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December 5 - Cal Portner Kaylin Clement, City of ER Communications Coordinator

December 12 - John Osterman - Sherburne Soil & Water Conservation District

December 19 - Club Assembly



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Inspiring leaders with passion to serve humanity; strengthening youth for tomorrow's leadership and enhancing lives in our world.

Regular Meeting - November 21, 2019
Today at Rotary, President Bonnie Koste ran our meeting.  John Osterman led us in a bit high pitched tune and Stewart Wilson had an amazing prayer prepared for us!

Guests: Past Rotarian/Rotary President, Bryan Adams visited us today.  He was a guest of his mentee, Rotarian Troy Adams

Visiting Rotarian:  We had a visiting Rotarian from Anoka who came to give info on their fundraising efforts going on with sales of poinsettias and gift cards from Green Valley Garden Center.  They will arrive December 12th and Rotarian Leah Studaker offered her services of picking them up at Green Valley Garden Center and bringing them to our Rotary meeting.

- Molly Hanson reported for STRIVE.  A gathering was held this week on Tuesday.  The students took the PACE Pallet test and were matched up with their mentors.  We have about 23 students and 10 mentors.  She thanked all those who offered to be a $100 sponsor to the program!

- Many shoe boxes filled with treasures were brought in today and Barry Hohlen took them directly over to Central Lutheran to further their process for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ministry.   Thank you to those with giving hearts!

Image result for playing cards- Card game - a 6 of clubs was pulled and there was not a winner . . . roll it!

- Happy Birthday to Barry Hohlen!  Barry pulled a $20 out of his wallet and said if Robin Skinner would sing the birthday song solo to him, he would give the whole $20.  Robin Skinner replied with a match of $20 to NOT sing a happy birthday solo!  Fastest way to make $40!!  We sang a wonderful $10 version for Barry’s $20 and the Rotary Foundation thanks both Barry and Robin!
Happy Bucks:
- Molly Hanson had a few bucks for being gone a while and she is glad to be back.  She was happy to tell us that she and her hubby took their annual trip and traveled to Dallas for the Vikings game to celebrate their wedding anniversary!
- Robin Skinner was happy to tell us that she and her hubby are leaving Saturday and traveling to Austin, Texas to visit their daughter for 12 days!
- Heather Kliewer was happy to share with us that Give to the Max day was a success at CAER.  Their goal was $25,000 and they raised over $36,000!
- Leah Studaker was happy to tell us about the upcoming fundraiser for Three Rivers Montessori School on December 4th at Pour in Otsego.  You can get tickets from her!
- Bonnie Koste was happy that her daughter, who is a senior at ERHS, is in New York traveling with the DECA program!


Our program was arranged by Stewart Wilson.  Stewart has many rotary moments and chose to share one from days gone by!  In the past, the Rotary club used to play the fire department and/or the Lions club members in a game of softball and Stewart remembers that we were quite competitive!  Rotary wanted to win, but Stewarts isn’t so sure we ever did win!  Stewart remembers playing centerfield and a pop ball came along and he and Bob Maxwell, who was playing short stop, was smashed into by Stewart in his efforts to catch the ball!  In all seriousness, Stewart shared that at the age of 28 years young, he was approached by charter member, Bob Kemper, Kemper Drug founder, who had perfect attendance at Rotary!  Stewart thought it was quite significant that it was Bob that asked him to join.  Stewart then called on our program for the day!  Gina Hugo from Sherburne County Park and Recreation department.  Gina is not new to Sherburne County as she worked for about 20 years for the Soil & Water before accepting this position in the summer of 2019.  She has two favorite parks in Sherburne County and they are what inspired her to apply for the position.  She shared with us, detail on the five main parks/trails in Sherburne County.  Islandview, located near St. Cloud, Bridgeview, located across the river from Monticello, Oak Savanna, located in Becker, Grams Park, located in Zimmerman and Woodland Trails, located in Elk River. She shared brochures with us that describe each of the parks.    She then shared information with us regarding their Adopt A Park program that is getting off the ground.  It is to engage the community to feel ownership in the parks and to be outside, active and healthy!  They are looking for community groups or businesses to adopt parks for projects, weather annually or new projects such as plant trees, etc.   She also told us about their new Play Clean Go Campaign which is an effort to stop invasive species from traveling from place to place, via your shoes.  She brought a box of free shoe brushes for gifts for us.  Keep them in your car and remember to brush off your boots before you hike and after you hike!  This is to encourage us to be better stewards to our world.  She asked each of us to go on Facebook and “like” Sherburne County Parks & Recreation.

