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We will again try a Zoom Meeting this week.
We had some issues with the new equipment or possibly the operator last week. Please join us again online if you cannot make it in person.
The link is below
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Regular Meeting - March 3, 2022
imageToday our meeting was led by President Tove Lichty who was excited for our board of directors election today!

Attending: Dirk Barrett, Julie Fish, Neil Gagnon, Brandon Hanson, Heather Kliewer, Bonnie Koste, Tove Lichty, Janet McCarty, John Osterman, Nicole Rasmussen, Beth Richards, Debbi Rydberg, honorary Dave Anderson, Glen Ertel, Bob Maxwell, Bruce Tyler and Stewart Wilson

Guest:  Maddie, who is a physician assistant in
Rogers, is also helping out Open Doors for Youth here in Elk River.  Maddie and others, have put together a new non-profit health services business to offer to the folks at Open Doors for Youth.  She is currently the only provider and is will be there on Tuesdays for scheduled appointments or walk in clients.  She will meet with the youth where they are at physically to determine their health care needs.  They will expand as they go.  This is a free service for youth.  If she cannot help, she will refer the youth to someone.  They are working with Goodrich Pharmacy and Kemper Drug for assistance with medicine needs.  Most of the youth are 18 years old plus, so there should not be an issue.  If the youth is under 18 years old, a parental assistance may be needed.

Dirk Barrett was our program and gave us information for the Taste of Elk River 2022!  It will be held Thursday, May 19th from 5 to 9 pm at the Sherburne County Fair Grounds.  He has packets for Sponsorships and please watch your email for a Sponsorship Packet coming your way from Bob Maxwell.  Bonnie Koste is leading the Sponsorship team, but all hands are needed to gather sponsors.  The goal this year is to have $30,000 in sponsorships.  If each person could pull in $1000 in sponsorships, we would have it!  Dirk shared that John Houlton with First Bank Elk River is committed to a $5,000 sponsorship and says it is the best money spent for promotion!  They are having a Mediterranean wine theme in the VIP tent this year!  Sponsorship cut off date is March 18th.  Ticket sales will launch on April 7th.  Cal Portner has agreed to be the commissioner again for 2022 and Brandon Hanson, past “drug czar” will continue on in this position, but with a new title - drug lord!  In 2022, the wall of wine will not be held, however, each rotarian is requested to donate $20 to John Osterman.  These funds will be used to purchase the booze for the barrel of booze.  John collected from a few rotarians right away and is keeping a list.  Again this year we will have the silent auction.  There is talk of music, maybe food trucks?  Dirk is open to all ideas to raise funds.  Brandon Hanson is handling the food vendors again this year and John Osterman is handling the beverage vendors.  There is a meeting today, following our regular meeting.

- On behalf of Janet McCarty, Debbi Rydberg gave us an update on upcoming service projects.  Contact Janet to sign up or get your name on the list at the front table.  The upcoming events are:  Friday, March 18th from 11 am to 1 pm to assist with some update projects at Open Doors for Youth.  Saturday, April 9th starting at 9 am, Ruff Start Rescue is asking for some assistance at their center.
- President Tove Lichty was excited to update us on our campaign for the District Share the Love fund raiser.  Our club, so far, has raised $1,250!  The campaign has been extended through March so if you didn’t get in on the fun, there is still time!  Go to and find the donate button in the upper right hand corner.
- President Tove let us know that she will be on vacation next week and we will have a throw back Thursday leader as Brandon Hanson plays president for the day!  Be sure to come and join in the fun!  There is talk that a fine master may be present!
- The donations committee met and Debbi Rydberg gave us an update. There were some funds left from the first run and the committee received new requests and donated the following:  $300 to the Boy Scout breakfast coming up in April; $100 to Spectrum High School Graduation Party; $250 to Elk River High School Graduation Party; $100 to Ivan Sand High School; $100 to Zimmerman High School Graduation Party; $300 to the CAER Fool Run fundraiser; $500 to Cambridge/Isanti Rotary for participation in an international project in the Ukraine.
- Board of Directors vote is today and for the first time, probably ever, there will be a campaign for President Elect 2023/24 by Debbi Rydberg and Heather Kliewer as both are interested in the position.  One will receive the position and the other will be on the board of directors as a member at large and could be President Elect 2024/25.  Debbi went first and told of the reasons why we should vote for her, followed by Heather who had the same opportunity.  Ballots were passed out and at the end of the meeting, treasurer Neil Gagnon, who tallied the votes, informed us that we have a winner, by only one vote!  Our President Elect 2023/24 will be Debbi Rydberg!  Congratulations Debbi!

imageCard game - a 9 of clubs was pulled and there was not a winner.

Happy Bucks
image Nicole Rasmussen started us off with a happy buck for a fun trip to Vegas where she completed a half marathon.  She is very sore, but the weather was great!  She also had a happy buck to be going to Baxter to visit her mom this weekend!
- Bruce “Buck” Tyler had a happy buck and a story!  Yesterday, their clothes dryer quit in the middle of a load with another load to go.  Off they went to the store and $1500 later, they have a new dryer!
- Brandon Hanson was happy that over 20 years ago, he coached hockey and now, he is coaching the team his son is on and they are District 10 Champions!
- Julie Fish was happy that the Monticello Moose high school hockey team is going to the State Tournament!  Bob Maxwell shared the story about the name Moose!
- Dirk Barrett had a happy buck which was a sad buck as he shared his loss of two people in his life.  His wife’s uncle Wayne Eull and an old friend Doug Anderson.  Our sympathies to you Dirk!
- John Osterman was happy to tell us that he is going to announce at the Elk River Girls Basketball game tonight!
- Tove Lichty was $20 happy to go on vacation tomorrow!  Heading to San Francisco, Napa, Tahoe and is looking forward to breathing fresh air.  She was also happy because their contractor is going to be doing some work in their home while they’re gone!

Together we recited the 4 Way Test of the things we think, say and do and Tove rang the dismissal bell!
Regular Meeting - Feburary 24, 2022
Our new audio/video equipment has arrived and I will be setting it up on Thursday for our meeting.
If you cannot attend in person please log on so I can check our new set up.
Join Zoom Meeting on Thursday 12:00 PM through this link:
Meeting ID: 883 4803 9225
Passcode: 534077 if needed
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Regular Meeting - February 24, 2022
imageOut meeting today was ran by our President, Tove Lichty.   We didn’t have any guests or visiting
Rotarians, but we did have an honorary Rotarian join us again - welcome back Bruce “Buck” Tyler!  We are so happy to have you with us and look forward to seeing you again!

