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Our Motto:

Serving Humanity 
Strengthening Youth 
Enhancing Lives


September 12 - Brandon Hanson - Great River  Area Young Life 

September 19 - Bonnie Koste - District Governor - Paul Perez, Prior Lake

September 26 - Terry Bizal - Dr. Bittman - Distric 728 Superintendent 

October 3 - Tom Sagstetter - Elk River Municipal Utilities - Discussion on Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Chevy Bolt and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV GT available for inspection.

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Inspiring leaders with passion to serve humanity; strengthening youth for tomorrow's leadership and enhancing lives in our world.

Regular Meeting - September 5, 2019
President Bonnie Koste led our meeting today.  Brandon Hanson led our song and Julie Fish had the prayer and program.
Guests: Heather Kliewer, Executive Director at CAER food shelf - prospective member and guest of Bonnie Koste
Attendance: active status - 21 present, 14 absent
honorary status - 5 present, 4 absent
total membership at 44 members
- Molly Hanson spoke to us about STRIVE and asked us to consider signing up on the large sign up sheet on the board up front, to be a mentor for STRIVE.  STRIVE meets about every other Tuesday at ERHS at 8:30 am for about an hour and will start around October 1st.
- Bonnie Koste met with Tove Lichty, new membership chair, and they are looking forward to quarterly membership meetings!
- Rotarian Deb Bland had flyers to pass out for the upcoming event that Elk River Rotary is sponsoring for the Sherburne Area United Way - “A Gathering”  to talk about Sex and Human Trafficking, on September 18, starting at 6 pm and held at Elk River Senior Living.  Dinner provided so please register at  This is a free event.
- Bonnie Koste reminded us that our District Governor Paul Perez is going to be at our meeting on September 19th.  Please plan to attend rotary that day so we have a good member representation.
- Board of Directors - we have a meeting next Thursday after our regular meeting.
- We sang Happy Birthday to Amanda Larson ($5 horrible version) and to Bonnie Koste ($10 snappy version).
Image result for playing cards- Card Game - we had a winner!!  Julie Fish bought a card for our speaker, PT and he had the 5 of clubs to match the card pulled.  With his gracious heart - he donated his winnings back to Rotary.
Happy Bucks:
- Molly Hanson was happy for the start of the NFL season and was wishing the Packers a loss tonight!
- Terry Bizal and his wife have returned to empty nester status.  He brought his son out to Boston last week and stopped in Ohio to see his daughter briefly.  He was also happy that school started.
- Leah Studaker was happy to be back. Happy to give an update on the school.  They received the $600,000 grant and will be opening their charter school next year!
- Nicole Rasmussen shared that Sunday, she and her mom laid the rest of her dad to rest by scattering his ashes in the lake that their old cabin was on.  It was his wishes.  Her parents home is on the market this week and her mom is happy to sell and down size.  She was also happy for a good start to the school year!
- Troy Adams was happy about the NFL and stated that the Packers vs. Bears game will set the tone!  He was $10 happy about that!
Julie Fish arranged our program and shared her Rotary Moment.  Her program was PT with the #livin Foundation.  PT is a dj on 102.9 and is a part of The Wolf Wake Up Crew.  He was grateful for the opportunity to speak to us.  He shared how the foundation was born and it was by the loss of his father to suicide on January 21, 2013.   PT shared information with us about his upcoming event at the ERX track on Saturday, September 21st.  It begins at noon with free daytime activities including a BBQ rib competition, kids activities, fencer fair - mental health resources.  At 5 pm it requires a ticket for entrance and there will be a ton of country music.  Kat Perkins, Minnesota gal who was a finalist on The Voice will be performing and will be the keynote speaker.   Tickets are on sale now.  Visit to buy your tickets!
Regular Meeting - August 29, 2019
Today our meeting was ran by our current President, Bonnie Koste.   John Osterman led us in song and Julie Fish was our prayer giver today.
Guests: Gary and Mary, parents of Molly Hanson
Jamie Hanson, husband of Molly Hanson
Curt and Barb Hinkle
Attendance: active status 13 present, 22 absent
honorary status - 5 present, 4 absent
total membership at 44
- Molly Hanson announced that we are in need of more mentors for STRIVE.  If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so.  The sign up sheet is on the front board.  Please consider adding your name and making a difference in a young person’s life!  STRIVE will be held during the school year on Tuesday from approximately 8:20 to 9:30 am at ERHS.  It will start the end of September/beginning of October.
- Intersted in giving to in memory or in honor of a loved one?  Check out and find out how simple it is!
- Happy Anniversary, today, Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba.  Good thing you came to the meeting today so we could remind you!
-Image result for playing cards Card game - a 7 of clubs was pulled and there was not a winner!
Happy Bucks:
- John Osterman started us off with a happy buck for the Elk River Elks football team.  He is the voice of the Elks and the fun begins to night with their first football game of the season!
- Molly Hanson was happy to have a firm closing date of October 25th on their new home in Otsego!
- Robin Skinner was a couple happy bucks happy!  Her husband, Ben, convinced her to spend this coming weekend in a sail boat on Lake Superior!  He told her to bring a stocking cap and mittens!
- Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba was happy to be back at rotary after missing a few weeks.  She’s been super busy traveling around visiting very old relatives, 96 years old to 104 years old!
- Cal Portner was happy for 20 more years of Marilyn!
- Troy Adams was happy to announce that a crew from ERMU is going to Florida to assist with hurricane damage.  He was also happy to tell us that the Ringo Starr concert was awesome and he has now see all living Beatles!
- Stewart Wilson was happy to tell us that he went fishing with a friend he has been fishing with for 50 years and the caught their walleye limit!  Yum!
- Curt Hinkle had a brag buck and told us about a recent trip to England where he was able to buy a piece of the stage that the Beatles performed on!  Troy was jealous!
- Debbi Rydberg was happy that her daughter who is a teacher in Mexico is teaching 12th grade and will have some students that she taught in younger grades!  She was also happy to be attending the State Fair for Rotary Day on Friday!
- Bonnie Koste was happy that her office manager endured an accident with an umbrella at an event and was smacked very hard in the head.  She is going to be ok, but this was a reminder that life is precious and it can change at any time!
- Dirk Barrett had the last happy buck and he was happy to be traveling to Wisconsin to attend the Viking/Packer football game!