Regular Meeting - November 14, 2019
President Bonnie Koste ran our meeting for us.  John Osterman led us in song and Barry Hohlen arranged for our program and said a solid prayer for us to begin our meeting!
active status - 20 present, 17 absent
honorary status - 4 present, 5 absent
total membership at 45
Membership Announcement:   With regret, the board of directors has accepted a member resignation from Jen Vassar who has moved her life down to Florida!   Congrats Jen!  We will miss you!   This will bring our total membership to 45 total members.
Student of the Month!
Today, we welcomed our November Student of the Month!  Terry Bizal introduced us to Maggie Krueger.  Maggie introduced us to her mom, Julie and her grandparents.  She comes from a family of 4 children, an older sister and two younger brothers.  Here are answers to her questionnaire.
LIST THE ACTIVITIES YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED IN AND TELL OF YOUR PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  I have lettered in varsity high school lacrosse in my freshman year and plan on continuing to play throughout high school. I have played the piano for most of my life and participated in honor bands with my flute as well. I have done twelve years of dance, and won an award for drawing a peace poster. For our school science fair I did a microbiology experiment at Anoka Ramsey Community College and got the highest judged score in the school. I have also competed at the national level with a history research documentary I made with my partner Felicia Schall. I am a member of the National Honor Society, and participate in math team.
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CLASS AND WHY?  WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SUBJECT:  I would have to say my favorite class is health. It has a great atmosphere and I learn so much that I can apply to my daily life. It is really hard to choose a favorite subject as I am interested in many, but it would have to be science. I usually like it more when it has a connection to biology.
 WHAT ARE YOUR FUTURE PLANS:  I have not decided on any specific future plans, and right now I am open to a lot of different fields. I am interested in anything related to math, science, medicine, business, and the arts so it is tough to choose something. Right now I am focusing on keeping as many doors open as I can and trying new things.
 WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES AND/OR PERSONAL INTERESTS:  I enjoy fashion and design, as well as business. When I was little I used to create greeting cards and sell them at craft fairs, so I like to think I have a little businesswoman in me. I am planning on doing DECA and fashion marketing next year, so I am excited for that. I also like being challenged and solving complex problems. Anything related to the medical field also interests me, as well as nutrition and health sciences.
 WHO IS YOUR HERO, IF YOU HAVE ONE, AND WHY?  It is hard to choose one person, but my parents always have my back and make sure I push myself to be the best person I can be. My teachers and friends also motivate me to do my best and give me guidance when I need it most.
 TELL OF A MOST MEMBORABLE EXPERIENCE THAT RELATES TO SCHOOL, PERSONAL INTERESTS OR A HOBBY:  Something I was very lucky to experience was the National History Day competition in Maryland.  My partner Felicia and I created a research documentary revolving around how the Superfund program was created from environmental pollutants in the Love Canal located in New York. We ended up winning second at the state level and advanced to the national competition. We got to witness a week on the East Coast surrounded by people all throughout the country, while living in the dorms at the University of Maryland. We met new people every day and it was something I am forever grateful I was able to experience.
 HOW DO YOU DEMONSTRATE LEADERSHIP:  I demonstrate leadership by showing the world my best self, and by guiding others to achieve that too. I strive to be a role model, and I hope to inspire others to reach their full potential too.
 HOW DO YOU APPROACH ACADEMICS TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS:   I approach academics to achieve success by making it something I enjoy. Whether it be making studying fun or enrolling in classes and activities I am truly interested in, I try to find a way to make my academics something I am excited for when I wake up in the morning. I also make sure I can achieve a school-life balance with the workload I give myself.
WHAT SPECIAL PROJECTS HAVE YOU DONE, IN OR OUT OF SCHOOL?  I help out the middle schoolers with their history day projects with my old history day partner. I also went to other STEM schools to lead elementary students in doing projects that related to the STEM program. In the future I want to tutor for people at my school, too. For my church I performed piano at a widow and widowers dinner, and I regularly do service projects for NHS too.
WHY DO YOU THINK YOU WON THIS AWARD:  I think I won this award from hard work and dedication. Every day I strive to be the best I can, and achieve things I thought I would never be able to.
 WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU?  This award means a lot as it is something that I can look onto as a result of my devotion to be my best self. It is encouraging to know that people notice your accomplishments, and it will continue to motivate me throughout my academic career.
- Bonnie shared an invite to us from the Blaine/Ham Lake Rotary.  We are invited to join them in traveling to Guatemala in February.  If you are interested, contact Bonnie.
- Bonnie shared a thank you note with us from the Sherburne County Area United Way.  They thanked us for our financial support in their recent seminar series to inform everyone about sex and human trafficking.
Image result for playing cards- Card Game - a 9 of clubs was pulled and there was not a winner.
- Bonnie reminded us that the shirt sales are still in progress.  Please fill out your form, make your check payable to Elk River Rotary and give it to Bonnie.
Rotary Moment
Tove Lichty told us to check out the center spread of our Rotarian magazine.  It shows the continent breakdown of funding.  It shows that a little giving by many, goes a long way!
Happy Bucks:
- Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba was happy for a road trip and quick flight with her son.  She was also happy to share that a niece of hers works for Bill Gates in Switzerland.
- Cal Portner was happy for watching his daughter’s hockey game and proud of the Gopher football team.  Row the boat!
- Casey Mahon was happy to pay a “new kid buck’ and shared the description of his name badge title.  He also shared of his recent substitute teaching times.  He is having shoulder surgery soon and finished his happiness off with telling us his second son, Ryan is a second lutetenant  in the airfare and has earned his wings!
- John Osterman had a happy Row the Elks Boat as they continue their way to the finals at State.  They play Saturday at 7 pm against St. Thomas Academy.
- Bob Maxwell had a Row the Boat buck!
- Nicole Rasmussen had a Row the Boat buck and she was there!  She also had a new vehicle buck, daughter made JO volleyball team and she is going on a quick vacation trip to the east coast next week.
- Troy Adams was happy that John Osterman and Tove Lichty purchased his new album!
- Tove Lichty shared she was invited to a past clients celebration of life in the form of a cocktail party and dress in red!
- Terry Bizal had congrats buck for the high school speech team, girls swim team and the girls volleyball team for great seasons!
- Debbi Rydberg was happy that 70 years old is now not considered old!
- Julie Fish had happy bucks for peace and prosperity.  Peace for a couple of days spent in Duluth and prosperity for donations for Give to the Max day to CAER!
- Leah Studaker had a happy buck to invited us to the Three Rivers Montessori schools fundraiser at Pour on Wednesday, December 4th.
- Adam Stumne had a happy buck for all of the sports teams and for the experience through Leadership Elk River, to volunteer time at CAER.
The program was arranged by Barry Hohlen.   Barry’s Rotary moment - he shared he is a contemplator and the morning after the Taste of Elk River he thought about our Elk River Rotary greatness!   He introduced us to two students who are running the program for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ministry.   Isabel and Ella spoke to us.  This program is part of the Samaritan’s Purse group, who’ve been in existence since 1970.  They brought in 15 boxes in hopes that we could each take one or two and fill them up to bring them back next week and Barry will handle it from there.  This program is brought to us from Central Lutheran Church in Elk River.  Isabel and Ella are running the program this year.  Last year their goal was to fill 400 boxes and they filled 407 boxes.  The goal for 2019 is 450 boxes to fill.  113 million boxes are filled and impact children globally, mainly in Africa, Central America and Haiti.  The items in the boxes are the children’s Christmas gifts.  They recommend filling the boxes with school supplies, wash cloths, bar soap, and “wow” items of toys, games, puzzles, etc.   No liquids, weapons or breakables. They passed around brochures with labels for the boxes and asked that we please add $9 cash/box to pay for shipping.  Shipping can also be paid on line and you will receive a tracking number so you can track your package around the globe and see when it arrives!  They also have an ongoing need for shoe boxes so if you get new shoes, drop off the empty box at Central Lutheran.  The greatest need to fill is for body ages 10 to 14.   They also appreciate plastic shoe size boxes.  That way the receiver can reuse the plastic box over and over again and can use it for future food containers.    They are always looking for supplies such as notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, markers etc.  If you took a box, please remember to bring it back to Rotary next week, Thursday, November 21st.
Regular Meeting - November 7, 2019
Our Rotary meeting was ran by President Bonnie Koste.