Attending: Dirk Barrett, Julie fish, Neil Gagnon, Brandon Hanson, Molly Hanson, Heather Kliewer, Bonnie Koste, Tove Lichty, Janet McCarty, John Osterman, Cal Portner, Nicole Rasmussen, Pete Reiner, Debbi Rydberg, Theresa Slominski, honorary Glen Ertel, Bob Maxwell and Bruce Tyler

Our program today was Tom Sagstetter with Elk imageRiver Municipal Utilities.  Tom came to speak to us about Elk River as Energy City.  We have been known as “Energy City” since 1997.  We were selected from over 30 communities, to serve as geographical focal point for the demonstration and education on energy efficiency and renewable technologies.  Energy City Commission promotes the City of Elk River as a hub of energy technology, energy manufacturing, energy demonstrations, recycling, use of green products and the adoption of sustainable living practices.  Up to 11 Commissioners are appointed by the City Council for 3-year terms.  The commissioners include City Council, ERMU, Chamber of Commerce, local business owners and residents. If you have a passion for green - please join the Commission. They currently have 5 to 6 members.  Tom spoke about energy farms and told of a farm in Princeton using green energy.  He shared that there are 44 homes in Elk River who have installed solar panels. Rebates are still available for electric appliance purchases.  There are also rebates for toilets, faucets, etc.  Last year they didn’t give out all of the rebate funds that they had.  He shared that Centerpoint Energy also offers rebate.  ERMU offers rebates for businesses for lighting improvements.  If you would like to check out your usage, Tom has a kilo watt meter at his office that you may purchase or “check out” to use.  They also have thermal guns that he would lend to us to check for leaky windows.  If you have questions for Tom, he can be reached at 763-635-1332 or


Dirk Barrett told us that our 2022 Taste of Elk River Signature Donation Recipient vote winner was
Up!  They have been contacted and they are so excited!  Next week, March 3rd, there will be a Taste Committee meeting following our regular meeting at Chow.
Tove reminded us that the end of February is near and it is Rotary Share the Love Campaign.  Tove challenged us to go to and push the “donate now” button.  She shared that she had a goal for us of $500, then asked around the room to see if anyone had given yet.  To her surprise, her $500 goal was met and then the pledges flew around the room and to her calculations, we will go well past $1000!  There are special incentives with this giving campaign.
Every Rotarian Every Year - Tove shared with us what that means.  It means that every Rotarian gives something - any amount - every year.
President Tove Lichty gave and membership update and let us know that Amanda Larson has resigned and that Casey Mahon is transferring to a veteran based rotary club.  We will miss them greatly and wish them the best!
Be sure to attend the meeting next week when we will host a real campaign and vote for President Elect 2023/24, between Debbi Rydberg and Heather Kliewer!  A group discussion was held for nominations for board members.  All will be voted on next week so please be sure to attend the meeting so you can be heard!

Happy Bucs

image- Nicole Rasmussen was happy about her new side hustle as a food delivery person!  She made $450 in four days to help out with travel and fun!  Speaking of travel, she leaves tomorrow to Vegas where she will run a half marathon on Sunday night!
- Bruce “Buck” Tyler was happy to be back to rotary after almost two years!  He feels free!  His son and daughter-in-law and two kids got moved to Taiwan.  His son arrived with covid, so they were held up for quite a while.
- Theresa Slominski was $2 happy for her mom celebrating her 80th birthday on Tuesday - 2/22/22!  Their family made a big deal and her mom felt overwhelmingly loved!
Cal Portner’s was happy to share that his mom turned 80 yesterday!
Heather Kliewer was happy to have moved her oldest son to Grand Forks last weekend!
John Osterman was happy to have gone fishing last weekend for burbot but caught none.  They did however catch northern!
Debbi Rydberg was happy for the vote off next week for President Elect as it was her idea to do so with an election!  She was also happy to see “Buck” as he is a sign of things getting back to “normal”.
Julie Fish was happy for attending the Monticello Rotary fund raiser/SOCIAL event where her sister won a grand prize of a diamond necklace donated by Loch Jewelers in Monticello! 
imageCard Game - a jack of diamonds was pulled and Molly Hanson won half of the $53 pot and the other half goes to the Rotary Foundation!
Janet McCarty has arranged for our March and April Service Projects and has sign up sheets up front.  Be sure to get your name on the sign up sheet.

Together we recited the 4 Way Test of the things we think, say and do!
Still waiting for camera, etc. to be delivered for ZOOM.
Will let you know when we are ready to re"zoom" online meetings. 
Regular Meeting - February 17, 2022
Today President Tove Lichty led our meeting! We had a couple of guests!

Visiting Rotarian: Melissa Strickers with Scouts, St. Cloud Rotary
Guests: Jim Acres, with Scouts
                Dr. Laura Mullennex, Chiropractor with Ideal Health

Attendance: Dirk Barrett, Julie Fish, Neil Gagnon, Heather Kliewer, Tove Lichty, Janet McCarty, Cal Portner, Pete Reiner, Beth Richards, Debbi Rydberg, Kat Sarff, honorary Glen Ertel and Bob Maxwell

Today we learned about A Spark of Possibilities in Elk River.  Owner Lana 
told us about this new imageadventure to soon open in Elk River.  They offer respite care for kids with disabilities for kids age 4 to 17.  They are located at 555 Railroad Drive, Suite D and when fully staffed, will be able to take up to 40 for their respite/day camp.  At their center they will have a gym to help with motor skills; glow room for a calming sensory which is good for those with visual impairments; music room which helps with many things and is a sensory for the deaf; tactile room offers touch, sensations and sensory assistance; arts and crafts offers a variety of things to do!  They will also do community engagement with their support room that will provide resources and educational classes such as CPR; have a lending program for sensory equipment as the equipment is expensive and they offer scholarships to their center.  How can we help? We can donate money, food equipment; become a sponsor; volunteer opportunities such as reading stories, helping with arts and crafts, host a yoga class, provide music, engage with children, help with special events. They hope to open their doors mid to the end of March.  For more information:, email or phone Liz at 651-230-7805.

Scout Update
Rotarian Beth Richards and guest Jim 
Acres came imageup front next and gave us an update on the program.  Jim shared the scout oath with us and that scouting is a very rewarding experience.  Beth spoke next.  She is the district executive for scouts.   She shared stories of positivity in our world achieved through those who were in scouting. In 100 people that join scouting, one will save a life (she has saved a life), two will save their own lives and eight will find their vocation (which she has) though scouting.  They are looking for a way to connect our youth.

