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General Business, updates and great guest speakers.

Our Motto:

Serving Humanity 
Strengthening Youth 
Enhancing Lives


April 25 - Dan Weber - Bob Showers - Author - "The Twins in the Dome"

May 2 - Greg Schultz - Thumbs Up 5K 

May 9 - Linda Christian -Francis Stockwell - North Star Boys Choir

May 16 - TASTE of Elk River - SHOW TIME

May 23 -  Leah Studaker - Three Rivers Montessori Staff 

May 30 - Lynn Caswell - TBD

June 6 - Brandon Hanson - STRIVE Graduation

June 13 - David Vinje - TBD

June 20 - Club Assembly 


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Inspiring leaders with passion to serve humanity; strengthening youth for tomorrow's leadership and enhancing lives in our world.

April 18, 2019 - Regular Meeting
President Robin Skinner led our meeting, John Osterman led us in “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” song and Tricia Downey had a fabulous prayer for us!
Attendance was Amazing!
active members - 25 present, 11 absent
honorary members - 4 present, 4 absent
total membership at 44
Visiting Rotarian: Duane Gates from Monticello Rotary
Guests: John and Tanna Houlton, First National Bank
Dana Anderson, wife and escort to Rotarian Dave Anderson
Jim Acres with Scouts
Jim came to invite us to the Annual Scout Breakfast that will be held on Thursday, May 2 at 7 am and will be held at the Elk River American Legion.  This event begins with welcome and presentation of colors, followed by a delicious breakfast and a program with a completion time of 8 am.  The speaker this year will be Barbara Burandt, Sherburne County Commissioner. 
We had four birthday songs to sing and all four of them picked the $10 version!  We sang to Molly Hanson, Sandy Morgan, Leah Studaker and Bill Haring!   The Rotary Foundation thanks you!
Image result for playing cardsCard was drawn and there was not a winner!
Happy Bucks were next!
- Doc Anderson was happy to tell us about his son Joe.  Joe is his son who suggested that Doc join Rotary because we are “his people”!    So Joe,  being the outstanding youth he is, recently took First Place in State Speech!  Congratulations Joe!
- Cal Portner was happy because on his way to work and home each day, he gets to see Pete Reiner’s face on a billboard!  He also was happy that while watching the Twins game, during a commercial, he saw Neil Gagnon!
- Dirk Barrett was happy to hear hockey talk that UMD is a National Champion!
- Nicole Rasmussen had a $5 happy - a good luck buck because she is running the Earth Day Marathon on Saturday, she is off work for 4 days, 1 extra to spend with her mom to honor the anniversary of her dad’s passing on Tuesday!
- Tove Lichty was happy to tell us that her brother and sister-in-law are expecting any day!  She was also happy to tell us that her business is growing and expanding and they are adding a second financial advisor and assistant!
- Dana Anderson, Dave Anderson’s wife, had a happy buck to report that Dave’s surgery went better than expected!  
- Bob Maxwell was very happy to announce the birth of another Granddaughter within the last 24 hours!
- Molly Hanson was happy for a great birthday celebration and happy to have sold her house in one day!  A new house is being built in Otsego and in the interim, they will reside with her parents!
- Brandon Hanson was happy to see the Student of the Month and the Simmonds family, whom he knows from church!
- Leah Studaker was happy that they have 114 students registered for fall.  She also shared that they have found an investor to build them a building, but are in need of land to build on so please pray for a referral!
Terry Bizal, Rotarian and Principal at ERHS, introduced us to another outstanding sophomore Student of the Month.  We met Harrison Simmond .  Harrison introduced us to his mom, Tina Marie and his dad, John, who is called Jack!  He has 2 older brothers and 1 older sister.  He had his left arm in a sling as he is repairing a shoulder tear that started last year.  He enjoys football, wrestling, karate, dance and scouts.  He is working on his Eagle Scout project.  He is also involved in Central Lutheran Youth, National Honor Society and band, which also includes jazz band!  He started band and began with alto sax, then moved on to baritone sax, and also plays tenor sax.  His Eagle Scout project is to raise funds to acquire a trailer for the 728 Cadets as that is something that is much needed.   His favorite subject is science and aspires to be a medical student to be an OBGYN doctor!  He also enjoys video games, reading, camping and mystery trips through church.  His hero is his mom.  She does so much for everyone around her, by far she is the most selfless person he knows.  He admires her drive and passion towards every day things, like her job.  When asked why he won this award, he replied “his leadership, character, smiling face and people connections" have won him this award.
Ballots: President Robin Skinner passed out the blank ballots so Rotarians could write themselves or someone else in on the ballot.  Robin asked that the suggestions be turned in to her today.
Today we had a Club Assembly, focused around the Taste of Elk River.  We started with Bruce Buck Tyler tell us a story, then the managers took turns giving updates.  John Osterman reported that we have many varieties of beverages again this year and they include wine, beer, spiked seltzers and new craft breweries.  The craft beer tent is “going to be something special!”    It was stressed that Advanced Sales are Key!   Tricia sent around a couple of sign up sheets.  The first one was to sign up to visit a local rotary club to sell tickets and the second was to sign up for locations to hang posters.  This is a team project so thank you to all who took posters and flyers to hang around town.  Tickets have been distributed to all Rotarians.   We then took a few minutes to hear from John Houlton with First National Bank.  They came to tell us about the Private Tasting Tent that they sponsor.  They are happy to be here and this is their 5th or 6th year, sponsoring the tent.  It is unique and started with high end wine tasting and has really grown!  They have live music and upscale appetizers. They invite us, who are working the event and have our official vests on, to come and take a tour through their tent and check it out this year!   In the past years, we have sold 100 - 150 tickets.  John challenges us to sell at least 200 tickets this year.  It is well worth the additional $15.  He put up a contest and the top 5 people who sell the most Private Tasting Tent tickets, will win prizes from First National Bank.   Lynn Caswell has ordered tables and chairs!   Bonnie Koste will be chairing the Rotary Table and this year, at that table, there will be a new game!   We will have a "Barrel of Booze” game where we will have a wheelbarrow (donated by David Vinje/Attics to Basements) full of booze (donated to us from Elk River Liquors) and will sell a deck of cards for $20 each.  Once all cards are sold, we will draw a card from another deck and whoever has the matching card will win the Barrel of Booze!  We will swiftly raise $1040! 
Time was up and we recited the 4 Way Test and off we went!
April 11, 2019 - Regular Meeting 
Our meeting today was led by President Robin Skinner.  John Osterman led our standard song and Robin had a solid prayer - The Serenity Prayer - for us.