Our program today was to honor two new Paul Harris Fellows.  These were achieved on past president, Robin Skinner’s time, so she was a participant and called up Stewart Wilson to lead our celebration!  Stewart began by telling us that the Paul Harris Fellow award is the highest award given to a Rotarian.  Most Rotarians focus on doing and not receiving so this is quite an honor to receive this award!   Today, we honor two very deserving people who embrace the motto “Service Above Self”.  A $1,000 donation has been given by our club to the Rotary Foundation, in the honor of these two new PHF winners!  Today we honor an outstanding past Rotarian and member of our community, Curt Hinkle and we honor one of our Rotarians, Molly Hanson.   Stewart enlightened us with “who is Paul Harris”?  Paul Harris was born in 1868 and died in 1947.  He was quite a prankster in his younger days and was expelled from high school and was kicked out of the University of Vermont!  He moved to Des Moines, Iowa in 1881 where he received his law degree.  After receiving his degree, he didn’t do lawyer work, but dabbled in odd jobs - newspaper worker, cattle worker, etc.  In 1905 he had the idea of starting a social organization for business professionals and recruited three people.  They rotated meeting locations by moving from office to office.  A couple of years later, they completed their first project of building toilets in Chicago.   The first Rotary club was in Chicago and the second was in San Francisco, CA.  By 1910, there were 15 clubs and one was in Winnipeg Canada, sponsored by St. Paul Rotary.  This club made Rotary an international organization.  There are not 1.2 million Rotarians, 35,000 clubs across the world.  Rotary improves lives locally and nationally!  The greatest achievement was to eradicate polio.  This campaign was launched in 1988 and as of today, we are 99.9% eradicated. The Rotary Foundation is the most trusted and fiscally responsible non profit with 90% going straight to the Rotary Foundation.  Stewart hopes that each of us see fit to give donations.   With our donations, we move closer to world peace and understanding.   Stewart called up Brandon Hanson to introduce us to Curt Hinkle.  Brandon’s known Curt for quite some time and Curt is Brandon’s mentor.  Curt supports our community youth and is Service Above Self with the kids he has mentored for over 40 years.  He is a face of God to many.  Young Life has made a difference in many lives, because of Curt.  Brandon talked about Curt’s impact on him and on many others.  Curt formed relationships with ERHS and started the Walk With Me program at Ivan Sand School.  Adults volunteer to spend time with students as mentors. Curt was also active in STRIVE, both as a Rotarian and a non-Rotarian!  He has provided the best ice breakers at STRIVE!  Curt retired from Young Life, but he really didn’t retire as he consults and teaches still, about God.  He mentors others to do the same.  Brandon was proud to call up Curt Hinkle as a Paul Harris Fellow award recipient!   Next up was Cal Portner to present
to Rotarian Molly Hanson.   He was proud to present to Molly!  They got to know one another at the first ever Rotary happy hour!  They were the last two there and he believes, they got rides home!  Molly served as Cal’s president elect.  She is a very active Rotarian and even sent her daughter on an exchange student year!  Molly is a strong community member, leader of the local YMCA, active in Youth in Government program and has chaired STRIVE and will chair it again this coming year.  She works and lives in our community and works with people of all ages.  She has a lot of energy and a gift to connect with others and a quick responder!  At STRIVE recently, she had the courage to share “her story” with the group and she really impacted all of us, not just the students!  Cal is proud to call her “friend” and more proud to announce her as our newest Paul Harris Fellow!  Stewart Wilson thanked all of us for attending!  CONGRATULATIONS CURT HINKLE AND MOLLY HANSON!
President Bonnie Koste had us recite the 4 Way Test and we were dismissed.
Regular Meeting - August 22, 2019
President Bonnie Koste ran our meeting.  John Osterman led our song and Robin Skinner led us in a prayer where we had a moment of silence in honor of the passing of Honorary Rotarian, Keith “Coach” Hempel. 
Guests: McKenzie, granddaughter of Rotarian Bob Maxwell
Joy Nadeau and Kat Sarff with the Sherburne Area United Way
Max Koste, son of Rotarian Bonnie Koste
Olivia Goske and Jules Bollinger, new employees at the Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce, guests of Debbi Rydberg
Kathy Lillis, wife and guest of speaker Clare Lillis
Attendance: active status - 13 present, 22 absent
honorary status - 4 present, 5 absent
total membership at 44 members
Keith Hempel, age 81, of Zimmerman, passed away peacefully in his sleep with his family by his side on August 11, 2019. Keith was born on March 10, 1938 in Kenmare, ND to Rev. Willhelm and Margaret Hempel. Preceded in death by parents, siblings, and son Keith Jonathan II. He will be deeply missed by his loving wife Colleen of 51 years; daughter Bridget (Dan) Titterud; son Tobin (Katie) Hempel; daughter Lucia (Chris) Higgins; grandchildren Dillon, Jackson, Elijah, Elsie, Caitlyn, Clara, Meara, Kellan, and Della. Keith established Hempel Income Tax Service, Inc. of Elk River in 1983. Visitation 10 a.m. followed by service at 11 a.m. will be on Monday, August 19th at Faith Community Lutheran, Zimmerman, MN. Keith joined Rotary in 1984 and served many areas.
President Bonnie Koste sent around a sympathy card for us to sign and send to Keith’s family.
Rotary Foundation Moment
Tove Lichty had a “throw back Thursday” and went retro to her past rotary club in South Dakota and told us how they fined people who did not wear their rotary lapel pins. Everyone without a lapel pin was fined $1.  She quickly raised $13.  These funds go to the Rotary Foundation, on behalf of our club.  Fair warning . . . be prepared and wear your lapel pin.   Our guest speaker, Clare Lillis shared that he wears his rotary lapel pin every day - it is a great conversation starter.
Paul Harris Fellows
Next week, we will induct two new outstanding individuals to our slate of Paul Harris Fellows.   Those who are PHF members are reminded to wear their special PHF lapel pin!
Committees Forming
President Bonnie Koste pointed out to us that the new committee sign up sheet will remain on the board for folks to sign up on and be reminded of their committees.  If you have not signed up yet, please choose a category and sign up.  Bonnie was in need of a leader for the Service Project category and thank you to Pete Reiner for taking the lead!
Happy Bucks:
- John Osterman had $2.  On the way to our meeting today he was reminded that in one week, the first ERHS football game will take place.  His second buck was in honor of Keith Hempel and he shared a story of how he acquired the nick name of “Coach”.  John had a funeral folder and passed it around the room to share with us.
- Robin Skinner had a few bucks to be happy.  She was happy to have camped in her home town of Chisholm, MN and celebrate her parent’s 63 wedding anniversary!
- Tove Lichty was happy to tell us about canoeing in Canada on a crystal clear lake, compared to canoeing on the river for Rotary clean up.  She learned that they are very different from each other.  She admitted the canoe went backwards a couple of times in the river!
- Brandon Hanson had a story and happy buck in honor of Keith Hempel.  Keith asked Brandon to ask for prayers at Rotary once because “Brandon was the closest thing to a minister” that Rotary had!
- Debbi Rydberg had a sad buck and two happy bucks!  She was sad that long time employee Victoria, was leaving her job next week, and two happy bucks for the two new employees - Oliva and Jules.   Debbi was also happy that her son, Boomer, made it safely from Cleveland to Oregon with a car trade up in between the two!
- Nicole Rasmussen was happy that her daughter’s summer volleyball was done, fall tryouts were done and Hailey made the 8th grade A team with a bunch of her friends.  Nicole also shared with us that she, herself, is going to be a volleyball player for a fall outdoor league at Boondox on Thursdays . . . hint, hint, social committee!  Nicoles final happy buck was because she and her daughter are going to the State Fair tomorrow.