Guest:  McKayla, Clien Concierge at his office and guest of Jeff LaBarre

- Debbi Rydberg told us that in December, we should be looking for our invoice from Rotary for the January 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020 dues.  It will be coming from a gmail address so keep an eye out.
- Debbi Rydberg also informed us that the STRIVE sponsorship invoices have been sent to those who graciously offed a $100 sponsorship to this great program!
- Robin Skinner
told us to Save the Date!   Thursday, December 19th, we will NOT have a noon meeting at Pizza Ranch, but will be gathering at 3 pm at Chow Mixed Grill & BBQ, 14043 Business Center Dr NW, Elk River in their back room.  It will be catered by Sorrono Brothers Catering and the committee is planning a fun event!  If you have ideas, please share them with Robin.
- Brandon Hanson reported on STRIVE.  The next gathering will be on Tuesday, November 19th.
- Friday, November 15th, there is a breakfast being held with past Rotary International President Ian Riseley.  President Bonnie, Debbi Rydberg and Tove Lichty are going.  Please let one of them know if you would like to attend also.
- Bonnie Koste reminded to get our shirt orders and payment in to her.

Image result for playing cards- Card Game - a jack of hearts was pulled and there was not a winner.
Happy Bucks:
- John Osterman was happy for the Elk River Elks progress to State Football competitions.  They play the Moorhead Spuds this Saturday at noon in Monticello.  He also had another buck for the MN Gophers!
- Dirk Barrett had a couple happy bucks!  His first one was for the birth of another granddaughter, Frankie Ruth and the other was for his older sister who is now cancer free!
- Troy Adams was happy to share that he has his first vinyl album and it looks awesome!  He saw the Preservation Hall Band, a  jazz band from New Orleans, at the Fitzgerald Theatre with his son Jude.  His final happy buck was because his son has a job at the STMA movie theatre!  Free movies!
- Glen Ertel had a buck, not a happy buck, and told us a story to define criteria of happiness!  He shared a story of traveling to pick up a new trike/bike and when spending the night in Springfield, MO, before picking up the new wheels, his truck and trailer were stolen and never to be found!  That he says, is a  bad day!
- Robin Skinner had a happy buck for the Elk River lady Elks volleyball team who made it to State tourney for the first time!
- Adam Stumne, one of our guests and Bonnie Koste all had a happy buck for the volleyball team!
- Debbi Rydberg was happy for a successful “jump start” event that the Chamber put on.  She was also happy that she and her husband have thanksgiving holiday figured out!
- Bonnie Koste told about her son, who is a new permitted driver, and their morning adventure as he drove into town this morning.  Ooops, he ran a red light, there was a police officer on the corner, and they lucked out with no ticket!