Taste of Elk River
imageDirk Barrett led us in a vote for our Signature Donation Recipient for 2022.  There was a list of four choices - Thumbs Up 5K, Open Doors for Youth, Boy Scouts of America and Magnus Veterans Foundation and those present, voted and turned in their ballots.  Stay tuned for the next Taste of Elk River meeting.

Thank You Note
A thank you letter was received from the Magnus Veterans Foundation. President Lichty sent it around the room for all of us to read.  She also reminded us to go to our freshly redesigned web page and to check out the video about the 6 person people mover that was purchased for them through our efforts raising funds and grant efforts by Casey Mahon and Heather Kliewer.

Share the Love
February for Rotary is Share the Love month as it is the birthday of Rotary.  Contributions made will be matched at the district level.  If you donate $100, they will double the points.  Once you have 1000 points you quality for a Paul Harris Fellow award.  Give over $1000 and there are more perks!  Go to and click on the Donate Now button!

Happy Birthday song was sung to Kat Sarff!  She chose the $10 version!

imageHappy Bucks
- Pete Reiner
 was happy to tell us a story about a bad joke that a park and fly attendant told him!
Julie Fish was happy to ask Pete to not tell those bad jokes!
Heather Kliewer was happy that her husband starts a new job in Elk River and won’t have to drive to Shakopee every day anymore!
Cal Portner was happy that he received his free covid tests in the mail; happy for his sons 30th birthday and happy for a great weekend in San Diego with his wife last weekend!
Kat Sarff was $2 happy for her daughter’s upcoming birthday next week when she will turn 2 on 2-22-22!  They are having 2 birthday parties!
- Tove Lichty was happy to share with us a trivia question about what a group of eagles is called.  The answer is convocation.  She also shared that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance!

imageCard Game - a queen of diamonds was pulled and there was not a winner!

Together we recited the 4 Way Test and the meeting was adjourned.
Regular and Zoom Meeting -
For January 6, 2022
Zoom Meeting has returned. Link below.

Meeting ID: 869 4595 8822
Some of the images from our holiday party at POUR. Great food, great fun and great fellowship. Thanks to all that made it happen. 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  
Regular and Zoom Meeting -
For January 6, 2022
Zoom Meeting has returned. Link below.

Meeting ID: 869 4595 8822
Regular and Zoom Meeting - For December 9, 2021
(No video equipment for virtual today...sorry.)
Our meeting was run by our President Tove Lichty. 

Attending: Julie Fish, Brandon Hanson, Molly Hanson, Heather Kliewer, Bonnie Koste, Tove Lichty, John Osterman, Debbi Rydberg, Kat Sarff, Theresa Slominski, Adam Stumne and honorary Glen Ertel and Bob Maxwell

Guest - Kevin Gardner, guest of Bonnie Koste, works for Dolphin Pool & Spa

Our program today was arranged by Brandon Hanson.  He introduced us to Lane and Sherry with Great River Young Life.  They work with kids and have a lot of fun.  They asked us to form a circle and play a game with him for an example of an ice breaker that they may use.  They are a Christian, non-profit. non church affiliated.  They introduce kids to Christ and help them grow their faith.  Lane has been here for four years, and Sherry only since October.  They have three ministries - Young Life (high school), Wild Life (middle school) and Caparnium (special needs kids). They shared with us about their program and their struggles through covid.    Sherry also helps with fund raising so she shared information with us about their needs.  Financially, 2020 saw loss but they were backed.  2020-21 they rebuilt the financials and 2021-22 they need to raise 75% of their budge and are on their year-end push.  For more information -

Rotary Moment by Adam Stumne
Adam shared that in Ethiopia, during the pandemic, 40% of kids suffer from malnutrition and they expect 100,000 to die from it.  Rotary will donate over 30 million in the next 5 years.  Rotary steps in world wide where there is a need.

SOCIAL!  Thursday, December 16, we will not have a noon meeting, but will meet from 5:30 to 7:30 at Pour in Otsego for a holiday social.
- Thursday, December 16, is also a service project at CAER.  They need 4 to 6 volunteers to do numerous things. Bob sent out a link to the volunteer sign up.
- No noon meetings January 13 and January 20th as those are the two days for the Visioning Sessions.    Sign up is still open so let Tove know if you are interested. on the 13th, the zoom will run 2.5 hours and on the 20th, the zoom will run 2 hours.
- Taste of Rotary is a district event being held on a Saturday in January.  If interested let Tove know.  She and Heather Kliewer plan to attend.
- Our website has had more changes, thanks to Bob Maxwell.  Be sure to go check it out!

Card Game - 7 hearts was pulled and John Osterman won half the pot!

Happy Bucks:
John Osterman was happy that last Friday he and some friends sang and rang the bell for the Salvation Army.  They collected $1632!  Also happy that in the evening he attended The Loons playing at the Elk River American Legion club.
- Debbi Rydberg was happy for a new employee!
- Julie Fish was happy to still be living through the print shop remodel!
- Kat Sarff was happy for a donation to a program helping early dementia through art.  The Shiver event has confirmed a location at the Big Lake Beach! Tonight their neighborhood is having a gathering!
- Brandon Hanson was happy that tomorrow he is going to Red Lodge in Montana for the weekend for a wedding.  He was also happy to have his hockey rink up and that he saw and talked to Lynn Caswell, who is doing well.
- Adam Stumne was happy to be attending the Wild game tomorrow and is hopeful for their 8th win in a row.  He has seen 18 goals in 3 games and was happy to be here today!
- Tove Lichty asked us if we knew what a Twin Bing was, and most did not.  She shared that she made bing bars for her open house at her office and they were a hit!  She loves her new office and has seen a lot of wildlife there!
- Bob Maxwell was also happy for the beautiful scenery in his back yard.

Together we recited the 4 Way test.
Regular and Zoom Meeting -
For December 2, 2021
Zoom Meeting has returned. Link below.

Meeting ID: 869 4595 8822
Regular and Zoom Meeting - For December 2, 2021
Today our meeting was ran by President Tove Lichty!