- Bruce Tyler was happy to be going to the State Fair tomorrow also!  He was also happy that Sunday they are hosting a family gathering and his wife has been cleaning everything.  Today, they are even cleaning the freezer!
- Troy Adams was happy for a great vacation in Hayward, WI, tonight a concert - Ringo Starr and one happy buck for Coach memories!
- Bonnie Koste was happy to have her son, Max, with us today, and a buck because her phone rang during the meeting!
Robin Skinner shared her rotary moment with us, as she said, with one question - “Who wouldn’t want to be in Elk River Rotary?”  She shared that before being a Rotarian, she attended a Taste of Elk River and decided that she wanted to “be one of us”!
Her program today was Clare Lillis.  Clare is a part of the Rotary Human Trafficking Task Force.  Our Elk River Rotary representatives are Dave Anderson (honorary) and Bob Maxwell.   This Rotary innovative program is titled “Out of the Shadows - Ending Human Trafficking in MN/WI/Ont/ND.  It is a tough subject to talk about but we need to.  He encourages us to get behind this and talk about it in our community.    Clare shared a PowerPoint presentation filled with information.  Too much to list here.  Here is a summary.  There is an estimated 25-40 million victims of human trafficking globally.  In the US< 300,000 youth are at risk of being trafficked every day.  The average age a sex trafficking victim is first sold is 13.  On average, a victim of sex trafficking is raped over 6,000 times.  The odds of escaping are 1 in 100.  For those who don’t escape, the average life span once trafficked is 7 years.  Victims come from all demographics, all communities.  Annually, human trafficking is a $150 billion industry, worldwide.  It is the fastest growing and second largest criminal enterprise in the world.  In Minnesota, the FBI identified the Twin Cities as one of 13 US cities with a particularly high rate of child prostitution.  MN Safe Harbor laws recognize that children under 18 who are exploited for sex are not criminals, but rather victims, and cannot be persecuted.  The law also provides funding, services, shelter and resources for victims and survivors under 25, and increases the penalties against commercial sex abusers or buyers.   How can Rotary help?  Bring together 150 Rotary Clubs in MN.  Mobilize over 5,000 Rotarians to raise awareness of this issue throughout MN.  Focus on awareness, education and prevention.  Partner with local organizations to support their anti-trafficking work with funds and volunteer efforts.  Engage local communities and raise awareness.  For more information about the Rotary Initiative to End Human Trafficking, or to schedule a speaker for your Rotary Club or community group, please contact:  District 5950, Karen Walkowski, Chair at  or District 5960, Clare Lillis at  Day One Hotline: 1-866-223-1111 or Text:  612-399-9995.
Elk River Rotary is sponsoring this event put on by Sherburne Area United Way.  The program will be an educating event on the Sex and Human Trafficking subject.  Please plan to attend.
We recited the 4 Way Test together and Bonnie dismissed us.
Regular Meeting - August 15, 2019
Today at Rotary, President Bonnie Koste ran our meeting.  John Osterman led us in song and Julie Fish led us in prayer.
Attendance: active status - 21 present, 14 absent
honorary status - 4 present, 6 absent
total membership at 45 members
Guests: Bree, niece of Molly Hanson
Jessica with Thurber Jewelers, guest of Molly Hanson
McKenzie Cremeans, granddaughter of Bob Maxwell
We sang a couple of happy birthday songs!  One to McKenzie Cremeans and one to Terry Bizal!
Bob Maxwell came with a video presentation of the Taste of Elk River 2019!  The photos and music were perfect!  Thank you Bob!  It was fun to see our accomplishments unfold before our eyes!  Way to go everyone!
- Pete Reiner thanked everyone for helping out with River Clean Up.  
There was a very large group of volunteers this year.  Pete also thanked Robin Skinner for the hospitality that she and her husband Ben offered us after clean up.  We had brats, Elk River Meats hot dogs, buns, chips and all the fixings!   Also thanks to Pete Reiner for being getting us together!  Pete estimates that we collected around 100 pounds of trash!
- Molly Hanson talked about STRIVE and she will have the sign up sheet with her next week for those who are interested in being mentors.  She is also looking for Sponsors and will have a sign up sheet for that.  Sponsorship minimum is $100 so let her know if you are interested.
- Bonnie Koste reminded us that on September 19th, our District Governor will be our program. Please plan to attend so we can show him what an amazing group of people we are!
Image result for playing cardsCard Game: A two of clubs was pulled and there was not a winner.
Rotary Foundation Moment:
- Tove Lichty was prompted to encourage us to give to the Foundation when she learned that our Rotary club didn’t qualify for a grant due to the non-giving of our club members.  This month’s magazine reminds us to give now for possible grant offers in our future.
Happy Bucks:
- Molly Hanson was happy that she had lunch with Barry Hohlen’s wife, Maggie.  She learned a lot about Barry!  She was also happy to be going on a motorcycle trip to Door County, Wisconsin.
- Leon Barthel was happy about Bob’s video and the music was the sound of $42,000 raised!
- Tove Lichty had happy bucks for a trip to Canada that was so much fun and happy that her husband texted her of the birth of a new baby in the family and happy to have the house to herself this weekend!
- Barry Hohlen was happy to have spent a week at camp with 30 high school students, including a few special needs students and it went great!  He thanked Rotary for our continued support to Young Life!
- Julie Fish was happy to have her 2nd anniversary at her cottage home on the river in Monticello, for all of the wonderful folks that showed up for River Clean Up and for life being bright and shiny!
- Bonnie Koste was happy for her neighbor Jim DeChene who helped us with river clean up, is a great neighbor and put a chair up for her in downtown for the concert tonight!
Our program was organized by President Bonnie Koste.  She led us in a Club Assembly.   She shared that the Rotary District has a Club Citation and she would like to achieve that goal as a club.  She has formed 5 committees:  Membership (led by Tove Lichty), Social Events (led by Robin Skinner), Donations (led by Julie Fish), Service Projects (needs a leader) and Taste of Elk River (led by Dirk Barrett and Jeff LaBarre).   The membership goal is to have a 10% or 5 member increase this year.   Social Events are to unite members and have fun!  Donations committee will decide where our giving funds will go in our community.  Service Projects are to give back to our community perhaps once a month, create Rotary awareness.  Projects can be big or small.  We have done river clean up and will do dictionaries, and assist with the upcoming United Way event in September.  Taste of Elk River is to continue the momentum and grow our event and make it better.  Bonnie would like to see the Sponsorship Committee for the Taste start up this fall in hopes of encouraging new sponsorships.   Bonnie would also like to see us each purchase some type of club apparel.  She is working on gathering information for that.   Molly Hanson spoke about STRIVE and how she is looking for someone to co-chair STRIVE with her.  It is definitely a two person job.
Regular Meeting - August 8, 2019
Today our President Bonnie Koste led our meeting.  John Osterman led us in song and Leon Barthel had a very solid prayer for us!