Today Mark Leland shared a rotary moment with us.  He enjoys being a Rotarian because he loves being a part of
working with a group who provides for local youth.  His guests today were Jess Hartfiel, Executive Director for Great River Family Promise and Katie Johnson, teacher and leader of the service learning group for 6th grade at Spectrum School.  Katie is connected with Great River Family Promise through the service learning project.   Jess spoke first.  GRFP can serve 14 people at one time, which is usually 4 families.  In six and a half years, they have served close to 200 children.  They only see a small portion of the homeless in our community.  Most shelters don’t keep families together, but GRFP does! They have served multi-generational families.  They have an after care program for one year following their stay and this program is to teach them to be proactive in life.  Some need to be taught new skills.  Less than 1% of these families become homeless again.  It is a permanent solution to homelessness.  They stabilize families and keep them stabilized.  There are 230 facilities throughout the country.  They have a day center and utilize local churches for overnight stays.   They received a grant to rehab a couple of trailer homes for families.  It took them over a year to find a trailer park to work with them, but have successfully located one in Corcoran, Minnesota.  The families put in sweat equity and one of them was made handicap accessible for a 7 year old who was stricken with a polio type disease and is now wheelchair bound.  They are under the national umbrella, but are their own 501(c)(3).  They receive no government funds, have one full time staff person, one part time staff person and 100’s of volunteers!   They have a hard time getting churches to be on board so if you are a member of a church that is not involved, please connect Jess.  They are also in need of board of directors. Katie Johnson spoke next.  She is a 6th grade teacher this year and handles the service learning program.  Students are given options to learn.  They partner with GRFP.  Over the years they have developed a relationship with Jess and GRFP and factors of  homelessness is taught to students at Spectrum.  Students learn from local issues with an educational focus.  Ways they have helped - stocked the birthday closed, collected funds at school for supplies, tie fleece blanket for kids leaving GRFP, fill current day center needs when possible.  She shared reflections from 6th graders who participated in this program.  It is making a difference in our community to start young people in a life of service.

Bonnie thanked them for coming and together we recited the 4 Way Test!

Regular Meeting - October 31, 2019
Our meeting was ran by President Bonnie Koste!  
We had one guest/visiting Rotarian/co-worker and friend to Robin Skinner, Alan Pavek.  Alan is a member of the Maple Grove Rotary and he shared with us some information about an international project that they are a part of.  It is a project in India.  They have two Rotary clubs in India that they are helping with a water project.  They want to build a reserve catch dam with a pump in hopes that they would not have to carry water in large containers.  It is a $28,000 project.  $10,000 will come from the clubs in India and they have some funds for a district match.  The Maple Grove Rotarians are asking other rotary clubs to help with donations.  They have to have their application in by December 1st.
Attendance: active status - 22 present, 15 absent
honorary status - 4 present, 5 absent
total membership @ 46
- Julie Fish, representing STRIVE, sent around the sign up sheet for STRIVE sponsorships at $100.  We are currently at 9 sponsors and have a goal of 10 to 12.   I am pleased to say that after sending around the sign up sheet, we now have 13 sponsors!  Thank you everyone!
- Julie Fish, representing the Donations Committee, sent around a sheet asking for suggestions for groups that our Rotary club should donate funds too.  We are awaiting the budget and then will begin making plans!
- Barry Hohlen has the program in a couple of weeks and is bringing in Operation Christmas Child Shoebox program.  Last year, 401 boxes were sent from Elk River and 450 boxes is the goal for 2019!  This is a project that the 9th graders at ERHS are doing.
- Robin Skinner announced that there will be a brief meeting after our regular meeting for the Socials Fun Committee to get a date and begin to plan our rotary holiday celebration.
- Bonnie Koste reminded us that CAER is having a coat/scarf/mittens/boots drive.  She brought some items and Rotarian Heather Kliewer will take them to CAER.  Please bring items for the next few weeks and someone will get them to CAER. They are always looking for grocery bags, plastic, paper and recycle bags.
- Brandon Hanson gave a STRIVE update.  A session was held on Tuesday morning and we had a full room of students and mentors.  The talk was about finances and Brandon Hanson led the meeting.
- Tove Lichty had a Rotary Moment for us and shared that she recently located a New Member Folder at and was able to order one to check it out.  It is fulled with all kinds of great information.  She shared that the Rotary Foundation, in 2017/18 raised $414 million dollars and gave it out in 1306 grants.  483 of those grants were used to help with disease prevention and treatment.
- Happy Birthday to Nicole Rasmussen!  She chose the $10 version . . . the Rotary Foundation thanks you!
-Image result for playing cards A fresh new card game was begun!  A king of spades was pulled and there was not a winner!
Happy Bucks:
- Nicole Rasmussen was happy that her mom’s auction was successful last week.  She attended a MCEA Conference and was able to experience Top Golf for the first time!
- Tove Lichty was happy to have had two busy days in Boston for work this week and spent two hours learning at MIT!
- Cal Portner was happy because last week he traveled to Tennessee for an annual conference.  His daughter who was on fall break, came to Tennessee to meet him. A fellow military pal got concert tickets for them.  They toured the Smokey Mountains and saw black bear while driving.  He had a happy buck was for the walls going up on the new multi-purpose building.  His last happy buck was for his daughter starting her college hockey season!
- Julie Fish had a happy buck for Barry Hohlen’s costume of Mr. Clean!
- Amanda Larson was happy about her 4 year old tiny t-ball and soccer player, now learning how to play hockey!
- John Osterman was happy buck for the Elks football team who beat Rogers to move forward in the playoffs.  Tomorrow the Elks will play Robinsdale at STMA field.
- Bob Maxwell was happy for a recent road trip to the southeast in the new vehicle with his wife, Diana!
- Heather Kliewer had her first ever happy bucks of $5!  She was happy that she gets to babysit two grandsons this afternoon and she will be going to GA to visit two more soon.  She was also happy for an upcoming work trip to Duluth that her hubby is able to attend with her!
Our program today was arranged by Amanda Larson.  Amanda started rotary 16 years ago while working at the Bruce Messelt for webYMCA in the metro area.  When she came to the Elk River YMCA to work, she transferred her membership to Elk River.  She has been an Elk River Rotarian for 10 years and she is proud to be one!   She introduced us to Bruce Messelt who is our new Sherburne County Administrator.  Bruce is currently a Rotarian in Chicago Lakes and is a past rotarian of Lake Elmo and got his rotary start in Moorhead.  (Editor Note: he was given a membership application and brochure.) Bruce was raised in Duluth, has three daughters.  Two are in college and his youngest is an 8th grader.  His wife is a retail store manager in Woodbury.  Bruce was here to give us a Sherburne County activity update.  In brief, the government center is complete and the court house is renovated.  Gina Hugo is the new parks director and she will be here to speak on November 21st.  They have approved the preliminary levy of 4.94% and the budget and have decreased tax rate -6.5%. Sherburne County growth is #6 in the state at 8.15%.  There is plenty of new home activity.  They have a new revolving loan fund program to fill gap financing. They have been working on broadband infrastructure and have received $533,000 in grants and have brought service to 62 businesses and 3 community institutes.  He briefly discussed transportation planning, airport authority update, county wide housing study, regional marketing strategy and Central Minnesota Mississippi River Regional Planning Partnership.  He shared a list of recent developments and spoke a bit about the Sher Co coal plant in Becker.  There is talk about a Google data center in the future, going in at Becker.   He asked that we please come and visit him at the county . . . the coffee is always on!   He said that he felt very welcome here in Elk River and he is happy to be working in Sherburne County!   President Bonnie thanked him for coming and led us in reciting the 4 Way Test of the things we think, say and do!
Regular Meeting - October 24, 2019
Today is World Polio Day and our meeting was ran by President Bonnie Koste.  John Osterman led us in song and Tove Lichty impressed all of us with a super solid and outstanding prayer!   We had no guests or visiting Rotarians today.   