Next week, we will share the ballots for nominations for the Board of Directors.

Attendance:     active status - 19 present, 18 absent
                        honorary status - 2 present, 6 absent
                        total membership @ 45 members

Guests: Lane with Great River Young Life, guest of Barry Hohlen
Becky, co-worker and guest of Bonnie Koste

We sang a couple of Happy Birthday songs!  One to Linda Christian and one to our guest, Lane!  The Rotary Foundation thanks you!
Nicole Rasmussen (16 years) and Terry Bizal (23 years) were reminded of their wedding anniversaries!

Image result for playing cardsCard game - an Ace of clubs was picked and there was not a winner!

Happy Bucks:
- Debbi Rydberg
was happy to tell us that her hubby had a birthday this week and they went to dinner to celebrate!
- Julie Fish was happy because she was asked to tell a lie for a STRIVE game and she lost and was out of the game before she actually had to lie!
- Brandon Hanson was happy to have tickets to a concert tomorrow and is hopeful that he can get there through the sprint storm we are having!
- Pete Reiner paid a buck for Linda Christian’s birthday song so she would have enough funds for the birthday song and a happy buck!
- Terry Bizal was happy to have had a great vacation in Punta Cana with his wife of 23 years!
- Linda Christian was happy to tell us about her surprise from a cousin - a first class airline ticket to go to Arizona for Easter!
- Nicole Rasmussen is happy to carry on her tradition of modeling for the United Way True Colors Fashion Show!
- Bonnie Koste had $4 happy because she survived Orlando with 4 teenagers!
- Greg Schultz was happy to update us on his young daughter and her cooking challenge!  She competed against 268 schools, each with 8 students and she made it in the top 40 and will advance to the next level!

Our program was arranged by Dan Weber, and was supposed to be Bob Showers, Author “The Twins in the Dome”, but Mother Nature had other plans and Bob had to cancel and Dan choose to work from home, due to the weather!   In place of that, the program had a “pitch hit” and the Team Managers were each called up front to give some words and hand out tickets to their team players.    Tricia Downey, co-chair of the Taste of Elk River, spoke first and explained the two different tickets.  The large ticket is $30 in advance and $35 at the gate.  You must have a ticket to enter.  The smaller ticket can be purchased after purchasing the large ticket.  The smaller ticket is for the First National Bank’s Private Tasting Room and is $15 in advance or at the gate.   It is requested that we each sell 10 tickets of both sizes.  Tricia also announced that any Rotarian that donates $20 to the Wall of Wine and helps out at the event, will not have to purchase their ticket to enter.  Manager Terry Bizal was on vacation for the draft and has to take what he gets!  Nicole Rasmussen went first for the Cocoa Crispers and passed out tickets to those players that were present at the meeting.  Go Crispers!  John Osterman with the Fighting Burbot went next, followed by Cal Portner, manager for the Las Tortugas team who was pretty pumped up about his new branding and announced that his player, Amanda the Commanda has three tickets already sold!   Brandon Hanson, Drug Czar reminded us that this is going to be a good year so don’t lie, and keep it fair and on the up and up!    Cal Portner updated us that he has been in contact with BOB FM re: commercials for the Taste of Elk River.   Neil Gagnon, Silent Auction Chair, gave us an update.  He passed out a letter to each of us, requesting silent auction items.  This letter will be mailed next week to the Elk River area business community. Tove Lichty is on the committee, but not as a chair as she wanted to try something new this year.  Others on this committee are Julie Fish, Adam Stumne and Alan Sakry.   Tricia Downey then led a discussion about glasses and in the end, the decision was to order both wine glasses and beer glasses.  Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba has offered the use of the commercial glass washing machine at the Beehive.  Thank you, Marilyn!  We also chatted about opinions on having a lanyard to hold the wine glass, vs a plastic plate to hold the wine glass. The plate won the vote, so Tricia will get those ordered.  At this point, we do not have a means of transportation from the gate to the building entrance.  Tricia is working on it and was given suggestions to try Trim-Cap and Vision Transportation.  Tricia has also contacted the Sentence to Serve folks and at this time, they have no inmates to assist us and won’t know if they will until the week of the Taste of Elk River. Barry Hohlen suggested that perhaps the Great River Young Life group could help out.

