, I’m pulling for ya - we’re all in this together” by Red Green
Attendance: 27 present, 15 absent = 42 members Awesome attendance!
Guests: District Governor Jim Hunt, White Bear Lake Rotarian
Skylar, Drew, Grace and Jackson - 6th Grade Students from Spectrum School
Cassandra Lovric, Youth Exchange Student from Germany
Yazdan Backhsh - visitor who had been to our meeting in the past and thought he’d stop by
We sang a couple of birthday songs to Dave Anderson and Molly Hanson!
- STRIVE was held last Tuesday and Cal Portner Image result for announcementsfinished part 2 of the color/personality test.  The students really enjoyed it and it is a worthwhile session.
Students are required to make up missed meetings to get in on the $100 perfect attendance awards.   There is one more session in May and then in June they will join us for lunch and graduate.
- Membership Committee met this week and there were eight in attendance!  Discussions were had about meals/dues, having an Elk River Rotary table at the Taste of Elk River so we can toot our own horn!   Brandon Hanson offered to head up this table.   We also talked about intentional follow up with guests who might be prospective members and about rolling out a new game next week.   Please bring $1 to each meeting if you would like to play!
- Youth Exchange Cassandra was with us today and brought in the cookie dough that Rotarians ordered.  She is now participating in Track at ERHS.  Tuesday was her first race and she ran the 800. That is two times around the track!  Next Wednesday she will run the mile and the 400.  When asked if we should come and watch her and cheer her on, she answered with a smile - “please don’t come”!  She is enjoying her host family and they will be traveling to Oklahoma next week for spring break.
- District Conference  Our District Governor, Jim Hunt visited with us today to encourage each of us to attend all or part of the upcoming District Conference.  It will be held Thurs - Saturday, April 27-29 at the Holiday Inn East, 2201 Burns Avenue, St. Paul.  He pointed out a Friday 11:45 a.m. session featuring David LaMote, author of “Worldchanging 101: Challenging the Myth of Powerlessness”. Saturday at the 8:30 is a speaker named Neema  Namadamu.    Neema was crippled from polio and is the first woman with disability from her ethnic group to earn a university degree.  She served in Parliament for South Kivu province, and Chief Advisor to Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC’s Minister of Gender and Family.  She is the face for representing Women’s Transformation Leadership in Africa.  She will also be speaking May 1st at the Roseville Rotary at noon.  If you will attend, please sign up at  The cost is $10 for the speaker only or $20 for speaker and lunch.   Jim also pointed out that Cassie will be there participating in the youth exchange parade of flags, Friday night at dinner.
- Taste of Elk River
- Tove Lichty handed out a copy of the letter/form request sent to Chamber members asking for donations for our Silent Auction.  She asked each of us to take one or more and give them to our business associates that might be able to help out with items.
- Patty Carbajal announced that the flyers in many sizes, are located at the front table.  Please take them and post them in the places that you have signed up for or if you know of a great place to put one.  There are also “Tickets Available Here” signs for each Rotarian to take to hang at their place of business.
- Dave Anderson is still trying to collect $20 from a few Rotarians to be used for purchasing the wine for the Wall of Wine.  Please help Dave out and get your $20 to him so he doesn’t have to ask repeatedly.
- Bruce Tyler led the us in our team announcements.  Image result for rotary capsHe explained the baseball team theme and some of the other quirks in the game, such as PED’s and that we have a drug czar to keep everyone clean!  Lol!  The teams are:   Black Sox, team captain Cal Portner, drafted members  Cathy McManus, Don Horvath, Bruce Tyler, Bob Maxwell, Dirk Barrett, Debbi Rydberg, Tim Dolan, Mark Leland, Nicole Rasmussen, Julie Fish and Rob Rydberg.  Next was Double D Gamers, team captain Dan Dixon, drafted members Lynn Caswell, Stewart Wilson, Alan Sakry, Dave Anderson, Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba, Mary Eberley, Dan Weber, Curt Hinkle, Amanda Larson, Nick Zerwas, Keith Hempel and Sandi Yeado.  