Attendance:     active status - 19 present, 18 absent
                        honorary status - 6 absent, 3 present
                        total membership at 46

Our two newest members were with us today and President Bonnie presented Heather Kliewer and Casey Mahon with their name badges and lapel pins!

- Robin Skinner reminded us that there is a Rotary Social today starting at 4:30 at Rockwoods in Otsego. 

- STRIVE sponsorship was sent around the room for those who would like to sign up to be a $100 sponsor.  Treasurer Debbi Rydberg will invoice those who sign up.
- Julie Fish sent around the sheet for Donation Suggestions once again.  The Donations Committee will be meeting as soon as the budget is finished up.
- Heather Kliewer and Bonnie Koste informed us that the CAER Food Shelf is having a coat drive from now until next spring!  They are in need of coats, snow pants, hats, boots, scarves and all things winter! If you have things, please bring them to Rotary next week and we will pool our pile and bring them over to CAER.  They also are in need of grocery bags, both plastic and paper. 
- Bonnie Koste had shirt samples and order forms again today.  Be sure to get yours ordered.  Payment is due at time of order and please make checks payable to Elk River Rotary and turn things into Bonnie.
- Heather Kliewer thanked everyone who participated in the Pub Crawl last weekend to raise money for CAER.  $2,300 was raised!