We recited the 4 Way Test and Robin Skinner dismissed us.
April 4, 2019- Regular Meeting
Today was Taste of Elk River Baseball Theme Kick Off Day!
President Robin Skinner led our meeting.  John Osterman was present and led our kick off for the Taste of Elk River special song  . . .  Take Me Out To The Ballgame!   Bruce/Buck Tyler had a fabulous prayer and reminded us that baseball is mentioned in the bible. . . in the big inning!
Attendance: active status - 19 present, 18 absent
honorary status - 5 present, 3 absent
total membership - 45 members
President Robin presented our newest member Sandy Morgan with her official Rotary badge!  Welcome Sandy!
Reminder to introduce ourselves to our new members.
Lori Severson announced that she will be resigning, with board approval.   She is moving up to the St. Cloud area.
We will really miss you, Lori!  You are always welcome to visit or return!
Help Wanted:  In the future absence of Lori Severson, we are in need of a new SOCIAL organizer to organize our bi-monthly gatherings.  Any volunteers?  Please let Robin Skinner know of your 
Visiting Rotarian: Carl Erickson, Princeton Rotary
Brandon Hanson brought his son Nick today
Bob Maxwell brought his granddaughter Mckenzie
Katie and Brenda from Thumbs Up 5K & 10K - they came to check out Rotary and to invite us to an event!
Wed., April 10, 6:30-8 pm at Spectrum High School.  It is called Just One - Just One Life Matters. 
Foundation Moment: Tove Lichty told us the purpose of the Foundation Moment is to help us to each become more involved in Rotary International.  If we would like a grant from them, we need to be involved with them.  She challenges each of us to be a Sustaining Member, which means that each of us gives at least $100 per year.  We’ve been challenged!
Taste of Elk River:  Tricia Downey and Dirk Barrett have been meeting and organizing and met with the Sherburne County Fair Board person.  They reviewed the contract of items and have discovered that we have been overcharged in the past, so this year should end up less expensive.  The spot that First National has their special tent, is now under construction for a new building so they will have to figure out a new spot for them to have their tent.    Treasurer, Debbi Rydberg, has invoiced all sponsors.  If you have not received your emailed invoice, please contact Debbi.   She is in need of a couple of volunteers to help her stuff envelopes with Taste tickets.  Contact her if you can help on Monday.   Dave Anderson is having shoulder surgery next week and will be MIA for two weeks.  In his absence, you can turn in your $20 for the Wall of Wine, to John Osterman.  
Happy Bucks:
- Debbi Rydberg was happy to have been Nick Zerwas’ guest at the State of the State.  It was quite interesting!
- Julie Fish was $5 happy for having a very fabulous week with a journey to Nevada, California and Arizona!
- Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba was happy for their new dog that they got from PetSmart.  It is a rescue dog from Arkansas!  She was also happy to have attended a lunch with her classmates!
- Troy Adams was happy to have been on a work trip to Colorado where everyone seemed to be doing “good”!  His author wife, was not able to attend with him, as she was called to Washington DC and next week to LA for her new book!
- Guest Katie, was happy because her new children’s book, Lady Bug Hug is going to host a book signing event this Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm at the Trout Brook Barn.
- Nicole Rasmussen was happy to have hung out with her teenager daughter for two days at the Mall of America, and also attended Mamma Mia with her mom and daughter and she is running a race this weekend.
- Brandon Hanson was happy to be kind of working today, but mostly hanging out with his son Nick and having fun playing games!
- John Osterman happily reported that his wife Lynn had a very successful knee replacement surgery!
- Greg Schultz was happy that the maple trees are tapped and running!  Need syrup?  Contact Greg!
- Cal Portner was happy to have played a hockey tournament with his son recently.
Image result for playing cardsThe card was played without a winner when a 10 of clubs was pulled!
Today our program was arranged by Buck Tyler.  We held our baseball themed team draft.   Buck shared the history of the team concept. This year we will have 5 teams rather than 4 teams.  We were introduced to the Drug Czar, Brandon Hanson.   Brandon spoke for a few moments.  This is his 5th year as the Czar and he explained to the new members, what his description of PED is and that it is anything to enhance a team as questioning impact.  He used Greg Schultz’s maple syrup stash for an example a secret code and now Greg is on the suspicious list.  Lol!  It’s gonna be a great year!  Next was team announcements!
Fighting Burbot - John Osterman, manager
Team: Barry Hohlen, Molly Hanson, Becky Wiehoff, Tricia Downey, Pete Reiner, Linda Christian, Tove Lichty, Lori Severson, Dan Dixon, Amanda Othoudt, Sandy Morgan and Greg Heineke
Crispers - Nicole Rasmussen, manager
Team: Brandon Hanson, Lynn Caswell, Alan Sakry, Robin Skinner, Kari Steinbrecher, David Bakken, Margie MacGlaghlen, Julie Fish, Jennifer Johnson, Annie Deckert, Mark Leland and Patty Carbajal
Las Tortugas - Cal Portner, manager
Team: Doc Anderson, Troy Adams, Leon Barthel, Bonnie Koste, Dave Anderson, Bill Haring, Adam Stumne, Corey Wemple, Jeff LaBarre, Curt Hinkle and Amanda Larson
Oops I Did It Again - Terry Bizal, manger
Team: Don Horvath, Jim Babcock, Neil Gagnon, Dan Weber, Mary Eberley, Tony Mikols, David Vinje, Debbi Rydberg, Dirk Barrett, Marilyn VanPatten-chuba, Glen Ertel, Bruce Tyler and Greg Schultz
Maxwell Silver Hammers - Bob Maxwell, manager
Team:  He, Himself and Him and those that purchase tickets through our online service!
Bruce reminded us of the importance to sell our tickets in advance to make sure our event is a success!
March 28, 2019- Regular Meeting
Attendance: active status - 23 present, 14 absent
honorary status - 4 present, 4 absent
total membership at 45 members
President Robin Skinner was back this week and was sporting her MN Twins shirt because today is the Twins home opener!