Attendance:     active status - 14 present, 22 absent
                        honorary status - 5 present, 5 absent

Guest:  McKenzie, Bob Maxwell’s granddaughter


        River Clean Up will be followed with a BBQ at the Robin and Ben Skinner residence.

- Molly Hanson started up a sign up sheet for people who would like to be mentors for 2019-20 STRIVE at Elk River High School.  Molly shared that it is a rewarding experience and we have seen great success. 

- Bonnie Koste reminded us of Rotary day at the State Fair - Friday August 30th.  She is going and so is Debbi Rydberg.

- President Bonnie Koste told us that our theme this year is about Rotary connecting the world.  She wants to see us do our part this year and is looking to connect us with other service clubs in Elk River.

Image result for playing cardsCard Game - a 2 of spades was pulled . . . no winner.

Happy Bucks:

- Debbi Rydberg had a couple happy bucks.  Leadership Elk River is half full with 10 more to go.  It is a nine month program to connect you to the community.  A happy/sad buck because her daughter is flying back to Mexico, where she is a teacher and her son is flying from California to Ohio and then moving to Oregon.  She was happy to be going “glamping” this weekend.
- Nicole Rasmussen was happy to tell us about her rock star daughter and her adventures in sand volleyball where she played 2/2 and won the silver division.  Tonight is the last night of club volleyball.  She was also happy to be having a family reunion with her new found family!
- Bonnie Koste was happy for the beautiful day and happy for the upcoming concert with the Fabulous Armadillos.