Attending:  Dirk Barrett, Curt Boysen, Julie Fish, Brandon Hanson, Heather Kliewer, Tove Lichty, Casey Mahon, Janet McCarty, John Osterman, Cal Portner, Nicole Rasmussen, Debbi Rydberg, Theresa Slominski, Honorary Members Glen Ertel and Bob Maxwell
Our program today was arranged by Nicole Rasmussen with the help of Tove Lichty!  We were introduced to a Rotarian from Monticello, Chris Kruse who came to speak to us about Interact.  Chris knows that each Rotarian has a different story so he shared his with us.  He is from Peoria, Illinois.  His mother was the Rotary Club Secretary.  They had 200 members and did a lot.  Chris was paid to help his mom many times and attended all Rotary projects and to him, as a 10/12 year old kid, it looked like being a Rotarian was work!  His grandfather was also a long time Rotarian so Rotary is in his blood and what he knows.  He feels being in rotary builds the right relationships with other business people.  Rotarians have life long members, but continue to grow and Chris shared with us that Interact is a way to teach the high school age kids to give them a base line in community service.  To give them roots and hope that they will stay in the community.  Monticello has had their Interact program for about 10 years and they have an average of 45 students in their club.  They meet a couple of times a month and run like a high school level rotary club.  They have a president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer and board of directors. Interact involves high school students in grades 9 - 12. The students determine their budgets and participate in coat and blank drives, shoe drives, bracelets made and sold.  It gives them an avenue to do things.  The Interact gives a quarterly report to the Monticello rotary club.  They do not offer scholarships, as this is a resume builder type club.  He stressed that the most important thing is to have a great connection at the school with a teacher or counselor.  There is no fee for the students as the Monticello Rotary Club sponsors the Interact Club.  It runs them about $1500/year.  They do have food at every event, because Chris feels it is a good draw to get the students to come.  The food is sponsored by Rotarians each time and is not a part of the budget.  They focus on fun such as a trip to the MOA or bowling, Fund Raising and a combo of both, such as when they attend Feed My Starving Children events or trick or treat for the food shelf where the gather pounds of food for the food shelf.  A popular event is when the students dress in their prom clothes and go the senior housing places for show and tell!  Club responsibility is to have one or two persons to be the point person/lead and a great teacher connection at the school and 100% financial club support.  Interact is a good networking opportunity to make an impact in their lives.

- SOCIAL! Committee will meet this evening at 5 pm at Chow to plan the holiday gathering.  All are welcome to join the meeting.   We will NOT have a noon meeting this day.  The holiday gathering will be held on Thursday, December 16th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at Pour Wine Bar & Bistro in Otsego.  Elk River Rotary will pay for the food and beverages, so dig out your ugly sweater and line up your plus one and plan to join in on the fun!  Games and prizes for the ugliest sweater and more!
- Service Projects!  Pete Reiner gave us an update on a few things coming up!
   Thursday, December 16th from 1 to 3 pm
   Four to Six volunteers are needed at CAER.  The more the merrier!

   Dictionaries are handed out and Pete sent around a handful of thank you letters
   that he received from the teachers.  He and most of the teachers hope that we
   continue our dictionary project.  450 were given out this year!
   Pete and Janet McCarty are going to be meeting to chat about future things
   that we can do for service projects.  Have an idea? Let them know!

- Visioning Session!  President Tove asked us to be sure to reserve a couple of dates - Thursday, January 13 and Thursday, January 20!  We will NOT meet for our regular noon meeting on these two dates but will be meeting via Zoom with members from our District who will guide us through a visioning session.  Tove asked us to watch for a survey coming your way and asked if you could take the survey!  It only takes about 3 minutes and it is a very valuable tool for the visioning session.  Your commitment is requested to attend both meeting dates.  Tove will let us know the exact times.
- Card Draw was a jack of hearts and there was not a winner.  Next week will be a draw till we have a winner week so be sure to join in the fun!

- No birthdays today but we wished Janet McCarty a very happy 30th Wedding Anniversary and Bob Maxwell remembered that his new heart will be 20 years young on December 7th!
Happy Bucks

- Debbi Rydberg was happy for all of us and thanked us for our support.  Her dad fell in September and passed away in November. She was thankful that her three children were able to attend his services. She was also happy for Brian Bohnsack with Fleming Investments who has been handling the Chamber office in her absences.  Her last happy was that the new Chamber sign is up and she is working out the kinks!
- John Osterman was happy that tomorrow, he and his friends from St. Andrew’s are gathering around the red kettle at Cub Foods to sing Christmas songs from 2 to 5 pm.  He was also happy that on Friday night, starting at 7 pm, The Loons, featuring Rotarian, Dirk Barrett, are performing at the Elk River Legion!
- Julie Fish was $5 happy for many reasons but mostly because Rotary created a break from the remodel mess at Elk River Printing!
- Dirk Barrett was happy for Heather Kliewer and CAER for the fund raising efforts put forth during Give to the Max Day!
- Brandon Hanson was happy to see December begin as November was covid month for his family!
- Pete Reiner was happy that Julie Fish shared that she has a dumpster at the print shop!
- Nicole Rasmussen was happy to have had a thanksgiving celebration with her mom on Saturday and that she won the turkey cook off this year, hands down, with her smoked turkey! She is on the countdown . . . Her daughter will turn 16 in 28 days!
- Janet McCarty was happy to tell us that her 30th wedding anniversary was amazing!  It was a very happy month as they sold their business and are now retired!
- Theresa Slominski was happy that her daughter’s hockey team is doing well.  She was also happy that her son and his girlfriend are moving from Bemidji to Minneapolis so they will be closer to home!
- Tove Lichty was happy for all of her nieces and nephews!  Her sister was induced on Monday evening so Tove went there to hang out and keep her company and hopefully, witness the birth of her soon to be niece/nephew. At 7 am, baby Pete was born and she was there to see him arrive.  It was very emotional and her sister made it look easy.  Both sister and baby are home and healthy!  After all of the commotion, Tove was happy to be home and in quietness!
- Heather Kliewer had an I.O.U. buck for her grandson’s 5th birthday on Monday.  She saw him be born!  Her family has a lot of birthdays coming up this month!
- Bob Maxwell - was happy. It will be 20 years on December 7th that he had his massive heart attack. He will be celebrating his second birthday next week and only has
one more year before he can legally drink 
President Tove led us in the 4 Way Test of the things we think, say and do and rang the bell of dismissal!

Regular and Zoom Meeting - For November 18, 2021
Today, our club president, Tove Lichty welcomed us and rang the start bell!  John Osterman led us in song and Dan Weber had some solid words to share with us.

Visiting Rotarian: Sandy Campbell from the Anoka Rotary Club joined us today.  Sandy is also our Assistant District Governor.  She told us to look on line to see a list of
Image result for District 5960 Rotary Sandy Campbell. Size: 136 x 170. Source: rotary5960.orgaccomplishments/goals and to check off those that are completed.  There is a new, non-competitive, recognition program that we need to apply for!  It is a way to bring projects to the District and to inspire other clubs.  She loves that we are an active club and are doing good in our community!