We had a visiting Rotarian today!  We welcomed Jeff Hage.  Jeff is our current Assistant Area Governor and is a Monticello Rotarian!
Julie Fish has a birthday coming up on the 30th so we sang to her.  She had $20 if we would sing to her backwards.  Everyone was quite worried how they were going to do that and low and behold, Leon Barthel got the group to turn around and sing to her backwards!  The Rotary Foundation thanks all of you for her $20!
Image result for playing cardsThe card game had a winner in Cal Portner who had the 5 of diamonds and won half the pot at $9!  Congratulations Cal and the Rotary Foundation thanks all of those who played.  $9 also goes to the Foundation!
Rotary Foundation Moment:
Tove Lichty had more foundation information for us.  She spoke about Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary and how the Paul Harris Fellow award works. Paul Harris passed away in 1947 and in lieu of flowers, he requested donations.  $1.3 million was raised at that time!  Ten years later, the first Paul Harris Fellow was started.  It takes $1,000 to achieve the award.  In 2006, there were over a million Paul Harris Fellows.  Our rotary club traditionally gives out two Paul Harris Fellow awards each year.  We raise funds for this through happy bucks, birthday money and the card game.  You can acquire your own by donating $1,000 and can give monthly at only $83.34/month.  Check out and set up your account.  See what you can learn!  Thanks Tove!
- John Osterman’s wife, Lynn, had knee surgery today and it went well!  Please keep her in your thoughts for a speedy recovery and a good nurse, in John!
- Molly Hanson reminded us about our commitment to volunteer at CAER tomorrow from 1 to 2:30 pm.  Those who are signed up to volunteer are to go through the back door.  Read the signs.  Those volunteering are Molly Hanson, Tricia Downey, Dirk Barrett, Brandon Hanson and Dr. Dave Anderson’s wife, Kim.  Thank you volunteers!!
- Brandon Hanson reported on STRIVE that was held this week on Tuesday. We had a guest speaker, Bruce Tyler, who spoke to the students on interviewing.  The students received a 50 question packet about interviews that was prepared by past Rotarian Patty Carbajal from First National Bank of Elk River. The end is near for the STRIVE program 2019 and graduation will be in June.  Brandon reports that there are 3 students that have applied for the STRIVE scholarship of $1,000.   Thank you Brandon and Patty for all that you do to make this program work!   It is greatly appreciated!
- COMING SOON   .. . Election of Officers!  If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please let President-Elect, Bonnie Koste know of your desire.  
- The board of directors has voted to give a donation to the Elk River Library for STEM programs.  They are having a fundraiser in April to raise up money for these programs.  We have agreed to match up to $750.  Elk River Rotary’s name will be printed on marketing pieces and the Elk River Star News is doing an article where we will also get some good PR. 
Taste of Elk River:
- Honorary Dave Anderson reminded us to bring our $20 donation for the Wall of Wine.  This money is used to purchase the wine used for the fundraiser at the Taste of Elk River.  Dave has made his list and is checking it twice, at least!
- Julie Fish had a clip board go around the room to order a name tag to go on your Taste of Elk River vest.  It will be sent around a few more weeks so be sure to get your name on it if you need a tag.
- Amanda Othoudt shared the current Sponsorship list!  Wow!  We have 30 sponsors!  RE/MAX, First National Bank of Elk River, BOB FM Radio, American Family Insurance-Bonnie Koste, Cornerstone Automotive, Edward Jones-Tove Lichty, Elk River Senior Living, MidwestOne Bank, Sportech Inc., The Bank of Elk River, Mosford, Barthel & Co., LLC, BeeHive Homes, Connexus, Elk River Heating & AC, Landform, Inc., Spire Credit Union, Gateway Financial Strategies, Franklin Outdoor Advertising, Classic Acrylics, Elk River Printing, Hardin Companies, Home Run Human Resources, North Central Insurance, Orluck Industries, Sherburne County Abstract & Title, State Farm - Wayne Swart, Ralphie’s Minnoco, Northbound & Westbound Liquors, Kennedy Vision, Metal Craft.  
Happy Bucks:
- Bruce Tyler was happy it is baseball opening day!
- Sandy Morgan is happy that when she was in line to pay for lunch, she saw her daughter who was leaving from having lunch!
- Tove Lichty was happy that life is good!
- Cal Portner was happy for a few reasons.  He and the Mayor testified yesterday for our upcoming sales tax bill and they weren’t asked too many questions.  He had a rebound buck because the teams that matter to him, are done playing hockey, but happy that baseball starts.  His last happy buck was to announce that he won’t be here for the Taste of Elk River, as he will be traveling with his parents on a trip to Italy!
- Dan Weber had a happy $5 to remind him that the St. Cloud Huskies Hockey is still going strong and that they play this weekend in Fargo. 
- Robin Skinner was happy to have had a great trip to Austin to visit her daughter.  She also thanked Molly Hanson for filling information her in her absence.  She also had a sad buck for  the MN Gophers men’s basketball team for their loss and for the tears shed by Murphy on the court at the end of the game.