Our program today was arranged by Leon Barthel. Leon shared that he joined rotary because of its long term existence.  He joined in 1984, right after our club’s 25th year anniversary.  Honorary members, Glen Ertel joined in 1981 and Stewart Wilson in 1979.  Leon stays in Rotary for the causes it serves.   He introduced us to Jim Huvda with the topic of The Old Guard. Jim is retired from a career of 23 years with the Minneapolis Police Department.  He served in the army in 1960 in Korea, then Vietnam then the Army reserves.  He is a part of the oldest US Military
unit that exists.  The Old Guard has been a part of the US Army since 1784.  Jim was stationed out of Fort Snelling.   Jim told us about every day soldering.  The Old Guard performs at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington, DC.  It was the only federal military unit on the frontier and they performed mostly fort building and helping farmers.  They were spread out throughout the west.  They served in the War of 1812.  They were also in a war with Mexico. During this time, the Old Guard was involved in battles on a large scale.  There were a lot of casualties.  1848 - Winfield Scott was the first person to demand respect for The Old Guard.  The Old Guard is the only unit allowed to march in parades with bayonets.  They marched in the Aquatennial parade in the 1990’s.  In 1890 they were sent to Fort Snelling to settle a disturbance of Chippewa on Leach Lake.  It was the last Indian war on the continent.  The Old Guard fought in WWI, WWII, Korean Wars.  July 1951, it was formally assigned to cemetery duty in Washington DC.  July 1966, the second battalion formed and went to Vietnam.  1967 the third battalion was formed at Fort Snelling.  Jim was a part of this.  He was moved to New Prague and had to get through a tough Minnesota January and sleep/camp in 37 below zero temps.  They lived in squad tents and had to arise at 3:30 am. Frozen boots, treck for a mile for food.  It was not easy at all.  Troops did a good job.  The average soldier did what was needed to be done.  Cold weather creates great thirst and water intake was very important.  His job was to elevate all people.  He loves to be impressed with The Old Guard.  He shared stories with us and then left it open for question/answer time.

Bonnie thanked him for coming.  We recited the 4 Way Test and Bonnie rang the dismissal bell.
Regular Meeting - August 1, 2019
Today, our President, Bonnie Koste led our meeting.  Julie Fish led our song and Adam Stumne had a super solid prayer.
Attendance - summer time attendance - some are here and some are not.  
Active Status - 15 present, 20 absent
Honorary Sat us - 5 present, 5 absent
Guest: Past Rotarian, Don Heinzman paid us a visit
- Lynn Caswell has the last two cabinet panels refurbished and asked if someone could led him a hand getting them in and back to gather.  Thank you Lynn!
- Bonnie Koste reminded us of River Clean up, which will be held on Wednesday, August 14th.  Meet at the dam at 5 pm.  Let Pete Reiner know if you are attending and if you have a canoe or boat to use also.
- Robin Skinner and Bonnie Koste met with Joy Nadeau with the Sherburne Area United Way and would like us to mark our calendars for an event that Rotary is sponsoring.  The event will address human trafficking and will be held on Wednesday, September 18th from 6 to 7 pm.  Location to be determined.
- Bonnie Koste reminded us of Rotary Day at the State Fair on Friday, August 30th.
Rotary Foundation Moment by Tove Lichty -
Tove asked - who’s donated this year?  Then she asked - do you have a sign in at   If you have never been there, go to it and create a password and log in to learn things about Rotary and see how you can give and how your donations can go across the world.
Image result for playing cardsCard Game - a 10 of spades was pulled and Bonnie Koste was the winner.  She donated her half back to rotary!  Thanks Bonnie!
Happy Bucks:
- Tove Lichty was happy to be going on vacation Sunday with family to Banff and happy for a long weekend before vacation!
- Robin Skinner was happy to tell a camping story!  She and her husband, Ben went to camp at William O’Brien State Park and arrived on Friday to find out that their reservation was for Saturday and Sunday, not Friday and Saturday.  So they went home and went back on Saturday.  They decided to head home on Sunday afternoon and left in time to be missed by a tornado in the area!
- Molly Hanson was happy to be here after missing a couple of weeks. She was also happy about the great weather!
- Brandon Hanson was happy for a family trip to Madeline Island, Wisconsin. His 7 year old did great with the canoe trip.
- Bonnie Koste was happy that a couple of years ago, Rotarian Bruce Tyler, gave her an old lawn mower to use on her river bank and recently her son tried it out.  It fired right up and worked beautifully.  It did take a dip in the river, but dried out and works great!
- Lynn Caswell told us about a lawn mower that he paid a happy buck for a couple of weeks ago.  He took it for a test drive after he got it and it hasn’t worked since so he had to return it to Home Depot!  Sad buck!
Our program was organized by Adam Stumne.  Adam shared that when he worked in Albertville, he attended a Rotary function there and when he transferred to Elk River, he joined Rotary right away!   Adam introduced us to Tanya Rice, owner of Azltala Yoga.  Tanya introduced us to her daughter Abigail.  Azltala has been in business for 5 years.  They recently moved and expanded.  They moved from 1000 square feet to 4000 square feet and are located between Buffalo Wild Wings and the movie theatre. They offer hot yoga and non hot yoga classes.  Classes for kids and classes for seniors.  Tanya asked each of us to sit straight in our chairs, feet flat on the floor, hands on our thighs, shoulders soft, close eyes, inhale and focus on the belly and your shoulders will straighten out.  Breath again through the belly.  Can you feel the relaxation and peace with 5 deep breathes?  Use this method when you are anxious and stressed.  Focus on belly breathing.  Do you have stress or trouble sleeping?  You can do yoga!  It only takes a try and everyone should do it.  All of the teachers at Azltala Yoga are licensed and insured.  Everyone’s body can do different things and they are there to help you figure out how to move your body.  They sponsor a lot of sports teams to start kids early with  yoga.   She gave out a class brochure, pens and a coupon for a free session.  Trying a class is your only investment.  Why hot yoga?  It is better for you to some degree.  If your body can’t do it, don’t do it, but do try it before you say that you can’t.  It is not scary, it is just hot!  Heat helps to make the muscles more healthy.  Build your way up and try hot yoga three times before you say that you hat it.  Molly Hanson has attended classes there and said that she felt amazing after a hot yoga class. They offer classes as early as 5:30 am and have evening classes as well.  Evening classes will help you sleep well.  Summer class sizes are around 2 to 12 members and winter months have around 18 to 20 in attendance.    Tanya is an engineer by trade.  The job is high stress and full of deadlines.  She took up running to help with her stress and ended up destroying her knees.  She turned down many invites to try yoga from a friend and one day she tried it and fell in love with it!  They will be starting a new class in September - Slow Flow.  It starts with posture and mobility of the waist.  It is to help with proper spine alignment and build core strength.  There is not an age requirement however, the hot room will allow 10-13 year olds accompanied by an adult.  All of the teachers, no matter what class, offers modifications for all moves to accommodate all members.  Yoga is about breathing and could possibly change sleep apnea issues.  The male population in classes is growing and they are seeing 2 to 4 men per class now.  Most classes run one hour.
President Bonnie Koste thanked Tanya for speaking and we recited the 4 Way Test and were dismissed.
Regular Meeting - July 25, 2019
Today at Rotary, President Bonnie Koste ran our meeting.