Sandlot Sluggers, team captain Corey Wemple, drafted members Bonnie Koste, Dan DeBruyn, Brandon Hanson, Troy Adams, Tricia Downey, Pete Reiner, Jim Babcock, Josh Anderson, Glen Ertel, Joel Brott and Annie Decker.  The Drug Czar, Brandon Hanson interrupted the announcements to say that in the past, he has been a proud member of the Fighting Burbotts and is now a Sandlot Slugger and he was not too happy about it.  He said that symptoms of PED’s are a deep voice,  and long curly hair and the Burbotts are suspect already!  The final team was then announced.  Fighting Burbott, team captain John Osterman, drafted members Patty Carbajal, Robin Skinner, Leon Barthel, Becky Wiehoff, Amanda Othoudt, Molly Hanson, Tove Lichty, Terry Bizal, David Vinje, Lori Severson, John Holthaus and Rob McDonald.
- Bonnie Koste, “Ticket Master” announced that everyone will be receiving 10 regular tickets and 2 private tasting tent tickets.  Everyone is expected to sell or pay for their 10 tickets.   All money should be turned into your Team Captain and your Team Captain can get more tickets for you to sell at any time.   Only the Team Captains can turn things in to Bonnie.  No exceptions.
Our program today was arranged by Mark Leland.  He bought four students from the 6th grade program.  He shared a short video re: their 6th grade program.  Their building hosts only 6th grade students.   The students are encouraged to attend and participate in activities at the high school.  They do “service learning” to teach and to give to others to make a difference in the world.  The robotics program is a hot commodity!  Their AVID program is used with every 6th grade student.  It helps them turn in assignments on time and be more organized.  Everyone in the school is friends and everyone there made the choice to be there.  Spectrum is a charter, public school which is tuition free and a college prep school.  It is operated independently.  The 6th grade classes have service learning programs, small classes at about 18 students to 1 teacher.  They have a unique environment and offer a great transitional space.  Their Vision Statement is:  The Vision of Spectrum High School is to be a leader in fostering academic and personal excellence through programs emphasizing high academic standards in a small-school setting.  Their Mission Statement is:  The mission of Spectrum High School is to encourage students in attaining their maximum potential through a 3 dimensional strategy emphasizing:  College preparatory curriculum, a technology integrated environment and community-based outreach.  Mark shared a powerpoint filled with information about Spectrum.  He highlighted their schedule, WIN program, AVID program, a bit about their technology and their requirements for their service projects.  He introduced us to the four students he brought and gave them a chance to speak.  Drew went first and he enjoys the WIN class, Spanish and especially enjoys robotics as it helps him do programming for a future job.  Drew also enjoys the service learning jobs and recently went on a field trip to a military memorial.  Skylar also enjoys her service learning program as she helps to read books to younger children at the Handke Center.  She also likes AVID as it helps her learn how she learns. She likes the different curriculums and the challenges of Math 1, 2, 3.  Jackson also enjoys the AVID program and thinks it is cool and unique and helps keep them organized and on track.  For his service learning program, he has helped the homeless and hungry.  He was in a competition with other AVID students and raised money for the homeless.  He loves physical education every day and says “its’ awesome”!   Grace was last and she enjoys the “Focus” program which is held every day for 7 minutes to encourage the students to rest and relax.  She also enjoys the service learning program and the WIN courses add fun to the school day.   Mark thanked the students for sitting through our lengthy meeting for their patience and good behaviors.  The 6th grade classes at Spectrum do not have a waiting list at this time.  The higher level classes have a wait list.  Currently there are about 125 students in the 6th grade class.  Students at Spectrum come from many surrounding towns.
President Cal Portner ended our meeting with a quote Image result for who said that“Goodnight to all you boys and girls” by Milton Berle, dating back to 1949.
Regular Meeting - March 30, 2017
Attendance:     26 present, 16 absent = 42 members