Our program today was arranged by Dirk Barrett.  He introduced us to Ricky and David with the Boys and Girls Club of the North Star.  David is a professor at St. Cloud State, so a Huskies fan and Ricky is from Nebraska so he is a Huskers fan!  David spoke first. He has been involved in the Boys and Girls Club since 1997 in the Twin Cities.  He has been 10 years with Elk River.  His career was working for the Coke-Cola company.  9 of those years, he was Vice President of Sales and Marketing in St. Cloud.  He retired from that in 2017 then was asked to be a professor at St. Cloud State and thought “why not”?  He is excited about Husky hockey also!  David is on the board of directors for the Boys and Girls Club of the North Star.  They are located in Elk River, Zimmerman and Little Falls.  Their mission:  To enable all young people, especially those whined us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.  The club focuses on academic success, good character & leadership and health and life skills. They provide their members with a safe, positive, fun environment, supportive relationships, opportunities, expectations and recognition. They support nearly 2,700 kids. Their current needs include spiffing up their building that was built in 1999.  New carpet, replace the roof on the entire building, install energy efficient lighting in they gym, update the kitchen to USDA code, and more! They are having a capital campaign coming up to total their need to $150,000. They are reaching out for corporate sponsors and have many levels from Platinum at $10,000 annually to Bronze which is a one time donation. It has not been confirmed, but there is a possibility that the Elk River Lion’s Club will match the capital funds raised. They need to raise $75,000 by August of 2019.  They have a couple of Workforce Development programs.  Career Launch encourages club members 13 to 18 to access their skills and interests, explore careers, make sound educational decisions and prepare to join our nation’s work force.   Job Ready sessions are targeted for use with members 14 and older.  These members are at the age where preparing for the world of work is most relevant and designed sessions address how to find, obtain, keep and excel in a job.  These programs prepare teens for the work force and careers. In 2018, they report that 49 out of 70 teens or 70% demonstrated an increase knowledge of career exploration and graduated from the Career Launch program.  51 out of 71 teens or 72% attended at least 70% of the sessions and graduated from the Job Ready program.  They have a Golf Event coming up!  May 21 at The Links at Northfork.  10 am check in and 11 am shotgun start.  A golf foursome is $450 and includes golf, cart, lunch, dinner and a swag bag. There are raffles, games and tons of on course fun!  Sign up online at
Robin had us recite the 4 Way Test and we were out the door!
March 21, 2019- Regular Meeting
Today, John Osterman led us in song, Dr. Dave Anderson said our prayer and past president, Molly Hanson led our meeting!
Attendance: active status - 19 present, 18 absent
honorary status - 2 present, 6 absent
total membership now at 37!!
Welcome new member Sandy Morgan!
Guests: - Logan with American Family Insurance, Princeton was Bonnie Koste’s guest
Deb, Marketing Director and Kylie, Executive Director from Elk River Senior Living, guests of Amanda Othoudt
Kylie spoke for a few minutes - they are a new Taste of Elk River Sponsor
Shane Green with Spire, co-worker and guest of Greg Schultz
Adam Willard with Boy Scouts, invited himself to introduce himself to us.
They have their annual breakfast coming up so mark your calendars for Thursday, May 2nd.
Student of the Month:
Mark Leland from Spectrum High School introduced us to our March Student of the Month, William Koch and his mom Lisa and his step-father.   Will has a 3.76 GPA and has been on the A Honor Roll consistently since 7th grade. He has letters in both athletics and academics. His classmates voted him as Jr. Winter Royalty.  He participates in soccer, and track and field.  Is favorite class is AP Biology.  It requires higher thinking, it’s self learning and the teacher is cool and laid back and wants to see the students succeed.  The teacher loves to have fun and they have a lot of labs and experiments.  In the future, he plans to be a veterinarian/surgeon.  He’s ready for the 10 plus years of schooling that takes!   His hobbies include soccer, snowboarding, long boarding, fishing, and video games with his friends helps him to relax after a stressful day.  His hero is his Grandma Linda!  She is always busy doing something through volunteering or activities.  He wants to be like her!  He shared a memorable moment with us and feels he demonstrates leadership at school by leading a group project, rather than wait until the last minute and have to scramble.  He enjoys public speaking and is wiling to speak for his groups.  He demonstrates leadership at Pizza Ranch when he works.  He has been promoted to Shift Lead, which gained him a title and a new name tag!  His approach to academics is to work hard.  He prefers to accomplish projects in one sitting rather than an hour a day for a few days.  He is not a procrastinator!  While participating in service projects through school, he has enjoyed raising funds, working in thrift stores and last year, he volunteered at a hotel for homeless and did floor sweeping and window washing.  This year, he is participating in a project through the DNR to adopt a part of the Mississippi River.  When asked what this award means to him, his answer was it means that his teachers and school actually care!  That is sort of cool!    Molly Hanson presented him with his certificate!
Rotary Foundation Moment -
Tove Lichty is back from her amazing trip and had some information for us!  She read a letter from the April 2019 Rotarian Magazine from the Rotary International President.   “Every two minutes, somewhere in the world, a woman dies from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.  And babies whose mothers die within the first six weeks of their lives are far more likely to die themselves than babies whose mothers survive.”  Inside the back cover, there is an article about Midwives for Haiti.  Give it a read!  See what The Rotary Foundation is doing to lower maternal and neonatal mortality rates in countries such as Brazil, Latvia and Mongolia!  Be The Inspiration!
- President Elect, Bonnie Koste told of her attendance last weekend at PETS (President Elect Training Session).  It was really good and she learned a lot about Rotarians coming together. She looks forward to her new roll and will be reaching out to some of us.
- CAER Volunteering!   We will be volunteering for CAER on Friday, March 29th from 1 to 2:30 pm.  Those who signed up for the shift are:  Tove Lichty, Tricia Downey, Dr. Dave Anderson, Molly Hanson and perhaps Bonnie Koste.   Thank you for your service above self!