Attending:  Dirk Barrett, Julie Fish, Neil Gagnon, Molly Hanson, Heather Kliewer, Bonnie Koste, Tove Lichty, John Osterman, Cal Portner, Nicole Rasmussen, Pete Reiner, Kat Sarff, Theresa Slominski, Dan Weber, honorary Dave Anderson and Bob Maxwell

Guests: representatives from two local non profits - Open Doors for Youth and Rivers of Hope

President Tove reminded us that today is Give to the Max day in Minnesota and it is a good day to honor non profits by opening up your pocket book with a donation! 

Dan Weber, member of the Donations Committee, led the program today.  He shared with us that this year, we developed and application and process for those wanting to receive a donation from Elk River Rotary.  The committee received 28 applications, requesting around $50,000.  14 applicants were awarded and two of them, are with us today!  Dan called up Cindy with Open Doors for Youth.  Cindy thanked us and then shared with us some information about Open Doors for Youth.  The concept began in 2012 with a conversation in Elk River with a small, but mighty group of people!  They serve Elk River and surrounding towns with youth 16 to 24 years old who are experiencing homelessness/housing instability. They are the only place of this kind in Sherburne and Wright Counties. There are many reasons for people to be in these situations and Open Doors for Youth is there to help them figure things out.  In 2015, they were an all volunteer staff and they now have three paid staff members.  Sara is their mental health specialist and she is great and shares her special skills.  They are working on a free health care program at their center to begin in early 2022.  Tove presented Open Doors for Youth with the oversized check and a real check for $1,000 from Elk River Rotary!  Next to speak to us was Rivers of Hope.  They are a domestic violence advocacy program for adults and youth. They serve both Sherburne and Wright Counties also.  They have a 24/7 crisis line and also receive referrals and reach out with information received from police reports.  They offer for an advocate to go through the process with the client. They work with youth and refer to counselors.  Advocates can also go in to assist in an unsafe situation. They help people to be safe and also offer educational resources in communities and in schools.  The schools outreach cover topics that would reach youth and create a connection.  They work closely with schools, law enforcement and other non-profits.  1 in 3 women, 1 in 4 men, and 1 in 3 teens experience some type of domestic violence.  In 2020, 30 people died from domestic violence. Rivers of Hope serves those with family violence in their homes. There are many kinds of abuse and we all need to listen to and believe victims we may know.  Refer them to Rivers of Hope.  President Tove presented Rivers of Hope with the oversized check and a real check for $1,000 also!  Others who received donations that were represented in our meeting were the YMCA, United Way and CAER.   This was a fun way to celebrate our community on Give to the Max Day!

- John Osterman gave a follow up to the Bowling for Polio Plus event!  He put down 651 pins to raise funds!  Treasurer Neil Gagnon has emailed out the invoices so please get those paid promptly!  John shared that he really enjoyed the crowd and social event and told us that around $2200 was raised and with matches, it could be up to $9,600!   Thank you John for being such a famous bowler and Rotarian!
- President Tove sent around the sign up sheet for the upcoming Visioning Session.  It will be held on Thursday, January 13th and on Thursday, January 29th and will be held via zoom for two and a half hours the first session and two hours the second session.  Your voice matters so please participate.  She looks forward to doing this with us!
Happy Thanksgiving!  There will not be a meeting next week!
- SAVE THE DATE!  There is a SOCIAL!   Thursday, December 16th, we will NOT meet at noon at Chow, but will meet at POUR, beginning at 5:30 pm. Bring a guest!   Interested in helping plan? Contact Nicole Rasmussen!  Stay tuned for further notice!

Happy Bucks

- Molly Hanson was $2 happy for a successful trip to LA for her anniversary!  There was sunshine, 80 degree weather and a Viking victory!  She and her husband Jamie have now traveled to 13 football stadiums with this tradition.  At the stadium in LA, Molly reports $18 for a beer!
- Sandy Campbell was happy to be here today and was happy to have a guest visiting from the Netherlands!
- Theresa Slominski was $20 happy to have spent last weekend with her daughter with a hockey game victory!  Her daughter plays for Eau Claire, a division three team.  Soon they will play the Wisconsin Badgers, a division one team!
- Pete Reiner was happy that he when he went to the dentist yesterday for a root canal it was cancelled.  The unhappy is that they have to pull the tooth and put in an implant!

Card Draw was a five of clubs and there was not a winner . . . The pot thickens . . .

Tove thanked our speakers and wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Together we recited the 4 Way Test of the things we think, say and do!
Regular and Zoom Meeting -
For November 11, 2021
Bowling or Dollars with John Osterman.
A Polio Plus fundraiser 
Terrific time was had by all. 
Total dollar amounts to follow...and its a 
big number.
Regular and Zoom Meeting -
For November 18, 2021
Zoom Meeting has returned. Link below.

