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03/02/2023 Bonnie Koste - REEL Hope Project - Kaycee Stanley 

03/09/2023 Molly Hanson

03/16/2023 Tove Lichty

03/23/2023 - Bob Maxwell - Rescheduled Meeting at Rockwoods

03/30/3023 - Dr. Laura Mullennex

04/06/2023 - John Osterman

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Serving Humanity 
Strengthening Youth 
Enhancing Lives

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Inspiring leaders with passion to serve humanity; strengthening youth for tomorrow's leadership and enhancing lives in our world.

imageThursday, February 16, 2023 
Today, President Theresa Slominski led our meeting.  John Osterman led our song and Mark Kuyava led our super solid prayer . . . best ever!
Julie Fish, Mark Kuyava, Tove Lichty, Cal Portner, Debbi Rydberg, Kat Sarff, Theresa Slominski, Marv Sorvala, honorary Dave Anderson, Bob Maxwell, John Osterman and Bruce Tyler
Today our program was arranged by Mark Kuyava.  He introduced us to Ken Beaudry, owner of Beaudry Oil & Propane, Beaudry Express and more!  Ken is the CEO.  He and his wife, Kari, founded their company in 1981, 41 years ago!  They have 4 children and 7 grandchildren and more to come!   Beaudry Oil & Propane is a diesel, gas, heating oil and propane distribution throughout Minnesota.  They do refilling of tanks and are a metro supplier.  They also supply lubricants for shops/garages.  They are trying to build a lubrication spot in Elk River.  They are a residential propane supplier.  They have 116 employees at this time, that serve 18,000 plus customers.  They service a lot of lake homes around Detroit Lakes and Bemidji.  They are the largest heating oil supplier in Minnesota.  14 months ago, they did an acquisition of a company in Stillwater.  Ken went on to speak to us about the culture of his business as theirs is unique.  In 1982, he and his wife realized that they needed more than to own a business and attend church weekly.  They needed God in their daily lives.  Together, they invited the Lord into their lives.  As they grew in the Lord, they were sensing that God was speaking to them.  In 1992, Ken heard God say that He wanted Ken’s business.  Ken and Kari gave the business to the Lord to see what would happen.  Ken liked control, and giving his business to the Lord, meant giving up control. God called him to the business and wants to walk with him.  In the late 90’s Ken said – he caught on!  Now, how does he run his business?  It started with a culture of honor and focused on the people around him, who honor and respect others.  The culture of Honor is huge!  People are very important to him and his business.  Ken shares with each staff member, how valuable each one is.  Their company received a lot of compliments from clients about the people they employ.  His staff members are servant leaders.  Ken asks his managers how he can help along side staff and noted that he, never has received a complimentary note!  Those are for staff!  He and his wife and family thought about changing the name, but staff encouraged them to keep it the same.  Ken’s family sets the culture in the business.  Ken shared a few books with us.  One was called The Business of Honor.  Ken wants to hire people who love what they do and are great to get along with.  There is a no swearing rule in the company and you are only given one very firm warning!  Culture in the company is different than other places and there is a lot of effort in hiring someone.   Another book Ken shared was called the Fred Factor by Mark Sandborn.  He gave out the books to Mark Kuyava and to John Osterman and asked them to pass them around the group for all who are interested to read.  Everyone is important!  You need a great team and network.  Customers will pick up on your kindness shown.  Bruce “Buck” Tyler shared a story about a great experience with Beaudry Oil staffCal Portner shared a story about his dad being a distributor for many years.  Ken and his company, also care about the Elk River community and are always giving back in many ways!  President Theresa Slominski thanked Ken for speaking to us today and said that he is truly a rotarian at heart!
-February is Rotary’s Share the Love month and funds are being raised!, the hit the Donate button.  This month, if you give $100 or more, your points will be matched.  if you give $365, you will receive 1000 points, which is enough for a Paul Harris Fellow recognition.  If you give $1000, you will receive 2000 additional points and would be eligible for three Paul Harris Fellow recognitions.  Thank you for your gift!
-President Theresa informed us that we will NOT be staying at Broadway Bar & Pizza for our future meetings, but it has not been determined yet, as to where we will go.  Stay tuned!
- NEXT WEEK – we are meeting on Thursday, February 23rd at Rockwoods in Otsego!  President Theresa will not be in attendance and Past President Tove Lichty will lead our meeting!
Happy Birthday song was sung to Kat Sarff!
image-Card Draw was a 5 of clubs and there was not a winner!
Happy Bucks!
-Theresa Slominski was happy to be going to AZ for a vacation with her mom and siblings!
-Cal Portner was happy to be going to Happy Valley for a Penn State vs. MN Gophers hockey event with his son!
-Marv Sorvala was happy to be late to the gym in Monticello this morning because right before he got there, a person with a health issue, drove through the front door entrance!
-Debbi Rydberg was happy for the Kansas City Chiefs superbowl victory!
-Kat Sarff was happy for a check presentation to the non-profits who participated in the United We Shiver event.  There were 137 jumpers (double from 2022) and raised $41,000!  She was also happy for her daughter’s 3rd birthday this weekend and happy for an upcoming trip to Great Wolf Lodge where she will travel without her phone!
- Angels Nies was happy to have received a check from United We Shiver. She was also happy to be going on a cruise tomorrow and will experience Belize and Rotan! She was also happy about Ken’s presentation and testimony!  Final happy buck is for a fund raiser for Spark 2 Hope where you can hire them to come to your house and hid Easter eggs for your family!
-Tove Lichty was happy for a niece that turns 3 years old!
-Julie Fish was happy for Ken to be our speaker and told how many years ago, he shared words of wisdom with her that she carries and uses daily!  Give to God!
-Mark Koyava was happy to celebrate his business 1 year anniversary on February 14th!  He proudly employees 5 staff members, has 475 clients and has received 108, five star reviews.  Mark was also happy for Ken to speak today!
Together we recited the 4 Way Test of the things we think, say and do and  President Theresa rang the dismissal bell.
Thursday, February 9, 2023 
Today our meeting was led by President Theresa imageSlominski.  John Osterman led our song and Julie Fish said our blessing.