Attendance:     active status - 17 present, 18 absent
                        honorary status - 4 present, 5 absent
                        total membership at 45 members

Guests: Lane with Great River Young Life, guest of Barry Hohlen
Hailey, daughter and guest of Nicole Rasmussen

- Bill Haring
told us of the last concert of the summer
series for a group he is a part of Medalist Concert Band.  The concert will be held on Tuesday, July 31 @ 7 pm at Town Green Park in Maple Grove.  Come enjoy the music!
- Pete Reiner sent around the sign up sheet for River Clean Up, which will be held on Wednesday, August 14th, starting at 5 pm and meeting at the dam.  The sheet included a column for you to check if you may have a water craft we can use.  Contact Pete if you have any questions.
- District News - President Bonnie Koste told us that our new District Governor, Paul Perez, is about connecting members and clubs.  We are all invited to attend Minnesota Rotary Day at the State Fair on Wednesday, August 30th. The day is a partnership with two other Districts.  Please let Bonnie know if you are interested in attending.
- More District News - Bonnie also shared that there is a Rotary Day at Canterbury for Districts 5950 and 5960.  Cost is $10/day and families are invited.  It will be on Friday, August 9th starting at 5 pm.  It will also include a paddock tour which is an informational tour led by a jockey and includes information as to how to pick a winning horse!   Debbi Rydberg suggest that this be emailed to membership.

Foundation Moment:
Tove Lichty led us in a Foundation Moment and told us about how rotary helps with natural disaster relief through funds.  They help out around the world.  This is another way that your donations are put to good use. She also told us that as we donate, once we reach $1000, we are eligible for a Paul Harris Fellow award.

Image result for playing cardsCard Game - a 2 of hearts was pulled and no winner.

Happy Bucks:

- Nicole Rasmussen was happy for her awesome guest, her daughter Hailey!  She was also happy to tell us that Hailey’s volleyball team did great and had rock star serving and took the tournament!  They play tonight again.
- Debbi Rydberg was happy for a wonderful golf tournament last week and very happy to share news of the birth of her first granddaughter who was born yesterday!
- Tove Lichty was happy to share that she and her husband made it to the gym at 5:30 am, three days in a row and once after an evening with Glen and Jeanette Ertel!
- Pete Reiner
was happy to see Lynn Caswell because it reminded him how happy he was to have had Lynn’s daughter help them with granite while remodeling a bathroom!
- Lynn Caswell was happy to have had the opportunity to take his 97 year old mother and 76 year old brother to see the big Union Pacific Big Boy train, which is the largest steam locomotive in the US.  He was also happy to tell us that he complained about mowing the lawn so much, he bought a new riding mower!
- Julie Fish was happy to be attending Mama Mia at the Chanhassen Theatre with her sister and two great nieces and she was also happy that her new employee keeps coming back to work!
- Bonnie Koste was happy to be back from a trip to Banff.  Fantastic sites, made great memories with family and the kids got to jump off a 30 foot cliff!  She actually ran into someone she knew from here!

Lynn Caswell
arranged our program.  Lynn has been a member since 1997 and enjoys the companionship and friendships he’s made through rotary.  He also enjoys working on projects and believes in our mission.   He shared a story about his daughter when she was young and she “helped” him pick peas in the garden.  Lynn picked them and handed them to her to put in a bowl.  When they were finished picking the bowl was empty because his daughter ate them as fast as he picked them!
Lynn introduced us to his program - Erin Sindelir who is a science teacher the wellness champion at Salk.  She was actually Nicole Rasmussen’s daughter Hailey’s, sixth grade teacher and will be her teacher in eighth grade also.    Erin is the wellness champion at Salk.  Each school has a wellness champion.  Rotarian Nicole Rasmussen is the champion at Handke!  Erin’s working on a new project at Salk.  She wrote a grant and received funding to start the program.  Plaisted Companies donated some things and they built four raised garden beds at Salk.  Former and current students came together to build them.  Today with her summer school special ed students, they started seedlings.  Five years down the road, she hopes to see the whole east side of the school be a garden, learning, picnic area. They will use the produce in the cafeteria and classrooms.  It creates ownership for students.  They are looking for volunteers to help out.  They have put down some gravel to meet ADA requirements to assist with walkers and wheel chairs.  They are also in need of picnic tables.  This year they have planted eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, yellow squash, strawberries, chives, peas, lavender and a butterfly garden.  This process began just two weeks ago!  Residence of ISD 728 are welcome to the garden goods.  Erin has some gardening experience from her own home. Funding for this garden is all through donations, grant money and volunteers.  The project is for the whole school to use.   As the Salk wellness champion, she helps teachers come up with ways to incorporate movement in the classroom.  The wellness champion is a volunteer position.

President Bonnie led us through the 4 Way Test and hammered on the dismissal bell!
Regular Meeting - July 17, 2019 - Opps.  This is the correct date and its Julie Fish in the program section... but you knew that...right? 
In the absence of our new President Bonnie Koste, Past President Robin Skinner led our meeting for us today!  John Osterman led our song and Alan Sakry said our prayer!

Attendance:     active status - 12 present, 23 absent
                        honorary status - 4 present, 6 absent
                        total membership @ 45 members

Membership Note:  We joyfully share that Leon Barthel has recently qualified for Honorary Status!  Congratulations Leon and thank you for your longevity!   We regretfully share that Tricia Downey has taken a leave of absence.