-Because of our River Clean Up program, Pete Reiner attended a celebration at Summit Brewery that included speakers and shared a  lot of great stats that are also on their website.  Pete met the executive director who would like to come and speak to us some time.  Pete will have some postcards to share in the near future.  The postcards are for us to sign and send to our representatives for funds both at State and Federal level.  
Happy Bucks:
- Pete Reiner continued with his "Pete Reiner Hour” and shared another story with us about something that happened to him.  He went to see Rotarian Leon Barthel to get his taxes done, then was going to go to the American Legion to watch the MN Gopher game and the parking lot was so full!  He saw Molly and a friend of hers (Dr. Dave Anderson’s wife, Kim) at the front door and pulled up to them.  They thought he was their Uber driver, but he wasn’t, and they talked him into giving them a ride out to Broadway Bar & Pizza.  When they got there, Molly tossed a $20 to Pete and thanked him for the ride.  Pete tried to give it back, but she wouldn’t take it.  A very, very, very long and confusing short is that the money was donated back and ended up with CAER!
- Greg Schultz had a happy buck for his 10 year old daughter who recently won the #1 spot in a cooking contest.  She is now on the regional level!
- John Osterman had a smiling happy buck because Re/Max Results will once again be a $5,000 sponsor for the Taste of Elk River!
- Debbi Rydberg was happy that she didn’t have to wear a coat to come here!
- Molly Hanson seconded that and
- Julie Fish gave it a third!
- Nicole Rasmussen was happy that her trip to New York City was awesome!
- Tove Lichty was happy to be back from a trip to Morocco  for two weeks.  They have no trash service there and garbage is everywhere!  It is good to be home!
- Dr. Dave Anderson was happy to have been in Arkansas for his daughter, who is a college senior, last and finally gymnastics meet!  It was the end of a 17 year adventure!
- Tricia Downey was happy for her college son, Jack, who’s college girls’ basketball team made it to the Final Four in Mississippi!  Her son told her to watch for him on the television tomorrow during the game!
Dr. Dave Anderson has been in rotary for about a year and a half.  He is “Joe’s Dad”!  Joe, his son, has attended a few rotary meetings through school and he went home and told his dad that he needed to join rotary because the Rotarians are just like him!   Dr. Dave introduced us to our speaker today, Amy Lord, from ISD 728.  Amy was employed by ISD 728 over a year ago to help with the Career and Technical Education department.  It provides students with the academic, technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners.  They created the Pathways Program and a Career Wheel to help students determine the classes they should take.  They also offer student leadership classes.  DECA is one of these programs and Rogers HS has 33 students going to Nationals and ERHS has 17 students headed there.  They are great kids and work hard.  It is fun  to see them grow.  The program partners with Wright Technical Center.  Any business can host a student meeting and show students your work place and it’s details.  The Pro Start program is in all three high schools.  They have huge industrial kitchens and the ERHS students swept the competition recently and hare now headed to Nationals.  Principal Terry Bizal told of his experience cheering them on and how they have to bring every piece of equipment needed, with them.  It is technical, right down to the cleaning solution used to whip down the tables. They also have a Communications Program.  Ivan Sand School has a student led business in which they have purchased a color printer the they print posters on for the school district.  ERHS students have the professional software programs to create quality graphic design and they have some CNC equipment to print on wood and metal.  They offer photography classes and the students are able to use the equipment on weekends to do photo shoots for family and friends.  They are always looking for internships!   They have a Health Science Program which is a growing program on the tech side.  They have an advisory committee and are having a Scrubs Camp with Anoka Ramsey Community College and they also work through Guardian Angels for training and jobs.    Jobs are in demand and they are good paying careers such as construction, transportation and electrical.   Amy shared some of the intern jobs they are currently doing - machining, salon and spa, assembly, welding, trucking firm with mechanics needs, small engine repairs and more.  They started with 6 and now have 37 internships!  They have a lot of unique things going on with local businesses and are thankful for the efforts from Catepillar and Cornerstone Auto.  You may contact Amy Lord at 763-241-3400, ext. 5016 or   Molly Hanson, acting president, thanked Amy and presented her with a certificate of appreciation.
We recited the 4 Way Test and Molly rang the bell of dismissal.
March 14, 2019- Regular Meeting
Today our meeting was ran by President Robin Skinner, the prayer was said by Troy Adams and John Osterman led our song!
Guest: Bree, niece to Molly Hanson
Sandy Morgan, prospective member - application turned in
Attendance: active status - 21 present and 15 absent
honorary status - 3 present and 5 absent
total membership at 44 members
- VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!  Bonnie Koste is taking lead on lining up volunteers to help out at the CAER food shelf on Friday, March 29th from 1:00 to 2:30 pm.  If you are available to assist, please let Bonnie know you can help out.  She can be reached at 763-441-9029 or
- Bonnie Koste, President Elect, is attending PETS this weekend!  Keep her in your thoughts!
- Rotarian Jim Babcock is in need of prayers!  He is currently hospitalized and in ICU because of his MS.  They do not want visitors or cards, but need lots of prayers!
Image result for playing cardsThe card pulled was a 4 of hearts and Jeff LaBarre won a little bit of money.  Only a little, because we had a winner last week also!