Dirk Barrett, Julie Fish, Neil Gagnon, Molly Hanson, Heather Kliewer, Mark Kuyava, Dr. Laura Mullennex, Cal Portner, Pete Reiner, Debbi Rydberg, Theresa Slominski, Marv Sorvala, honoraries Bob Maxwell, John Osterman, Bruce Tyler

Today, due to a communication snaffu, we had two programs!  Our first program was Spark 2 Hope.  Founder, Lana spoke to us.  They were founded in
2021 to bridge the gap in services for children with special needs and disabilities. They offer sensory rooms, which include a gym, tactile room, music room, light room and art room.  These rooms can help regulate some behaviors, sensory input and increasing fine motor coordination; gross motor movement; communication skills; visual stimulation and coordination. They offer services such as day camps, summer care and after school supports.  Staff provide supervision and support with social and life skills.  An inclusive place where children forge friendships.  They also offer open gym on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm, offering 1.5 hours for $10.  This is open to the public. They also offer that you can host a birthday party at their center! Their mission is to provide school aged youth with special needs with a cornerstone for development.  To provide a safe and engaging environment for children to grow social, emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually. They are located at 555 Railroad Drive, Suite D in Elk River.  763-260-0182 or email For more information go to
Our second part of our program was a Taste of Elk River discussion program, led by Dirk Barrett. Dirk shared with the group, our “To Do Now” items which include:
-Food Vendors - he asked all of us to assist with the task of getting food vendors to participate in the Taste of Elk River.  Rotarian Katie Harstad has a list of possibilities so if you know of one, please connect with her and also reach out to Food Vendors to ask if they would be interested in joining our wonderful event.  Think outside the community also . . . Nowthen, Ramsey, Albertville, St. Michael, Zimmerman, Big Lake, Monticello, Anoka.  This year, we are asking the Significant Donation Recipient (YMCA for 2023) to offer 10 to 20 volunteers to help with staffing the food vendor tables.  We will also be offering a $200 stipend to the food vendors this year.  Food trucks are also invited to come, but must realize this is a sample event and they will not be selling their food, but giving it out for free.
-Sponsorships - Dirk is hopeful to have the Sponsorship Packets ready to go shortly.  Bonnie Koste is once again leading the charge on the Sponsorships, but Dirk asks that all of us gather sponsors as well. If you know of someone, a sponsorship packet will be available in print and electronically.
-Cal Portner has agreed to be our Baseball Commissioner again this year and it was announced that Bruce “Buck” Tyler will be the Drug Czar.
-Heather Kliewer has agreed to lead out Silent Auction again this year also!
- Treasurer Neil Gagnon believes that $12,000 is slated for the 2023 Signature Donation Recipient, which is the Elk River YMCA.  It was noted that we need the “tag line” for them for our advertising items.
Thank you Dirk Barrett, for leading us through the 2023 Taste of Elk River and to Katie Harstad for agreeing to assist!

-Debbi Rydberg has ordered the 4 Way Test yard signs and stakes.
-February is Rotary’s Share the Love month and funds are being raised!, the hit the Donate button.  This month, if you give $100 or more, your points will be matched.  if you give $365, you will receive 1000 points, which is enough for a Paul Harris Fellow recognition.  If you give $1000, you will receive 2000 additional points and would be eligible for three Paul Harris Fellow recognitions.  Thank you for your gift!
-Next week, there will be a board of directors meeting, following our regular board meeting, if there are enough members present, due to many being gone on vacations to wonderful, tropical places!

image-Card draw . . . An ace of clubs was pulled and there was not a winner.
Happy Bucks

-Molly Hanson was happy for a fun time last night at the rotary SOCIAL!  at Chow; and happy that in 43 hours she leaves to go to the Florida Keys for vacation time!
-Heather Kliewer was also happy to be going to Fort Myers, Florida then on to Denver, Colorado to visit her grands!  She was also happy for a great Untied We Shiver event!
-Neil Gagnon was also happy to be leaving for a vacation with family to Mexico!  He also had a shout out for a great time at the rotary SOCIAL! at Chow!

-Bob Maxwell had a great happy buck story about his son, who, 30 years ago, played hockey for a movie called Mighty Ducks.  His son was a goalie for the Hawks in the movie.  Last Sunday, over 100 people came to the Emagine Movie Theatre in Monticello to watch the movie and celebrate it’s 30 year marker!
-Debbi Rydberg was happy to get on the “it was fun train” for the SOCIAL!  She was also happy to report that she logged 12 volunteers hours for Rotarians at United We Shiver!
-John Osterman was happy to have had the chance to call the game for the Elks boys basketball. His nephew plays on the team as a point guard and sunk a 3 pointer to put him over his 1,000 point marker!  They stopped the game to acknowledge his accomplishment!
-Mark Kuyava was happy for the upcoming Home Show in Elk River this weekend.  He will also be on the Presentation Stage, so come check it out!
-Theresa Slominski was happy for the SOCIAL!
-Bruce “Buck” Tyler was happy that Dr. Laura Mullennex is going to invite the new CEO  Guardian Angels, Traci Larson to speak to us. Bruce is happy because he is hopeful that Traci may join our group!
Together we recited the 4 Way Test of the things we think, say and do and then President Theresa rang the bell of dismissal!