Meeting ID: 869 4595 8822
Regular and Zoom Meeting -
For November 11, 2021
President Tove Lichty welcomed us to the meeting.  John Osterman led our song and Neil Gagnon had a very solid as a rock, Veterans Prayer!
Attending: Terry Bizal, Curt Boysen, Linda Christian, Julie fish, Neil Gagnon, Molly Hanson, Heather Kliewer, Jessica Lacher, Tove Lichty, John Osterman, Nicole Rasmussen, Kat Sarff and honorary Mary Eberley, Bob Maxwell and Stewart Wilson
Welcome via zoom MARY EBERLEY!!  Mary in one of our honorary members. She has been a member since 1992, is a past president and is a multi level Paul Harris Fellow as she truly believes in the Rotary way!
Image result for elks clubOur program today was Craig DeForge.  He is the Metro District President of the Elks organization.   Craig shared about the Elks organization and he is a 35 year member and has held many offices.  He is trying to organize a local chapter in Elk River and has found it to be a tough task.  They need 50 members before they can open a club here.  They are a non profit charitable organization who focus on giving back to youth and veterans.  They were established in 1910 and were the forerunner of the VA System.  They have a camp in MN up in by Nisswa, consisting of 400 acres and they serve on average, 800 kids at a youth camp.  They take veterans to Twins Games and help them also find housing and goods for those who find themselves homeless.  There are 24 Elks Clubs in Minnesota.  He is looking for more people interested in joining.  They have three requirements - American citizen, at least 21 years old and have a belief in a God.  Craig can be reached at 612-968-4513 or   Tove thanked him for sharing with.
- Our sympathies go out to Rotarian Debbi Rydberg and her family for the loss of her father.  Please keep her in your thoughts.
- Tonight is the night for John Osterman to Bowl for Polio Plus/Rotary Foundation!  Starting at 4:30 pm at McPete’s in Big Lake.  Elk River Rotary will buy the first round of beverages and some appetizers.  Please join in on the fun!
- Next week, a couple of non-profits will be with us to receive a donation and tell us about their organizations.
- Mark your calendars!  The Visioning Sessions have been scheduled for Thursday, January 13 and Thursday, January 20.  We will NOT have a regular meeting those two weeks, but will be zooming for two hours each week with District folks for our visioning session.  Tove sent around a sign up sheet.
- Survey says!  Please watch your email for a survey to come from Bob Maxwell.  You may have already taken this short survey and if you have not, please take the three minutes to do so as it will help greatly for the Visioning Session.
- Committee Chairs - please gather your team for a meeting to make some plans.
- Happy Anniversary #14 to Molly and Jamie Hanson!  They are heading to LA to cheer on the Vikings!
Card Draw - a 10 of clubs was drawn and there was not a match!
Happy Bucks
Geoff Gaertner and daughter Nicole Rasmussen were very close, she said, and she considered him to be her biggest cheerleader. Contributed- Nicole Rasmussen was super happy to tell us about a huge article in the Brainerd Dispatch today featuring her veteran father!  She has a lot of veteran connections and is grateful for everyone’s service! Here is a link to the great article by the Brainerd Dispatch
Image result for dolly parton books for children free- Kat Sarff was happy that when her 4 year old son was born, her sister told her to enroll him in the Dolly Parton Imagination book program.
 Through the United Way, they have started this program for local kids.  They thought they would be at about 200 enrolled and are at 869 enrolled!!  She also thanked Tove for matching funds raised!
- Jessica Lacher was happy to be going to Mexico tomorrow and was happy that her 8th grade daughter’s first basketball game was today!
- Heather Kliewer  was $10 happy to have been to Denver to visit her granddaughter with her mom and she was also happy that CAER is receiving a few fabulous matching grants on Give to the Max day next week!
- Linda Christian was happy for a positive outcome from a cancer scare for her mom!
Tove thanked us for coming and together we recited the 4 Way Test
Bowling For Dollars with John Osterman
Join John Osterman for the 
Bowling for Dollars Fundraiser 
Click on his image and play video for more information
Visit link for more information if image to play video.
Regular and Zoom Meeting -
For November 11, 2021
Zoom Meeting has returned. Link below.