- Pete Reiner announced that our annual River Clean Up event is coming so mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 14th at 5 pm.  Pete will have a sign up sheet soon.
- Bonnie Koste and Robin Skinner are going to meet with Joy Nadeau with Sherburne County United Way to iron out details in a Rotary sponsorship to an event that Joy would like to host for the community re: Human Trafficking.  Stay tuned for more details!

Happy Bucks:

- Molly Hanson was happy for a couple of fun vacations over the summer and tonight she is going to the Aerosmith concert!
- Alan Sakry was happy to have had a great time in Branson, MO over the 4th of July and was happy to be telling us about a new tennis gig coming to Rogers, MN!
- Pete Reiner was happy to have watched the men’s Wimbledon tennis.  It was a classic and epic event!
- Nicole Rasmussen had a good luck buck for her daughter who is in two volleyball leagues and has a couple of tournaments coming up!  She was also happy that she still has her new puppy and it is working out great!
- Troy Adams was $10 happy to tell us about his newly elected position to the National Association Board of Directors of Public Power!   Congratulations Troy!
- Terry Bizal was happy to tell us about his trip to Vermillion State Park where he had the privilege of the exercise of changing a tire skill on his camper!  He was also happy that his daughter, who plays college hockey for Ohio State, will be playing the Minnesota Gophers team for Hockey Day Minnesota in 2020 at Parade Stadium.
- Robin Skinner saved her $5 for last - best for last - to announce that her daughter is getting married!  She said she is one step closer to being a grandma!

Image result for playing cardsCard Game: A 9 of spades was pulled and Stewart Wilson had the match.  The kitty was at $45 and kind person, Stewart, donated his half of the fund, back to Rotary!   Thank you Stew!

Alan Sakry arranged our program today and started
with his Rotary moment.  He is in Rotary because of good friends and good people.  He was introduced to Rotary though past Rotarian Deb Urista.   Alan introduced us to his good friend, partner in crime, and also known as his brother from another mother - Del Bauers.  Del is one of the owners of Chuba Company Del came to speak to us about a new adventure happening in Rogers, MN.  He shared with us, three tennis balls and told us a bit about each of them.  He is involved in building a facility in Rogers for the tennis community.  It is located on the back side of the Rogers High School football field.  There will be 7 courts under a fabric structure with a metal frame that will hold up the building and fabric material.  It will include an open area for check in and check out, locker rooms, elevator and stairs to an upper level mezzanine to overlook the courts below.  There will also be opportunities for Pickle Ball which is a popular sport.  Del shared with us, how he was taught tennis by Randy Running and that he was tossed into a group of young kids for his lessons.  Now he has taught the children of those children!  Del shared a couple of stories with us about students throughout his experiences.   They are hopeful that the new center will be open in December or January.  They area bit behind due to the spring weather.  Rogers High School is adding 8 new tennis courts.  They’ll have membership and will rent courts to non-members. Tennis is a passion of Del’s and he enjoys doing this as his passion, it is not a job.   Alan asked about wheel chair tennis and Del told us that they will have wheel chair tennis events also.  The center does not have air conditioning, but will have a lot of air flow.  It will be open 7 days a week.  There is also room in this center for yoga, body pump, senior classes, etc.  Ashley Darkenwald from In-Fit in Albertville, will be leading the classes there.  They have plans for the future for two clay outdoor courts.  Del and Alan met several years ago while group bow hunting.  They were stranded due to weather and they spent a lot of time sharing stories with each other and sharing their dreams.  That is when the tennis center dream started for Del.  Two weeks later, Alan had his stroke and in the first few days of having it, wanted to tell desperately tell Del something.  With tears in his eyes, Del shared with us that Alan wanted to tell him to retire from his real job and follow his passion of the tennis center.  And so he did!
Regular Meeting - July 11, 2019
Attendance:     active status - 18 present, 19 absent
                        honorary status - 6 present, 3 absent
                        membership at 46 members
Today our meeting was lead by President Bonnie Koste. She also lead us in prayer. 

Guests:  Mckenzie Cremeans, Bob Maxwell's grand daughter and PTSA essay winner from Otsego Elementary. Joy Nadeau - Sherburne County United Way. Cindy Wiegel - Sex Trafficing Awareness. Suzie - Running for Justice. Katie LaPage - Vulnerable Kids 


- Pete Reiner - shared a thank you letter from Guardian Angels for the construction of their elevated plant garden from the donation to Elianna Kuehn she received from the Rotary Club.
- Tove Lichty - Reminded us of the ability to donate to the Rotary Foundation. Reminding us that it was formed in 1917. Also that the Endowment Fund established in 1981. More info on the Rotary International website. 
- Lynn Caswell requested help as he continues to keep our display booth up and working. This time working on two panels. 

We sang happy birthday to Cal Portner. He paid full price for the bad version. Go figure. Thanks Cal

Image result for playing cardsCard game - There was not a winner.

Happy Bucks:

Cal Portner - started us off with a happy bucks. Breaking ground on the new arena. Elk RiverFest - Great turnout (7,000 people)....and he is headed to the Hamel Rodeo this weekend. 
- Nicole Rasmussen was $3 happy - Helped her mom get ready for home sale. Spent time at her camper where she won golf card scavenger hunt where she came in 2nd place as a Rookie. 
- Deborah Bland  was happy they celebrated their 1 year anniversary for the Elk River Senior Living Center. Only have 36 out of 98 yet to rent. 
- Troy Adams - was happy his son was able to go to the Bahamas on High Adventure Scouting trip. He also passed his drivers test and went to a Scouting leadership Camp in Wisconsin. Oh and planning a troop trip to Philmont Scout Camp in Cimmaron NM. And finally, they have a new puppy. 
- Bonnie Koste was happy she completed her 2500 mile travels. Traveling to Banff Canada with American Family Insurance.  