Guests: Sophie and Nick were in attendance with Grandpa Glen Ertel
               Teresa Lentz, visitor, checking out our club

Cal Portner, our club president, led our meeting today.  John Osterman led us in a speedy song and Julie Fish said the prayer.


Image result for announcements- Debbi Rydberg announced that today is the last day to make a grocery donation to CAER to participate in our food fight with the Elk River Lions.   The Lions brought in 198 lbs. of food and $174.25 in monetary donation for a total of $372.25 and the Rotary brought in 164 lbs. and $164 in monetary donation for a total of $328.00.   We lost by $44.25!
- Membership Committee Meeting - Wednesday, April 5th at 7:30 a.m. at Olde Main Eatery.
- The next STRIVE will be held on Tuesday, April 4th at 8:25 a.m.
Mark your calendars - THURSDAY, APRIL 20th, HAPPY HOUR AT BOONDOX!
- Today was Julie Fish’s birthday!  She brought cupcakes for all and paid $20 to have everyone sing to her as loud as possible!
- Bob Maxwell shared a Handke Hanke!   A memory blast from the past!  We sold them to raise funds while refurbishing the Handke Stadium in beautiful downtown Elk River!

Taste of Elk River

- Reminder to turn in your $20 to Dave Anderson for the Wall of Wine!
- Tricia Downey, chair, reports in that things are falling into place.  All permits are going, tents are getting lined up, food and beverage vendors are coming in.  She asked for a show of hands for those who are sponsoring the Taste of Elk River.  Those who raised their hands received candy!  Many more questions and candy was flying all over the place!  Fun!
- Dan Weber announced that the Silent Auction item request letters will be going out via email by Friday.  You may also donate funds and the Silent Auction folks will go and purchase items for the auction.

Happy Bucks:

- Curt Hinkle had happy bucks for the circle of life!  His mom has congestive heart issues and is now residing in the Guardian Angels Care Center.  His happy news was that his youngest daughter has adopted a 20 year old daughter, making it a total of 19 grandchildren for Curt!  Congrats!
- Corey Wemple was happy to inform those who were thinking about getting a puppy, to not to get a puppy!  The kids won and it was a bad choice to get a puppy.  It is like a job without pay!  He had a true happy buck because he will be modeling for the United Way Fashion Show tomorrow and so is Nicole Rasmussen.
- Troy Adams was happy because his wife purchased tickets to the Gary Clark Jr. concert at The Palace in St. Paul!
- Dan Weber was happy that Sherburne County is growing fast and that the Twins opener is next Monday.
- Molly Hanson was happy to have been in the Florida Keys and was very happy for the ERHS Girls Basketball team!
- Bruce Tyler was happy that Tricia Downey is the chair for the Taste of Elk River!
- Bonnie Koste was nervous, but happy that her 15 year old daughter now has her driving permit!
- Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba was sick with a sinus infection last week and after 3 hours in urgent care and a z-pack, she is feeling much better!
- Julie Fish was sad that it has been 8 years since the passing of Rotarian Les Anderson, but had a happy buck in honor of all the funds raised by Les for Polio Plus!

Fines from the Floor:
- President Cal Portner fined the following for not wearing their badges:  Nicole Rasmussen, Alan Sakry, Lynn Caswell, Robin Skinner  (had 2 tags) and Pete Reiner.

President Cal passed out ballots for our voting pleasures!  We voted in out upcoming board of directors.

Molly and Robin spoke a bit about attending PETS in Iowa.  Both said it was interesting, but not what they expected.  Robin stated “Molly drives fast!” Lol!  Molly said that we have not touched all that we can do.  She is hoping to have a short board retreat in the near future.  They both got a much better understanding of Polio Plus.  Molly would like to see us have a speaker come out and tell us more about Polio Plus.  There were only 3 cases of polio this year, but if we don’t continue to immunize for it, there would be 200,000 cases again by 2020.  We have to stick with it to finish the job.  They received a lot of ideas!  Troy Adams asked if they could get more information on international projects.    Robin was one of two president-elects in attendance.  She is hoping to find more information on how to run effective meetings and retain membership.

President Cal let us know that the District Convention will be held April 27-29 and that everyone is welcome to attend.  Next week, our District Governor, Jim Hunt, will be here to talk to us about the convention.  It will be held at the Holiday Inn East in St Paul.  You can pick sessions to attend if you can’t attend all of it.  Rotary is filled with a very broad spectrum of people and this is a unique concept of people helping people all around the world.

Cal reminded us to check out and to check in with our password.  There is a ton of information on the web page.  He also reminded us that we can donate through that page.  Every Rotarian - Every Year!