Meeting ID: 869 4595 8822
Regular and Zoom Meeting -
For November 4, 2021
Today our meeting was ran by our President Tove Lichty.  Tove gave a special welcome to our newest member that was with us today - Beth Richards!  
Linda Christian, Julie Fish, Neil Gagnon, Heather Kliewer, Bonnie Koste, Jessica Lacher, Tove Lichty, Casey Mahon, John Osterman, Pete Reiner, Beth Richards, Robin Skinner, Adam Stumne and honorary Bob Maxwell
Adam Stumne arranged for our program today.  We heard from Jessica Schaefer with our local group - Gifts Anonymous. Gifts Anonymous serves people in Elk River and Otsego and have been in existence since 1970.  This is their 51st year!  To receive gifts, you have to be a resident of Elk River or Otsego.  They gift to those from birth to age 18.  To register, you would go online to do so.  This year, the gift event will be held on Saturday, December 18th and will be held at the Otsego Prairie Community Center. A parent or guardian comes to the center and with a volunteer, shops to pick out gifts for each child.  Each child on average, receives four to five gifts.  Teens, maybe a bit less because their gifts cost more.  Gifts Anonymous partners with churches and organizations in Elk River and Otsego to get donations and stocking stuffers.  Trout Brook has a knitting club and they knit a hat and blanket for each family member.  Gift wrap is also provided.  The United Way groups in both Wright and Sherburne Counties, CAER and our local schools do drives to raise funds and/or gifts.  Wright Hennepin Company gives a wonderful grant as well.  They are a 501 c 3 organization.  They gather gifts around town by putting out 44 large bins with signs for Gifts Anonymous.  The bins are put out the Sunday before Thanksgiving and are pulled the week before the 18th of December.  They have added a pick up deal, where if the shopper doesn’t feel comfortable coming in, they can provide a list and someone will pick their items for them and will put them into their car when they drive up.  Volunteers are wanted and needed!   In 2020, they served 526 children/206 families.  They also do gifts for people who receive Meals on Wheels.  This portion is funded by the Otsego Lions.  After gifts are gathered, they are sorted by price category.  They control the gifts so that those who come later in the day, still have a good selection.  They receive many gift cards from Walmart, Target and Coborns and give those out as well.  The members of the board of directors, do a lot of black Friday shopping and it seems the teen gifts are always the biggest struggle.  Registration for families begins November 1st and each family reserves a 15 minute time slot. When they arrive, they have to show proof of their address.  Central Lutheran Church in Elk River has an adopt a family program also.    Tove thanked Jessica for speaking and suggested to Pete Reiner that we do something for Gifts Anonymous as an Elk River Rotary Service Project.
Rotary Moment
Adam Stumne gave us a rotary moment! From, he shared that we should all give back during the holidays.  Reach out to local places to help out.  Hundreds of thousands of hours are donated by Rotarians!
Club Announcements
- Next week - THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 11TH, starting at 4:30 pm, held at McPETE’S in Big Lake, we will have a Cheer for John Osterman Bowling for Polio Plus SOCIAL!   Our club will pay for bowling and appetizers.   We have currently raised $1500 for Polio Plus, which is $500 over our goal of $1000!  Way to go everyone and SPECIAL THANKS to John for bowling!
- The next Taste of Elk River will be held on Thursday, May 19, 2022!  Please mark your calendars and start thinking about how you want to help out with our event.  The Committee should starting meeting the first part of December.   First Bank Elk River is all in for our May event!  Owner, John Houlton, has asked if he can be a part of the committee, as well as Joe with Elk River Liquors.
- Save the Date - another SOCIAL! is on the horizon for Thursday, December 16th where we will NOT have a noon meeting, but will have a holiday celebration! Stay tuned for further details!
- Visioning Session in person, scheduled for this week has been cancelled and will take place in January where we will have two Rotary meetings, via zoom with District folks, at two hours in length to handle our visioning.
- Club Board of Directors and President Elect vacancies . . . Adam Stumne is going to remain a Rotarian but is no longer able to be our President-Elect; Jeff LaBarre is also remaining a Rotarian, but in no longer able to attend board meetings; Dan Weber will be resigning at the end of the year, due to his work load.  A few names were shared last week.  If anyone is interested in filling these positions, please let Tove know.  Tove then shared that Heather Kliewer will replace Dan Weber as the Membership Committee Chair and Robin Skinner will replace Dan Weber as the Programs Chair.  Thank you Heather and Robin, for stepping up!
- Card Game - queen of hearts was drawn but there was not a winner!
- Please plan to attend the November 18th meeting as the Donations Committee will honor and hand out donation checks!
Happy Bucks
- Bonnie Koste was happy to be taking a quick trip with her daughter to Alaska to watch her daughter’s boyfriend play hockey on a juniors team.
- Robin Skinner was happy to be going to see comedian C. Willie Myles, Friday night at Rockwoods for a YMCA fund raiser!
- Julie Fish was $5 happy for also going to see C. Willie Myles; happy for a great vacation and happy for Pete Reiner, Bonnie Koste and a great concert that they attended last Saturday night at the Medina Entertainment Center where they saw Trilogy!
Tove led us in reciting the 4 Way Test.  
That was followed by Bob Maxwell showing us our new Elk River Rotary website!  Great job Bob!  It is wonderful!
Regular and Zoom Meeting -
For October 28, 2021
(We had technical issues today. The HDMI cable outlet to the projector was not functioning and no video camera or audio pods were available so no zooming today. Also we had pinch hitting contributors John O and Bob M for this bulletin. Missed you Julie. Hope you had a great vacation.)
Today our meeting was called to order by President Tove Lichty - Club Assembly Day
John Osterman lead us in song followed by a special Rotary "from the heart moment" from President Tove - Explaining the meaning of Rotary to her and to acknowledge the importance to all of us - "Service Above Self". 
Attending: Jessica Lacher, Kat Sarff, Neil Gagnon, Heather Kliewer, Brandon Hanson, Molly Hanson, John Osterman, Cal Portner, Pete Reiner, Debbi Rydberg, Bob Maxwell, Marilyn VPC, David Anderson and Audra Anderson
Started with our card game - No winner. 
Happy Bucks
- Marilyn VPC - Let us know Tricia Downey, former Rotarian and TASTE Chair, has moved to Oklahoma. 
- Heather K - Thanked Bob M for his work on the website upgrade. 
- Bob M - Happy with the website upgrade but acknowledged there is always more to do. Also thanked Casey M for his terrific input for improvements. Not happy with today's technical issues - wanted to share all the website changes and to seek additional suggestions from the club. Until Bob can make make a presentation please go to to check it out. Again suggestions always welcomed.
-Heather K - CAER is doing some long awaited remodeling. Yea!smiley
-Jessica L - Central Minnesota Mental Health is remodeling as well. Another Yea!smiley
-Tove L - Had water issues at home less than a year after improvements completed. Called contractor (Schnertman Construction) and responded within hours and began repairs immediately.
Committee Updates:
Donations Committee - Debbi R reported $11,000 has been divided among several community organizations. Presentations will be announced and made around Thanksgiving. 
Marilyn VPC - Told us she had something really important she wanted to tell us but could not......wink
Image result for rotary polio plusJohn O - Polio Plus bowling fundraiser to be held on November 11 at 4:30 PM - Donation per pin and dollar donations have been strong. Still not too late to make your contribution. Come and cheer John O on and join us for club provided snacks, etc. 
We had an extended conversation regarding TASTE of Elk River 2022.... to have it moved back to May or a late summer return. 
After looking at positives and concerns of each it was determined to return to a May event. The date will be May 19, 2022 
It will come up fast so we need participation from all to make it happen.
Tove informed us of member resignations and changes. 
Dan Weber - Concerns with expanded work requirements and family commitments. Dan has been a significant member of our club for many years and we thank him for his many club contributions. Dan will be us through the end of the year. This leads to an opening as a director/membership and program coordinator....setting schedule weekly member presentations and support new members and recruitment. If you are interested in stepping in please let Tove know. 
Also Jeff LaBarre will be resigning from the board. He has a family commitment during our meeting time so his attendance is not possible. Thank you for your service Jeff. 
And finally - Adam Stumne - unable to fulfill his desire to become our next president due to work and family commitments. This obviously leads to an opening for a president elect 2022 - 2023. Anyone interested to step in please contact Tove as soon as possible. 
With all these interesting developments we closed with the Four Way Test
Regular and Zoom Meeting -
October 14, 2021
Today our meeting was ran by President Tove Lichty.  John Osterman led us in song in a very high pitch so we didn’t sound very good, but Tove had some inspiration to share from Mother Theresa about Rotary and the 1981 convention. Mother Theresa was a Paul Harris Fellow, thanks to the generosity of the Rotary Club of Pikesville, Maryland. 
Attending: Audra Anderson, Curt Boysen, Julie Fish, Neil Gagnon, Molly Hanson, Bonnie Koste, Tove Lichty, Janet McCarty, John Osterman, Debbi Rydberg, Theresa Slominski and honorary Dave Anderson, Bob Maxwell and Stewart Wilson
Visiting Rotarian - Lee Scheumann, member of the Cambridge/Isanti Rotary Club
Lee was also our program today.   He has been a Rotarian for six or seven years.  This is their first international project.  He has been invited to visit the Ukraine in 1997 and has visited on several capacities.  He taught there through a mission group, which led to church planting, then on to a fire fighting group and more!   He talked to us about the Ukraine and shared a lot of their issues, starting back in 1991 and on to current issues with covid 19.  He invites us to send human aid for food and clothing.  They have three containers that are going to go there.  Lee is going there in ten days to check on a fire equipment project.  With this project, they gather used equipment from here and bring it over there to be used. There are a lot of drug and alcohol issues with the Ukraine people and in 2003 a Logos Center for Rehabilitation was founded.  The areas of service include - housing of over 200 refuges between 2014-2017; housing and supplement single mothers; youth programs; sex trafficking prevention; housing and support for elderly women and invalids; alcohol and drug rehabilitation.  Previous to this center, alcohol and drug issues were dealt with in a tent.  It was an 8 year project to build the building and when finished, there was nothing to put into it due to lack of funds.  This building can house 40 men/women.  The next project is go get furniture, staff, and training. Lee shared with us that on average, a 15 year plus male, consumes 20.5 liters of alcohol per year and a 15 year plus female, consumes 7.1 liter of alcohol per year.  There is no government support and that is why this calls for community action.  They have addresses sex trafficking since 1991 and have a stat of 260,000 to 400,000 women have been trafficked into the international sex trade.   Lee shared with us the numbers for their grant that they are working on. He thanked us for letting him come and present to us.  Tove thanked him for speaking to our group.
- Tove Lichty shared a book she received that she thinks is “pretty cool”!  It is the 100 year Rotary Anniversary book!
- Tuesday, October 20th, the Donations Committee is meeting!  Debbi Rydberg reports that there are 10 to 12 applications turned in and they are being received in a variety of ways!
- Molly Hanson reported that Camp Enterprise has been cancelled again this year.  She is still waiting to here from ERHS on a STRIVE program.
- Bob Maxwell forwarded a survey from President Tove re: our club.  If each of you can take a minute or maybe two at the most, to fill out the survey it would be most helpful for our visioning session coming up in November.
- Tuesday, November 2 from 4 to 9 pm at the Sherburne County Government Center, there will be an Elk River Rotary Visioning Session that will be led by our District folks.  If you are interested in being part of the conversation, please let Tove know so you can get on the invite list!
- Thursday, October 21, starting at 1:15, there will be a board meeting. All are welcome!
- World Polio Day is Sunday, October 24.  The district is sponsoring a bowling tournament, in which, our own, John Osterman is going to participate.  He was in need of some pledges, so those of us present, rallied and made it to $500.  CHALLENGE:  If you were not here today to pledge, please be sure to pledge so we can make our goal $1000!
- This month, our club is offering Paul Harris Fellow points match, up to $500.  If you give $500, you will be match 500 points, which would give you 1000 to become a Paul Harris Fellow.  This fund raiser is to raise funds for Polio Plus.  Want to give direct? and click on the Donate Here button!  Easy!
Happy Bucks!
- Molly Hanson was happy to tell us about a fund raiser happening for the YMCA.  It will be held on Friday, November 5th, from 5:30 to 8:30 at Rockwoods and will feature comedian C. Willi Myles!  She hopes to see us all there!
- Theresa Slominski was happy because she is going on vacation.  She bought a hockey ticket for a came that was cancelled and is now happening!
- John Osterman had a happy buck because we warmed his heart with our quick fund raising efforts today. He was also happy that tomorrow is ERHS homecoming and they will be playing their first game on the new field!
- Curt Boysen was happy to tell us that his youngest daughter has finished chemo for blood cancer.  She is only 21 years young and has been actively kicking cancer for two years!
Card game - a 3 of clubs was pulled and there was not a winner!  Next week we will draw until we have a winner!
Together we recited the 4 Way Test of the things we think, say and do!
Regular and Zoom Meeting -
For October 14, 2021
Zoom Meeting has returned. Link below.