- The sign up sheet for the Friday, March 15th Social event at the Elk River Legion went around the room.  We are ready for some fun and music from The Loons, featuring Rotarian Dirk Barrett and Ben Skinner, Robin’s husband!
- Taste of Elk River Updates
- Bruce (Buck) Tyler explained to us, how the ticket sales event with a baseball theme works.  There are 4 rotarian captains, who gather and hold a draft for their team.  After the draft there is a team announcement during Rotary.   Each player has a nickname, so if you have one you want him to use, please let him know or he will give you one!  
- Tricia Downey shared the current Sponsorships.  So far, we have secured the following: Classic Acrylics for $250, Orluck Industries for $250, The Bank of Elk River for $1000, and Elk River Senior Living for $1,000.  Tricia had a bunch of sponsorship packets and a few more were handed out.  Remember that it is EVERY ROTARIAN’S responsibility to collect Sponsorships so get on out there and contact your favorite businesses and ask them to sponsor our great event!
- Neil Gagnon is chairing the Silent Auction this year and is looking for some folks to help his team.  Julie Fish, Adam Stumne, and Alan Sakry volunteered and Leah Studaker was voluntold!
- Tricia let us know that today at 4, she is meeting with Joy at Sherburne Area United Way to talk about things and she will also be meeting with First National Bank to discuss the specialty tent for 2019.
- Dave Anderson reminded us to give him your Wall of Wine money!  
We sang happy birthday to Dave Anderson (the honorary one), who’s birthday was at the beginning of March.  There was confusion earlier with the other Dr. Dave Anderson.  Thanks honorary Dave, for fessing up!
Happy Bucks:
- Pete Reiner is always happy, but rarely has a buck!   Saturday he was at Holiday gassing up his snowblower gas can and a few tanks down, was Buck who drove past Pete and gave him a “warm” greeting, that Pete can’t share with us!  Lol!
- Troy Adams had a make up happy buck.  Life is short, buy the concert ticket! He and his wife, Sara are going to see Big Head Todd at the Palace and the Palace is is favorite concert location!  He was sad to be missing the SOCIAL on Friday to hear The Loons, but he will be at a book signing with his wife.
- Debbi Rydberg went to Vegas and came back with one happy buck!  They won nothing but had a great trip and her husband handled the uber rides!
- Dirk Barrett had a sad buck and told us that his sister-in-law and fellow Rotarian, Leah Studaker’s sister passed away.  He also wanted it marked on the record that he paid his $20 special birthday IOU!
- Linda Christian was happy to be having her first real estate closing!  She was also happy that her friend who had a heart attack was saved by staff at Farrell’s work out place.
- Bruce Tyler shared a story about safety with a HR job he had and how he had to learn CPR for babies and he didn’t think that was necessary.  A week later, his wife had a friend over with a young child.  The child swallowed a coin and Bruce was able to save the child with his newly learned CPR skills!
- Bob Maxwell was happy to tell us about his granddaughter and how she recently won an essay contest through the VFW.  She is in 4th grade and her essay was on the subject of PTSD!
- Bill Haring had a very happy announcement that the Bison are going to the big dance!
- Alan Sakry was happy that his wife Diane and daughter Jordan are coming home from a cruise!
- Dr. Dave Anderson was happy to be going to see his college daughter in Arkansas!
Our program was arranged by Troy Adams.  Troy has been in Rotary for many years.  Why?  He enjoys the fellowship and ability to do great things with others!  His wife was a Lion, so when Troy came to Elk River, he became a Lion.  At the Lion’s meeting, he met Les Anderson (deceased Rotarian) who told he he should join rotary and so he did!   Troy turned the program over to his wife, Sara, who is an author of two books that are published!   Sara is determined and her character is success!  Her new book is called “Cold Day in the Sun”.  She calls it a hockey book.  It takes place in a hockey arena and it is about a girl on a boys team.  Sara is a graduate of ERHS.  Her oldest brother played hockey and she played hockey for fun, on figure skates, and loved it!  ERHS at that time didn’t have a girls hockey team so she became the team manager for 1988 and 1989 seasons.   She learned a lot of foul language in hockey!  As a writer, she has learned rejection.  This book was rejected the first time.  The first company refused and she was devastated.  She loved her book!  It took a long time to get moving forward as the company would consider a rewrite, so she rewrote!  It is pretty raw and real and it took a long time to get this done.  She had writers’ block but eventually got the rewrite done and the publisher accepted it.  The first book received a luke warm welcome, not a best seller.  The editor had insite and pushed hard to get her a deal.  She then had about six months to finish the book.  The editor in New York City, pushed her many times to do better.  The book is out, doing well and is already in a reprint!  She is proud of this book!  It was inspired by a story of a Canadian female player on the men’s team.  She thanked the City of Elk River and her experiences who also inspired her.  She used the “pit” scene from Elk River and in the book, the characters grandfather helped the rotary club fix up the old stone warming house!  Sound familiar??  Her book is available, wherever books are sold.  She also has an audio book through her publisher.  She talked about the process of book writing and getting an agent.  She thinks her writing block was from not meeting their expectations and it took a whole to get over that devastation.  She wrote the book like it is her heart!   She is working with ShineALigh7 and Paul Martin to raise funds for ShineALigh7.  Robin thanked Sara and presented her with a certificate of appreciation.
We recited the 4 Way Test and Robin rang the bell...
March 7 , 2019- Regular Meeting
Guest: Denny Purdie, guest of Greg Schultz