Clare Lillis was unable to make it due to a flat tire so Bonnie improvised with our guests. 
Joy Nadeau, Katie LaPage and Cindy Wiegel spoke of their efforts with their organizations to help expose and support efforts to assist those that get caught up in the horrors of sex trafficing. Informational meetings planned in cities around the area including Big Lake, Otsego, Zimmerman, Nowthen and Santiago. 
TASTE of Elk River Update -
Starting with Debbi Rydberg - Treasurer - She was excited to report we smashed all previous years by almost $10,000 dollars. Total Income of $57,213.53. Expenses of $14,470.87 with a net profit of $42,742.66.
Debbi thanked EVERYONE for the TEAM WORK that made this record breaking total possible. 
Commissioner Bruce "Buck" Tyler  took over to award the ticket sale winners. Team and individual. 
Team Sales - #5 - Maxwell Silver Hammers - One Man Team - Bob Maxwell
#4 - CoCo Crispers - Top Sales - Robin Skinner and Al Sakry
#3 - Cal Portner - Whatever His Team Name Was - Top Sellers - Bonnie Koste and Lea Studaker 
#2 - Terry Bizal's Team - Top Sellers- Terry Bizal and Dirk Barrett 
And  #1 The Fighting Burbots - Top Sellers - John Osterman and Molly Hanson. Honorable mention Pete Reiner. 
Bob Maxwell - One Man Team was not a total loser - Top Individual Sales - 98 Tickets 
Bonnie lead us the the 4 Way Test. 
Regular Meeting - June 27, 2019
Today our meeting was led by our Past, Past President Molly Hanson.

John Osterman led our song and David Vinje led us in prayer.

Guest:  Bree - Molly Hanson’s niece

- Bill Haring announced that there are cards on the
table for the schedule of performances for a concert band that he is and has been a part of for 51 years.  He plays the baby tuba!  He shared with us that there is a concert in Bloomington on July 3rd at 8 pm and it will be followed by some spectacular fireworks!  Please come!
- Cal Portner announced that a gathering of the Paul Harris Fellows will be held next week, Tuesday, July 2nd at 7:30 am at Perkins in Elk River.  We will meet to select two people to be new Paul Harris Fellows. 

We sang happy birthday to Pete Reiner, the $10 version.  Thanks Pete!

Image result for playing cardsCard game - a 4 of spades was pulled and there was not a winner.

Happy Bucks:

Adam Stumne started us off with a happy buck for his engagement last week!  Congrats!
- Nicole Rasmussen was $3 happy - a new puppy named Toby, a great Carrie Underwood concert and a great Alabama/Charlie Daniels Band concert!
- Brandon Hanson was happy to be coaching his last game for the 7 year old baseball team where the kids pitch!
- Debbi Rydberg was happy that on Saturday, her daughter Amanda who teaches in Mexico, arrived home for the summer and they enjoyed dinner in Minneapolis. She also shared that her son “Boomer” is moving from Cleveland to Oregon.  She was also happy that her dad’s is doing well!
- Stewart Wilson was happy to have played tennis last Thursday during a summer solstice get away to Jeff Gongoll’s cabin in Grand Marais.  He shared that Pete Reiner convinced them to play 45 holes of golf at Superior Golf Course.
- Julie Fish was happy to have a date with her dad and her four sisters to go fishing on the pontoon on Sunday.

Our program was arranged b David Vinje.  He introduced us to Amanda, Environmental Coordinator and Brandon, Stormwater Coordinator for the City of
Elk River.  They came to present to us today on the Lake Orono History and Lake Dredging. They had a powerpoint for us.   The dam is owned by Elk River Municipal Utilities and Highway 10 splits the north and south bays of the lake.  The upper basin is very shallow. Rotarian John Osterman recalled that back in 1998 when it was last dredged, that some
Rotarians helped pull junk out of the lake basin.  He recalls a large pile on the shore!   It is a 611 square mile watershed and goes from Elk River to Mille Lacs.  The phosphorus load is 40 million to 60 million lbs/year.  Sediment load 3.7 million lbs/yr and the annual volume is 140,000 - 200,000 ac ft.  Lake Orono Home Improvement Association is a group of active residents that meet monthly.  They work closely with Sherburne Soil and Water Conservation District.  They receive grant funds and DNR permitting annually.  They help with vegetation management, water quality and more.  In 1998 when the last dredging took place, there were 120,152 cubic yards removed and the project ran in the $400 million range.  It was 50% funded by the City and 50% by property owners. They expected it to last 20 years before the sediment would accumulate again.  The last time, a development area took the sledge so it was much less expensive to do the project.  There is a LORE - Lake Orono Restoration Environment group.  In 2020, they will need to dredge it again at a price of $3.25 million.  They will remove 125,000 cubic yards of sledge.  $1.5 million will be paid by the State of MN, $1 million will be paid through the local option sales tax and the remaining amount will be assessed to the property owners.  They have been working with the DNR staff for the past three years.  Draw down potential start is August of 2020.  it needs to be completed by September 15, 2020 for the blending turtles.  They will also be doing a turtle relocation plan.  They are hoping to handle this situation every 5 to 7 years in the future, rather than 20 years in between.  They have created a Lake Orono Improvement District (OLID) or Lake Improvement District (LID) with the homeowners association.  They will have an annual budget and the City will appoint a board of directors and approve the budget.  Funding will be through assessment, service charges and taxes.  The boundary will include the adjacent property owners of Lake Orono.  Those who don’t agree with this plan can file a petition and it would have to include signatures of 55% lakeshore owners.   Sherburne Soil and Water Conservation helps pay for and has volunteers at the boat landings to help with the spread of things from boats going in and out of the lake.  One seventh of the shoreline is owned by the City.  Question and answer time.  

Molly had us recite the 4 Way Test and rang the bell of dismissal!