Meeting ID: 869 4595 8822
Regular and Zoom Meeting -
October 7, 2021
Today our meeting was led by President Tove Lichty.  John Osterman led our song and Dan Weber had a prayer for us.
Attending:  Audra Anderson, Julie Fish, Neil Gagnon, Heather Kliewer, Bonnie Koste, Amanda Larson, Casey Mahon, Janet McCarty, John Osterman, Nicole Rasmussen, Pete Reiner, Kat Sarff, Theresa Slominski, Adam Stumne, Dan Weber, Honorary Dave Anderson, Glen Ertel, Bob Maxwell and Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba
Visiting Rotarian - Bob from Fridley/Columbia Heights visited us today to present us with a check for $500 to go towards the wheels for Magnus Veterans Foundation!  Thanks you Bob!
Rotary Moment by Adam Stumne
Adam told us about the upcoming World Polio Day on October 24th.  The polio vaccination is given out world wide to the tune of 2.5 billion vaccinations given year to date!  This was done through Rotary alone!  
Since October is World Polio Month, John Osterman is considering bowling for a fund raiser for Polio Plus.  He sent around a sheet asking for pledges.  If he gets enough pledges to make it worth while to drive to Mankato for the event, he will do so. 
- Also during October, Tove Lichty reminded us that our financial gifts given in October will have points matched from our club. Example, if you give $500 and you get 500 points, Elk River Rotary matches your 500 and you now have 1000 and are eligible to become a Paul Harris Fellow, which is the most prestigious level in Rotary.  Any amount given will be beneficial to all concerned and will be matched!
- We did a new member induction today and President Tove Lichty called up the new members that were present.  She read some beautiful words to us and each received their name badge and their Rotary pin to wear proudly.  Those receiving were Audra Anderson, Janet McCarty and Kat Sarff! 
Our program today was arranged by Dan Weber.  He introduced us to Nicole Ruhoff with Sherburne County Click to HomeHealth and Human Services for a covid update.  Nicole had a slide presentation for us and shared the dashboard on their website to show us the number of cases and vaccinations.  A year ago in November 2020, there were 3972 cases in Sherburne County.  This year, September, we are at 1295 cases. They monitor break through cases, which are very low at 1%.  These are cases of folks who were vaccinated and still ended up with cover.  She shared many charts of information with us and showed that there is a positivity rate, also examined.  MN @ 7%, Sherburne Co @ 9% and Centra Care @ 12%.  Testing and vaccinations are available throughout Minnesota and to find out, check out  Boosters are now out.   Nicole introduced us to Dr. F, Chief of Staff with Fairview, Princeton.  He explained the body of research on cover and says that it has been researched more than any other vaccination in our country.  He discussed a lot of things we have heard about the vaccination and shared his thoughts and feelings about them.  He shared with us that the common cold is corona virus. He then opened up for question/answer time. 
Image result for anniversaryHappy Anniversary to Amanda  Larson, 17 years and to Pete Reiner at 29 years!
Card draw was a 5 of clubs and there was not a winner.
Happy Bucks
- Heather Kliewer was happy that her son in law received a job in Montana but will be working remotely from MN!  She was also happy to see that Nicole Rasmussen ran the Twin Cities Marathon, successfully!
- Julie Fish was happy too, for Nicole Rasmussen’s great accomplishment and also shared a water debacle story with us.
- Nicole Rasmussen was happy for an awesome weekend.  She met up with the family she discovered on and ran the Twin Cities MARathon.  She paid $5 for shaving 5 minutes of time off her time.  She was also happy to have made the 100 faces of finishers photos and it is posted all over the place!  She has now done 7 of these marathons!  Wow!
- Glen Ertel had a $5 happy buck to tell us a story about his oldest son and a freak accident where he is staying at Glen’s recovering!
- Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba was happy that she sold land next to the Bee Hive for a new 86 unit apartment building. She also shared that her son ran his 59th marathon and his last one was in Utah, running down a mountain!
- Tove Lichty was happy for an upcoming day off where she will go hiking and enjoy some alone time!
Together we recited the 4 Way Test!

Upcoming Meetings 

3/10/2022 - TASTE of Elk River kickoff

3/17/2022 - Acorn Housing Services - Carmen Pouliot

3/24/2022 - Rotary District 5960 - Tedi Carlson

3/31/2022 - Africa Classroom Connection - Robin Coquyt

Motto: Serving Humanity, Strengthening Youth, Enhancing Lives.
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