Attendance:  fabulous attendance!!
active status - 26 present and 10 absent
honorary status - 4 present and 4 absent
membership total at 44
President Robin Skinner led our meeting today.   She shared with us, that there was a new member orientation before rotary today.  She also presented our 4 newest members - Linda Christian, Adam Stumne, Jeff LaBarre and Jen Johnson with their official Rotary name badges!   Welcome all!
Mark Your Calendars for a SOCIAL!
Friday, March 15th • Elk River American Legion
Bring your family and friends!
     6 pm meet for fish and shrimp dinner
     Please sign up on sheet or contact Julie Fish ( or 763.286.7298)
     so we can try our best to reserve enough seats for those coming to eat.
     7 pm music starts.  The Loons (this band includes Rotarian, Dirk Barrett and Rotary president, Robin Skinner’s husband, Ben)
They are not able to take a reservation for us so if you can come around 4:15 to help reserve seats, let Julie know.
STRIVE - Brandon Hanson gave a brief description of the STRIVE program, to enlighten the newest Rotarians in hopes that they may want to join the group of mentors and/or sponsors.  STRIVE mentors meet with students at ERHS twice a month to help them with many subjects about life - interviews, college path, personality testing, and more.  The budget for 2018-19 is $4,000.
Special Olympics Elk River Area is doing a fundraiser event at Pizza Ranch on Monday, March 25 from 4:30 to 8 pm.  10 % of all sales and 100% of the tips will be given from Pizza Ranch.  Come and support our weekly serve, Larissa!
Taste of Elk River:
- Dave Anderson, Wall of Wine leader, explained how the Wall of Wine works and told everyone that he is ready to start collecting $20 from each Rotarian for purchasing the wine for the wall.   He’s got a list and is not afraid to check it twice!
- Amanda Othoudt, Sponsorship Chair, had a few packets re: Sponsorships to share with us.  Next week we will have enough packets for each Rotarian to take one.  It will also be emailed to each Rotarian to pass on electronically or to print your own packet.  We are a bit behind in this area and we are all asked to ACT NOW!  It is everyone’s duty to gather sponsorships.
- I have added a link to the sponsorship form on the website. Feel free to access it there or direct potential sponsors there for more information. Bob 
-Image result for playing cards Card game - a queen of hearts was pulled and Dr. Dave “Doc” Anderson, was the winner of $6!
- Happy Birthday, with and IOU for the $20 version was sung to Dirk Barrett! He paid $20 for choosing a special version.
Happy Bucks:
- Tricia Downey was happy that she made it home with her “tire low” alert on!
- Debbi Rydberg had an IOU happy buck to be going to Los Vegas tomorrow!
- Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba was happy to have finally found out what is wrong with her . . . she has had high blood pressure recently and it was discovered that it was from medication she had been on.  Changed the meds, blood pressure is good!
- Lori Severson was happy for two successful eye surgeries for cataracts!
- Terry Bizal is happy to have gone traveling to see his daughter play hockey in Columbia and a nice friend cleared his driveway!
- Nicole Rasmussen had a good luck buck for traveling to Mound and back this weekend in the snow for a volleyball tournament!
- Julie Fish  was happy, not really, for all of the damn snow!
- Brandon Hanson was happy because last fall the Elk River Library had a fine forgiveness day and his fines were forgiven!
Our program today was arranged by Debbi Rydberg.  She introduced us to Robbie Schake from the Elk River Public Library.  Robbie had a lot to teach us and her approach was “did you know . . “  She asked who had been to the library in the past year and a lot of hands went up!  She told about the fine forgiveness day and said that they are considering eliminating fines for youth.  This is coming up to their board of directors.   The public library is part of the Great River Regional Library and there are 32 locations and they headquarter in St. Cloud.  They have close to 800,000 items to circulate with 45,000 of them in Elk River.  They have many dvd’s, audio books, brain game kits, DIY topic kits and recently received a donation of 20 telescopes.  If the Elk River location doesn’t have something you need, it is hooked up to a network in Minnesota and a network across the nation to find what you want.  Rotarian Bruce Tyler shared that he once got a book that came from Idaho.  Great River Regional Library is the second top lender of books, second to Hennepin County.  With a library card, you can access their digital collection.  They offer access to 60 research data basis - language, auto repair, job searching, ancestry, practice tests for MN Driving Test or ACT testing and more!  She told about and it offers training videos from crafts to technology.  The library offers monthly programs such as story time, book club, “crafternoon” where they craft a project - acrylic painting and ugly Christmas Sweater making.  They offer author visits and concerts at the library for free!  Next Tuesday they have Bluegrass musicians coming!  They also offer speakers  She brought calendars to share with us.  They are open daily at 10 am and Mon-Thur open till 8 pm, Fri open till 5 pm and Sat open till 2 pm.
Last year they had 335 programs with over 10,000 attendees!  They need our help getting the word out about the amazing things at the library.  She left us calendars, flyers, etc.  In April, they are starting a fund campaign to buy STEM kits with a goal of $750.00 and they would also like to expand their adult programming.  All funds raised in Elk River stay in Elk River.  She thanked us and invited us to visit the Library.  Library cards are fee with an I.D. card.  Cards expire every 3 years.  Debbi Rydberg shared that her daughter, who teaches in Mexico, utilizes the Elk River Library from Mexico!   Robbie asked us to consider giving them a donation.
Robin Skinner thanked her for speaking and presented her with a certificate of appreciation.
We recited the 4 Way Test and Robin dismissed us via the bell toll!