President Cal’s close was “we’ll see you tomorrow night” by announcer Jack Buck, October 26, 1991.
March 23, 2017 - Regular Meeting
Attendance:  20 present, 22 absent = 42 members
President Cal Portner welcomed everyone to the first meeting of spring!
Image result for announcementsAnnouncements:
Taste of Elk River
- Bruce Tyler announced that he has found two new managers.  They are Corey Wemple and Cal Portner.  The draft will be held on Thursday, March 30th at 11 a.m.
- Patty Carbajal passed around a couple of sign up sheets.  One was to sign up to go to neighboring Rotary clubs and sell Taste of Elk River tickets and the other sign up was to sign up to put up posters/flyers and different locations.   Posters, flyers and tickets will be ready on Thursday, April 6th.
- Amanda Othoudt, Sponsor Chair, announced that we have 18 sponsors to date with a total of $21,750 in sponsorship dollars!  Way to go!
- Tricia Downey, chair of the Taste of Elk River, asked those who participate on Facebook, to go find the Taste of Elk River and the Rotary Facebook sites and invite your friends to like the pages.  Troy Adams suggested that both pages make an event of the Taste of Elk River.
Membership Committe
- Troy Adams announced that there will be a Membership Committee meeting on Wednesday, April 5th at 7:30 a.m. at the Olde Main Eatery in beautiful downtown Elk River.  All Rotarians are welcome to attend!
Rotary Baseball CapsImage result for rotary caps
- Lynn Caswell will be ordering a dozen baseball hats.  When he has them, we can buy them from him!
Board of Directors Slate
- Next week, we will do our official vote for the upcoming board of directors slate.
Board of Directors Meeting
- Next week we will have our monthly board of directors meeting, following our regular meeting.
Food Fight for CAER
- Tricia Downey and Debbi Rydberg spoke about our food fight against the Elk River Lions club.  It is happening NOW and next week will be the last chance to bring groceries to donate to CAER.  Items that they are in need of are: spices, coffee (up to 3 lb. containers), canned meats, such as tuna, chicken, spam; salad dressings-especially ranch and mayonnaise; personal care items - toilet paper, shampoo, baby wipes.  Other items are welcomed as well.  After collecting, the food will be weighed and Rotary will write a check for $1 per pound.   We will win by having the most pounds/dollars raised!  Shop heavy!
Youth Exchange
- Dan Dixon informed us that we have received the resume and photo of our inbound student for the 2017-18 school year.  Her name is Sara and she is coming to us from Denmark!  Dan passed around her resume.  We are in need of securing our first host family in an ASAP fashion to we can continue paperwork for our student.  
Happy Bucks:
- Bruce Tyler was proud to announce that he is a first time grandfather to a grandson named Cormack on Monday, March 20th!
- Bruce Tyler also shared something with us that he read on the internet, so it must be true.  He said that there are 6 types of people.  There is the one who cares about themselves and the 5 other types!  Lol!
- Dan Dixon was happy that the Guardian Angels Gala did well!  They may have broken a record for funds raised.  They are going to purchase a second bus and recliners for the transitional care center.  He thanked all who came to represent Rotary and attend the 15th annual gala.  He estimated that there were about 400 people in attendance.
- Troy Adams, was sorry he missed the gala, but had a great evening helping his wife celebrate her birthday.  He attended a Jayhawks concert, which is a country music venue and not really his type of music.  He said he earned huge husband credit but he did it all for LOVE!
- Debbi Rydberg was happy to be celebrating her 3 and 7 year old grandson's birthdays!
- John Osterman was happy about the Elk River Girls Basketball team winning the State Tourney!  Way to go!
- Lynn Caswell was happy to be celebrating a birthday bash on Sunday for 3 grandsons!
- Lori Severson arranged our program today, but unfortunately, her program was a no show.  She was hoping to introduce us to her mentee from Ivan Sand School, but for some reason unknown, she was a no show.  Lori asked that we pray for her student who struggles with some issues.  She is on track to graduate this year but currently has challenges with transportation and a place to live.   Lori had Plan B.  She brought her iPad mini player and wanted to play a video for us by Simon Sinek, titled “Millennials in the Workplace”.  Unfortunately, the sound was not loud enough for the room.  This struck up a conversation with the group and their experiences with millennials.  It was a positive conversation!
Lori sent the link to President Cal and he emailed it to everyone on the member list.  Here is the link:
Cal’s closing comment was “down goes Frazier” and someone guessed it - Howard Cosell.