- Happy Birthday song was sung to Adam Stumne.  He picked the $10 version!

Image result for playing cards- Card game was a draw till we have a winner event and Robin Skinner was the winner!  She won $47.50 which was half of the $95 pot.   The other $47.50 goes to the Rotary Foundation.  Thank you everyone, for playing the game!

Happy Bucks:

- Marilyn VanPatten Chuba was happy about her new dog who is a plot.  The dog has hunted down 14 chipmunks, 2 mice and 1 red squirrel!   She also wanted to pay a buck for the free cornish game hens she was able to collect after dinner at the recent chamber event so she could feed them to this doggie!
- Dave Vinje was happy to tell us that he recently achieved his brown belt in jujitsu!  Way to go Dave!
- Troy Adams was happy to attend a college fair with his son who wants to be a film maker!
- Bill Haring was happy because his beloved Bison team is 7 and 0 and are on a 28 game winning streak!  He was also happy to tell us that he and his wife are heading to Australia and New Zealand for a couple of weeks!
- Robin Skinner was happy for the Gophers 7 and 0 and for a player, Casey O’Brian who is a 4 time cancer survivor and was voted the Special Teams Player of the Week!
- Linda Christian was happy that her adult kids took her to Nashville!
- Adam Stumne had a happy buck for a Wild win and Gopher win!
- John Osterman had a happy buck for the Elk River Elks victory last Tuesday.  On Saturday, they play Rogers, in Rogers!
- Bonnie Koste had a happy $20!  15 years ago, she was blessed with her son, Max, her daughter Abby and a couple of friends are going to attend Rotary’s Camp Enterprise and for a few photos of her brother Tommy on Facebook!

Tove Lichty
led our program today, which was a bit about World Polio Day and a bit about new member orientation for both old and new members!    She was asked to attend a Rotary meeting in Pierre, SC and to this day, she said she still doesn’t know what Rotary is all about!  It is huge!  She stays in rotary to be involved at local, district and one day international levels!    She began orientation by telling us to each to to as there is a load of information there.    Today is World Polio Day.  Rotary’s polio eradication program began about 40 years ago in 1988 when 125 countries had polio victims.  Today, only 3 countries still have polio so we are very close to eradicating the disease.  The Bill and Malinda Gate Foundation partnered with Rotary on this project.  Funds from our raffle, happy bucks and book sales today will go to Polio Plus.  Tove brought a Candy Land game to raffle off.   Candy Land was invented by Elenor Abbott who was a polio victim in 1948.  She sold the game to Milton Bradley and the rest is history!
What is Rotary?  She called on numerous members in the room for their responses.  Bill Haring told about his involvement in international projects and grant writing.  He also reminded us that we can make up a meeting at any rotary club thought the world!  We have a club flag and he took a couple of them to bring on his upcoming trip!   Elk River Rotary was founded in 1960 and we will celebrate our diamond anniversary/60 years, in 2020!  The Taste of Elk River is our current big fundraiser and we make a big impact in our community with this event.  We are unique!  Each Rotary club is unique.  Some sing, some do not.  In the beginning, singing was done to help break from work to lunch.  Tove has a book - ABS’s of Rotary and in the book, it tells that singing was a common social event in the early 1900’s.  Happy bucks, birthday money, and card game money all goes to the foundation and we use those credits for Paul Harris Fellow awards.  A Paul Harris Fellow award is the highest honorary award one can receive in Rotary.   Tove reviewed our Happy Birthday song plan.  It is $5 for a very sad happy birthday song; $10 for a fun and peppy happy birthday song and for $20, we will sing it however you want!     Her next tid bit of info was about our 4 Way Test that we recite every week at the end of our meeting.  She pointed out that we are not saying it correctly!   It should begin with “Of the things we think, say or do” then the 4 Way test.    Rotary is about friendships and friendships connect the world!  Again, she suggested we go to and check out all of the info located there.   We held the drawing for the Candy Land game and Marilyn VanPatten-Chuba was the lucky winner!    Tove led us in a proper reciting of the 4 Way Test and the dismissal bell rang!